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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

How to eat without spending a fortune on groceries


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Here's how to eat without spending a fortune on groceries

If your recent trip to the grocery store seems like it cost more than it used to, it’s not in your head. 

Grocery costs are 7.9% higher than they were a year ago, according to the Consumer Price Index. And with the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicting prices will rise another 3% to 4% by the end of the year, this problem doesn’t show signs of going away anytime soon. 

But local shoppers are finding strategies to cope, watching their costs with such tactics as "shopping" their own freezer and buying less-traveled local produce.

The grocery dilemma

Some of the biggest price increases are for meat, fish, poultry and eggs, said James McGibany, chairman of the economics department at Marquette University. But why this is happening and what the consequences will be are complicated issues.

“Where a lot of this is coming from is oil and energy,” he says. “A lot of it spills over into other things, especially food.” 

Take energy. He says that unless someone is living in California or Florida, consumers are getting a lot of their food shipped to them. Because of how far food has to travel, when the price of energy and gas goes up, so does the price of food.

The recent bird flu outbreak has affected the prices of chicken and eggs. And we’re still seeing supply chain issues and a labor shortage, especially for truck drivers and production workers, further exacerbating to the problem.

“There are so many things going on at once that it’s hard to isolate,” McGibany says. “Inflation is going up in areas that are staples we can’t avoid. Are we going to avoid paying for other things, and will that slow the economy down?”

The effect on grocery stores

Outpost Natural Foods has seen noticeable price increases for over a year, said Margaret Mittelstadt, director of community relations.

“What we’re seeing in store is across departments. We don’t have one area that’s rising faster than others,” she says. “We are having supply chain issues with nonperishable food items and transportation issues that are affecting this, too. Because of this, customers may see some holes in the shelves.”

One silver lining for people concerned about higher prices is that the growing season is starting. 

“We’ll see a lot of local produce come in as the growing season progresses,” said] Mittelstadt. “These types of items are going to be more competitively priced because they aren’t coming from around the globe.”

There are health benefits from shopping this way, too. Local produce is more nutrient-dense because everything is harvested at the peak of ripeness, and it doesn’t have to travel far to get to consumers (meaning the food loses less of its nutrients en route).



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Back then, people had to live with their symptoms and could only hope they would get better. If you ever find yourself in a long-term disaster without OTC (over-the-counter) medications, you'll quickly find out how rough it was for them.

The list below is not a comprehensive list of all the medical supplies you should stockpile. Rather, it's a list of the most popular OTC medications that you can take orally (or in some cases, topically)...

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Consumer demand plummets amid shocking inflation numbers just announced

With the US government releasing official inflation numbers today at the "shocking" level of 8.6 percent (via the CPI) -- with real inflation now well over 20 percent -- it is only the oblivious morons who were surprised. The intelligent, informed people who read independent media have known about exploding inflation for over a year.

Now, the inflation is undeniable even to the deniers. Fuel price increases, for example, are now sitting at 75 percent year over year.

The next Fed meeting will likely result in a 75 basis points increase, or 0.75 percent. This will, in turn, absolutely hammer real estate, very likely thrusting America into a bona fide real estate market collapse accompanied by plunging land prices in most areas.

Demand for consumer goods has plummeted as people are forced to use their limited financial resources to pay for food, fuel and rent.

Get the full analysis and tips on how to navigate all this in today's feature story and podcast here.


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The latest economic reports indicate inflation is at the highest rate in 40 years!  Economists predict it will get worse this year and most folks are seeing shortages at their local supermarket.

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I'm waiting to hear that seniors are eating dog food again. Can't say you didn't warn us as to how America would get screwed with babbling Biden & Dems in charge. A shame more of the lemmings didn't pay attention!

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In all my years I've never seen so much destruction of America by a single man & his grotesque leftist party...

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Perhaps Biden's BS will act as an incentive for me to finally go on a diet.

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Good, solid ino; greatly appreciated during a time when Biden & cronies seem intent on crushing America & the Middle Class.

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The quick answer: Get rid of Democrats!

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