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Monday, December 13, 2021

Young people turn to collectivism



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Young people turn to collectivism because of these psychological disparities

Two years ago, New York magazine posed the question: “When Did Everyone Become a Socialist?”


To say “everyone” is a gross exaggeration. But it’s clear that socialism has made—and continues to make—inroads in America, especially among the young.

Are Americans changing with the times, are the times changing with Americans or has nothing really changed at all in the past century?

Before we dive into this discussion, it is vitally important to understand one thing above all else... there is nothing new under the sun. Every "new" political movement or cultural upheaval has happened a thousand times or more in the past. Every "new" form of governance is just a rehashed version of a system that came before it. Every "new" economic structure is one of a handful of preexisting and ever repeating trade methodologies. Every "new" revolution and rebellion is a fight for the same basic goals against the same persistent foes that have always existed since the dawn of civilization. All of human history can be condensed down to a few fundamental and irreconcilable conflicts, desires, values and ambitions.

This cycle of events is a kind of historical furnace where people and nations are forged. Most go through life without any inkling of the whirlwind; they think the things happening to them are unique and unprecedented. They feel overwhelmed by the tides and completely devoid of any influence over the future. Then there are those that have the ability to see the story unfold. There are those that try to control it and use it to their advantage. There are those that are trying desperately to escape it, even at the cost of reason and sanity. And there are those that take truly individual action and make history rather than simply participating in it.

None of us really knows which path we will choose until we are faced with a defining moment, and none of us knows when that moment will arrive. Some people never get the chance. I know it sounds crazy, but living in interesting times is not a curse, it is a blessing. Of course, not everyone feels this way...

As the mainstream media is fond of reminding us, there are millions of teens and young adults today that are turning to collectivist systems like socialism to find protection from what they see as a cruel and unfair era that is inhospitable to their prosperity and success. They feel that the generations that came before them rendered all the fat and siphoned all the wealth this country has to give and now there is nothing left for them. In some cases, they are correct, in other cases, they have been foolishly misled.

That's right folks, it's a return to that epic battle between the inexperienced and naive younglings who will one day inherit the Earth and the selfish and obstinate "boomers" that supposedly ruined it for them. A battle not just of classes but of generations; nothing new under the sun, same as it ever was.

According to mainstream polling over the past few years, there has been an aggressive shift in younger people away from traditional American concepts like free markets (what leftists call "capitalism") and toward the sweet sugary smell of candy-coated socialism. The strange thing is that many Millennials and Gen Z kids mistrust government more than any generation that has come before them in recent memory, and more than half of them actually think that socialism is a "rebellion" against corrupt and intrusive government influence. Yeah, how did they ever come to that conclusion?  It's bizarre.

There are a lot of very insightful theories on why this is happening. Some people argue that public schools and colleges have become subversively communist and ideological and that recent generations have been exposed to increasing levels of indoctrination like cancer-inducing radiation. The evidence is undeniable that this is happening.

However, what this theory overlooks is that younger people are targeted with collectivist cultism for a reason... that they are already highly susceptible to it. Certain people and groups are more psychologically inclined to adopt particular values and embrace particular solutions. This is why it drives me crazy when new people within the liberty movement cry foul when someone points out the OBVIOUS divisions among Americans according to the left/right political spectrum. The left/right paradigm is only "false" when it comes to the top of the pyramid where major political leaders and money elites hang out. For the rest of us, the divisions are very real.

Young people tend to lean more toward the collectivist mentality, and the elitists behind the curtain encourage and exploit this existing social trait. They don't create these divisions out of thin air, the divisions already exist in society and they take advantage.

To be fair, older generations have not helped the situation much. It is true that the fight against globalism, collectivism, etc. should have been fought and ended decades ago. There have been a lot of false starts. Economically, older Americans did very little to stop government spending and the Federal Reserve's inflationary bonanza and now we are witnessing a stagflationary crisis which young people are ill-equipped to survive. There are many comforts that Baby Boomers took for granted, such as greater buying power of the dollar and easier homeownership, and these are comforts that newer generations will probably not experience.

But then again, blaming "boomers" for not leaping into revolution presumes that this was ever their job. It's a lot like blaming the parents or grandparents of the Founding Fathers for not breaking from England sooner. Maybe there just wasn't enough momentum yet?  Maybe the task was left to the founder’s era for a reason. Maybe the time was not right when their parents were in power. Maybe these things are part of a cycle (as mentioned above) and maybe an accounting of our current predicament was not possible until today?  As I said, we don't get to choose the time in which we live, and moments where tyranny or rebellion are decided are fleeting in history.

Sorry, kids, but someone has to come of age during the long winter and that lot falls to you. Unfortunately, some of you will now be standing in support of the system instead of fighting against it and we will be finding ourselves at cross-purposes.

The question again is, why are we on opposite sides? Why are so many younger people giving power to big government when they are the generation that's supposed to be the most suspicious of government?  What is it with the young and socialism and collectivism?

