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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

20 Handy Uses for WD-40, Airlines to Weigh You as Well as Baggage

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If you'd know the power of money, go and borrow some.
- Ben Franklin


20 Unusual but Handy Uses for WD-40, Indoors and Out

I use a case a month of this wonderful product on various business projects and thought these additional uses worth sharing...

WD-40 is perhaps best known for its ability to lubricate, loosen and drive water out of various parts and tools. But these lesser-known uses can prove just as helpful in your daily life.

WD-40 is marketed as a “multi-use product.”

It’s known for the capabilities for which it’s usually enlisted — such as lubricating squeaky hinges, loosening rusted parts and driving out moisture. (In fact, “WD” stands for “water displacement.”)

But WD-40’s uses extend well beyond those roles.

WD-40 Co. offers thousands of uses for its namesake product on its website, including 2,000-plus uses contributed by the product’s devotees. Pros and amateurs alike have been discovering more uses since the original WD-40 product was developed in 1953 after 39 failed attempts. (Thus, the “40” in its name.)

We’ve rounded up some of the least known but most helpful uses below.

If your instinct is to save a buck by buying a generic equivalent, we applaud you. But following through on that instinct might be more challenging than usual in WD-40’s case.

The product has few competitors, equity research analyst Joseph Altobello, currently of Raymond James Financial, told the San Diego Union-Tribune in 2013. Liquid Wrench, a brand-name product, and a few store brands could be the closest things to knock-offs.

The newspaper noted the following about the San Diego headquarters of WD-40:

The company keeps a room filled with knock-off brands that have tried and failed to mimic the product. Some of the cans look uncannily like regular WD-40. [Chief Executive Garry] Ridge calls that room the mortuary.

If you try a new use for WD-40 or a knock-off, test it in a small inconspicuous area first. WD-40’s list of fan-submitted uses notes that the company has not tested those suggestions, and that “customers should exercise common sense whenever using WD-40” and read the label.



More Cool Stuff You Need to Know

Airline to Weigh YOU As Well as Baggage

 If you are planning to fly on this foreign airline, you better shape up lest you be embarrassed when they not only weigh your baggage, but they put you on the scale too. Here’s the story from CNN (video plays automatically).


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13 Ways to Cut Food Waste and Save Money

 25 percent of the water in the United States is used to grow food that’s thrown away. It’s time to stop. Here’s the story. 



Insurers Win Big Health-Rate Increases…Consumers come out on the short end of the Obama stick – Again!

Some state regulators say new costs justify hefty increases under the Affordable Care Act

I warned of this in several previous can't trust government or Wall Street...

Note: For blocked WSJ and NYT stories, Google Their Headline Verbatim


Tax Software Makers Lobby Congress to Keep Tax Forms Confusing


H&R Block and Intuit (maker of TurboTax) have been busy lobbying congress not to simplify taxes, but to keep them confusing. In particular, lobbyists have proposed to increase to five pages, a one-page form that poor people have to fill out for the earned income tax credit. Here’s the story.


3 Steps to Repairing Your Own Credit


With a little patience and effort, you can repair your credit without paying for the assistance of a credit repair company. Here’s the story



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A Smoking Frog Feature from…

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

On becoming more self-reliant in an ever growing volatile planet

Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…


ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources



With money in your pocket, you are wise and you are handsome and you sing well, too.
- Yiddish Proverb



On Becoming more Self Reliant…


  Some of you may recall that I remain at heart a bookseller, an information broker, a collector of information.  This week I sold a leather bound copy of Henry David Thoreau’s WAlDEN, his essay on becoming more self reliant and independent, something all of us were forced to read in high school [they probably won’t have such requirements today].

You may also recall several weeks ago that I warned about the strong potential for the stock market decline which did take place [though I must admit, I thought it would happen in September], losing nearly 10% of its value in two days thanks in large part to the problems in China…no doubt, few of you paid attention.

Long ago I warned about keeping much money in the artificial stock market and instead suggested putting it into silver [not gold] food stocks and farm land…

In 2008-9 I warned friends to get out of the antiques business as the economy was going to crash.  It did and many couldn’t give their goods away.

I warned against an impending water crisis in CA as it didn’t take a whole lot of brains to see the lack of conservation along with rampant building and irrigation which was taking place since the 70s, 80s, and 90s…and guess what happened.

I’m accustomed to being ignored but that’s OK as I keep my own counsel and manage to keep ahead of the curve on most things.

In any event, that guided my choice today’s content for this issue and I hope you make use of it!

Drilled Wells-A DYI Resource

Although most well drilling rigs are intended for use by professionals, it is possible to use them yourself to drill your own well. Some rental companies do provide well-drilling rigs for rent, but they are rather rare. However, there is one option for drilling your own well, which is affordable and possible to do yourself.

On the website, you can buy a kit for drilling your own well. This kit uses air power to drive an air motor which is down the hole in the well, directly behind the drill bit. While a totally different concept than other well drilling methods, it is quite effective.

Drilling your own 100-foot deep well will cost you about $1,200, not counting the cost of the well pump. The kit available from that website will account for about half of that cost, with the other required materials accounting for the other half. The kit includes an instruction video and booklet, with detailed instructions for drilling your own well.

How to Build an Earthbag Dome

Learn all about it here:


Our Top Picks for Useful Resources

Four Ways to Get Internet Access Off Grid


Except in states which somehow believe they “own” the rain…

Reduce Your Water Bill with Rain Barrels
Like many people, you may have planted a garden, hoping to put a dent in your food bill and put more natural and delicious food on your table. That is, until you open your water bill and cringe at the total. Before you throw in the garden towel, consider setting up some rain barrels. It is an easy and extremely affordable way to harness Mother Nature's bounty, and much more beneficial to your garden as well.


Mastering the Art of Haggling
Haggling is becoming an essential skill in today's economy. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but with practice, you can master the art of haggling. Consider the following tips.



RoboKiller App Wins FTC's Contest for a Tech Solution to Annoying Calls

The FTC just held another contest to find a technological solution to the problem of unwanted automated phone calls (robocalls). RoboKiller, a forthcoming app, took the top prize. It forwards all calls for analysis before reaching your phone, and then lets through only the legitimate ones.


Little Guy Tear Drop Camper…an easy way to become a ‘perpetual traveler’ in your own country.



End of Season Tomatoes

Most years, I have more tomatoes than my family can eat. Since I don't like the amount of work that it takes to can them, I've come up with a different solution. I core the tomatoes and then put them in my blender, including the peel. Then I run the blender on puree. I pour that into zipper baggies and place them flat in the freezer. Now when I want to make spaghetti, chili or tomato soup, I have the taste of homegrown tomatoes waiting in my freezer!



You pay a premium on anything done for you…


Be Prepared for Anything

Do you know how to get ready for a natural disaster?  Tune into AARP LIVE on RFD-TV, September 17 at 10pm, Eastern time for tips that will help you stay safe and you’ll have a chance to win a free natural disaster preparedness kit [must be 50 years of age].  Learn more at:


Given the state of the stock market this month, I thought I’d make this offer available again---No charge!

$What to do if the Dollar Collapses$



How to Survive the War on the Middle Class

 14 of the best reports I’ve assembled on protecting your freedom…the download link to this will be included with your package and/or sent to you via email.  Some of the life saving information includes:



A Smoking Frog Feature from…

A Shallow Planet Production

Thursday, August 20, 2015

How Bureaucrats Destroy a Nation

Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…


ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources


“A wise man investigates what a fool takes for granted”

--Chinese Proverb


Everywhere you turn government at every level is creating obstacles to living the American dream, to freedom, to making a living.  At the local, state and federal level, regulations and laws are crushing small business and their job building engines. 


Our 74,000 page ‘tax code’ has proven a DISINCENTIVE for many to pursue work or to create jobs and since the idiots in Washington place a 39% earnings rate on corporations, this so-called corporate tax revenue is eventually paid for by consumers via higher prices.


Government is a model for stupidity, waste and inefficiency and can no longer be trusted.  As I’ve reported several times previously, for example, their inflation numbers are pure bullcrap…Americans are having a tough time keeping up with the spiraling cost of housing, medical costs, food and more. 


If you’d like a more accurate picture inflation gauge, use the Chapwood Index.  The impetus for its creation is that ‘the government has been artificially deflating the CPI to keep figures as low as possible.  The readings you see published today no longer represent the real out of pocket expenditures incurred by most Americans.’


In 2014, the Chapwood Index showed consumer price levels in major cities increasing at rates of 6.6% to 13.7%  --  far above the CPI’s unrealistic inflation rate of less than 2%!  