Well, to be sure, collectivist movements like to present themselves as "revolutionary" and fighting for the "underdogs." And usually, they are marginal in their social presence and seem to be grassroots in origin when they begin. The key to knowing if a movement is real or if it is a controlled farce is to see who is putting their money behind it.

It is not surprising to most conservatives that the political left enjoys endless cash flow from globalist institutions and corporate backers. After all, we're the people these kids are being encouraged to destroy because we are in actual opposition to the system (save a handful of GOP elites that are not conservatives).

Social justice groups are finding enthusiastic allies among the mega-rich, the very people the left claims they are fighting to dethrone. BLM and other leftist organizations have received hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, etc. This is not conspiracy "theory," this is openly admitted reality.

Colleges, in particular, have long been a grooming ground for the elites, and it's important to remember that many leftists are coaxed and manipulated by gatekeepers into the role of angry activists. That doesn't mean they bear no responsibility for their actions. This leads us to the psychology of today's younger generation and why they are so often targeted for exploitation by collectivists.

Collectivist movements associate with empathetic causes and many young people draw political conclusions based on emotion and empathy. It makes sense; most young Americans value empathy and charity above all else because they have only been on this Earth for a short period of time and they have thrived for most of those years because of charity and support from other people (like their parents). They move into the adult world wondering why collective support and centralized charity are not there waiting for them. It's the only system of survival they have ever known.

When mommy and daddy are no longer the primary means of sustainment they search for a proxy, and the government looks like a good replacement.

This is partially the fault of helicopter parents that have spent the better part of their children's lives trying to shield them from responsibility or consequences. They have left millions of these kids completely unprepared for the harsh lessons of the adult world. The fact of the matter is, childhood ends and dependency ends, and you will have to be able to stand on your own two feet or you will feel the pain of failure. This is how the world works and how it always will work. Socialism/communism/globalism/collectivism all make promises that under a new system you can remain a child for the rest of your life, forever cared for by government. But this is a lie...

A problem more specific to Millennials and Gen Z is that they have extremely high expectations but extremely low initiative and ambition. When the top dream job for young people in poll after poll is "YouTuber" or "Influencer," you know that our society is in trouble. The expectation is that work will always be minimal while money will always be ample, and fame will be inevitable. Social media is built on this very narrative, and the number of "followers" a person has on social media is treated as a currency; it is the new measure of individual success.

Imagine now that you are faced with the 9 to 5 work a day world with that kind of mentality sloshing around in your brain?  You are going to be enraged when you realize how much struggle and discomfort it really takes just to pay the rent and put food in your stomach.

Zennials think that older people somehow didn't have to go through this, but they are misinformed. ALL OF US struggle in our teens and twenties to get somewhere in life. MOST OF US have lived paycheck to paycheck in our early lives. It can take three or four decades to accumulate any measure of wealth or success, but young people today are impatient with the process and are clamoring for shortcuts. When they realize there are no shortcuts, they get angry.

It is important to realize that life is not a violation of our comfort. Life is not something that is "done to us." Life is unfair for a reason, it is a test of who we are and who we might become.

Collectivist gatekeepers will spin fantastic narratives of a future devoid of discomfort and free from responsibility. All you have to do is give up all your freedom and the freedom of everyone else and the reward will be a perpetual childhood. It sounds nice, but it is quite evil in its design. Infantizing a society is the first step to enslaving a society. Being dependent on government means giving total control to government; government becomes mommy and daddy, and not all mommies and daddies love their children.

On top of the temptation of safety from discomfort, big government and collectivism is an intoxicating weapon. Much like the "One Ring" in The Lord of The Rings, a lot of people think they can use it for good, but government power corrupts everyone eventually. There are many people on the political left today that are basking in the dark side of this power. They love the intimidation of the mob, they love that corporations and politicians are helping them to destroy their enemies (conservatives), who threaten their Utopian dream of a world without struggle and without fear. They begin to hate because they are so afraid of adulthood, and collectivism is a way for them to erase anyone that argues in favor of adulthood.

Then, there are those that are simply narcissistic sociopaths, and these are traits that are highly encouraged in the social media culture. In the new world, there are two types of people who will succeed. The people who have no morals and the people who prove their victim status. If you don't have any defining social justice points to help you climb the diversity totem pole then you will be stuck, unless you are willing to do almost any evil to get ahead. And maybe this has always been the goal of the establishment... to get our culture to a place where evil is the most acceptable option.

To be clear, there are also millions of young Americans that are not on board with the collectivist program, but the longer the current dynamic goes on the harder it will be to refuse the system. Something is going to have to change very soon and rather violently. While the young are exploited through their fears of stepping into a world based on merit, collectivist tyranny will only continue to grow.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith





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Ken said...

For the most part, we avoid hiring young people as many cannot spell, write, do basic math &* have little knowledge of short, they're suitable for menial labor and it's terrible this generation will inherit America-God help us!

Nancy said...

We have been raising a generation of non-thinking little commies; pushed by Marxist teachers who think CRT is a good thing-to hell w/ those morons in academia.

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