Lifelong politicians such as the [Teflon] Clintons’ have fed at the public trough while attempting to impose their socialist agenda on America…I’m sick of people like this and their desire for more mega government which is already bankrupting the nation.


The United States now has more rules, regulations and laws on the books than any other nation, essentially turning everyone into a lawbreaker which is why we incarcerate more citizens than other nation and perhaps, why record numbers of people are actually renouncing their citizenship.


Well trained monkeys could run the government better than the legions and hoards of incompetents who are currently sucking the lifeblood out of our nation.


 I want to share the potential these kinds of parasites hold for America by sharing the following from Simon Black…


How Bureaucrats Ruin a Nation

It struck me as so curious why one of the largest car rental agencies in the world would have just one worker at one of their busiest tourist transit points.

If you look around in France, it’s actually quite typical to see. And the answer isn’t hard to find: regulation.

Between all the taxes, rules, and inflexible labor laws, it’s simply too expensive and risky for businesses to hire employees in France.

So as a result, French companies tend to hire fewer workers-- far fewer than they need to get the job done right... which means that quality suffers.

It’s a sad thing to see when companies have to care more about regulatory nonsense than providing a great product or service to their customers.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in France’s bloated public sector, where roughly a quarter of the country’s labor force is employed.

French bureaucracy is legendary, and it is the primary disability of otherwise productive businesses.

Curiously, French bureaucrats are rewarded handsomely for making people’s lives more difficult. They have shorter working hours, longer vacations, great medical care, and guaranteed employment for life.

It sounds a lot like the US, actually, which isn’t far behind. In fact I recently stumbled across a pretty scary survey of the job satisfaction of civilian government workers.

It showed that 91.2% of US government workers think that their work is important.

In other words, the people who tell us what we can or can't put in our bodies, or that we can't collect rainwater, or tell kids they can’t shovel snow from their neighbors’ driveways-- think they’re providing a valuable service for society.

The truth is the exact opposite. I’m sure they’re all very nice people. But government bureaucracy is the problem, not the solution.

Ever single business day of the year, hundreds of pages of new regulations are published in the Federal Register that most people aren’t even aware of.

In the last year alone, an astounding 79,066 pages of new regulations and proposals were published.

Note- these aren’t laws passed by congress. They’re ‘rules’ created out of thin air by obscure agencies within the executive branch, each of whom has the authority to make up new rules on a whim.

Like the Bureau of Economic Analysis, for example, which recently commanded every American with a foreign company to fill out an absurd survey under threat of a $20,000+ fine.

This is not exactly the sort of thing that makes people more prosperous and free.

And yet the apparatus grows, suffocating innovation and quality beneath it.

At this point people seem to get it. I doubt anyone is going to complain that the government isn’t big enough.

The problem is that people think they can fix it in a voting booth.

That’s lazy thinking. Voting doesn’t affect anything; all you’re doing is changing the players, not the game.

If you’re truly fed up with the system, one of the most powerful weapons you have (other than your feet) is your money.

Bureaucracies thrives on funding. Money. Specifically-- YOUR money.

So if you want to change the system, stop supporting it. Take every option available to legally reduce what you pay in taxes to the government.

Deduct legitimate business expenses. Use the foreign earned income exclusion or Puerto Rico exemption. Set up captive insurance and finance companies. Buy whatever you can online from states without sales tax.

As an example, I maintain a US mobile number so that my mother can more easily call me.

But I set up the billing address in Nevada, which has the 2nd lowest cell phone taxes in the country.

I obviously don’t live in Nevada. I don’t even live in the US. All it took was a Nevada address (which hardly costs anything), and the net savings is several hundred dollars each year.

These steps don’t need to be complicated.

But a little bit of effort can go a long way in reducing what you legally owe, which, aside from saving you money, also reduces how much you directly contribute to the destruction of your country. 

Simon Black


How to Survive the War on the Middle Class

 14 of the best reports I’ve assembled on protecting your freedom…the download link to this will be included with your package and/or sent to you via email.  Some of the life saving information includes:


·         Surviving the Final Days of the Dollar

·         Developing Your Financial IQ

·         What to do if There is a Bank Run

·         Become Self Sufficient for at Least Six Months

·         What to do if There is a Financial Collapse

·         77 Censored Cures

·         The Big Drop: Grow your wealth during the coming collapse

·         A Man’s Right to Happiness-reclaim your privacy, reduce your taxes and more

·         The Big Book of Free- FREE Stuff… chock-full of proven tricks, loopholes, and insider secrets to living a higher-quality, wealthier, healthier, and more successful life.


We’ve just added…

·        How to Get Guns, Ammo, and Nearly any Emergency Item to Keep Your Family Safe.  



A Smoking Frog Feature from…

A Shallow Planet Production


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shaving with an Axe, Mini-Farm Grow Box, At-Home Hydroponics. Doomsday Clock, More

Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…


ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

Good things may come to those who wait, but only those things left behind by those who hustle.
- Abraham Lincoln


The Mini-Farm Grow Box is an all-new soil-free, non-electric home-based food growing system developed by Texan consumer health advocate Mike Adams of the non-profit organization Food Raising. This contraption allows home gardeners to grow food without having to weed out invaders and without have to worry about complex pumps, motors and other parts. Moreover, this system works with about 1/20th the amount of water required in conventional agriculture, and about half as much soil space.

The Mini-Farm Grow Box is based on the principles of constant bottom feeding non-circulation hydroponics. The system maintains a constant water level in grow boxes without extra circulation or air pumps.

This system works well anywhere with access to sunlight and allows growers to grow food in waist-high platforms. This sort of convenience is exactly what's needed if home-grown food is to catch on a wider scale.

References: & gizmag


The 'Eliooo' Book Teaches How to Grow Food at Home with Hydroponics


The 'Eliooo' book by Antonio Scarponi is designed to teach people how to grow food at home using IKEA boxes and hydroponics, a farming technique that uses water in the place of soil. This technique is doesn't require a lot of space and is very low maintenance. After setup, you don't have to remember to water your plants.

As a creator, Scarponi says that he "likes to design things that everyone can make." The 'Eliooo' manual makes growing your own food at home very accessible, especially since the main components of this system are inexpensive pieces that come from IKEA. Unlike some instruction manuals that are hard to follow, the directions are charmingly illustrated and easy to follow along with


References: eliooo & swiss-miss

Hydroponic Indoor Gardens



How to Save Your Own Life

Every man should be able to save his own life, here are 5 fitness benchmarks a man must master in order to do so.



More Useful Stuff You Might Like to Use & Share


EnergySage: If you are considering solar power for your home, this free tool will help you calculate the cost and savings based on your specific address. The site also offers a lot of information about solar power.


10 ways to spend 99 cents and make or save much, much more!
read more here


How to be more manly – Shave with an Axe



Homemade Watermelon Beer-Summertime Treat that Can’t be Beat


Spare Parts for Hanging Coats

Screw a shelf bracket to the back of the closet and affix a short length of chain to each end of it.  Hangers slip through the links in the chain!


Even more Unusual Uses for Vinegar


Cut the Humidity

We bought a dehumidifier and put it in our basement two months ago. I'm amazed at the difference it has made. Not only has the bug population almost completely disappeared, but the basement doesn't feel moldy. We're even talking about setting it up to use as a cooler summer room!


Finally, the financial doomsday clock does appear to be ticking…

I want to share with you an excerpt from an article that just appeared in the Telegraph entitled “Doomsday clock for global market crash strikes one minute to midnight as central banks lose control“.  You see, the Telegraph is not just one of the most important newspapers in the UK – it is truly one of the most important newspapers in the entire world.  When it speaks on financial matters, millions of people listen very carefully.  So for the Telegraph to declare that the countdown to a “global market crash” is “one minute to midnight” is a very, very big deal…

When the banking crisis crippled global markets seven years ago, central bankers stepped in as lenders of last resort. Profligate private-sector loans were moved on to the public-sector balance sheet and vast money-printing gave the global economy room to heal.

Time is now rapidly running out. From China to Brazil, the central banks have lost control and at the same time the global economy is grinding to a halt. It is only a matter of time before stock markets collapse under the weight of their lofty expectations and record valuations.

You might wish to read the rest of this article right here.  It illustrates many of the points I have tried to make over the past few years…


Also noteworthy…


It’s now reported that many German citizens, fearing US NSA spying, are now microwaving and/or boiling their state issued ID cards [against the law, of course].Our own asinine government plans to force citizens to begin using privacy bashing government ID/drivers licenses in 2016 so use this free report to learn a few ways to protect yourself from your privacy-rights destroying Big Brother…


Ultimate Privacy Guide/161-pages:Get it Free


Show your support by making a purchase…


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