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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Pocket Stove, Amish Homesteaders, Why Politicians Lie

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

For Independent Minded People!

ISSN 2161-5543

In This Issue:

1.       How to be a successful political liar-they lie because that’s what we want

2.      Lifehacker University

3.      Amish homesteaders, Full Circle Homes

4.      Basement herb garden

5.      DIY Pocket alcohol stove


Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
- Confucius

What Is Lifehacker U?

There's still a chill in the air, but it's not too soon to pick out your classes for when the weather starts to warm again and the trees start to grow leaves again. Bundle up if you go out, but if you stay in with your computer, there are an incredible amount of free, university-level courses that become available on the web every school year, and anyone with a little time and a passion for self-growth can audit, read, and "enroll" in these courses for their own personal benefit. Schools like Yale University, MIT, Stanford, the University of California at Berkeley, and many more are all offering free online classes that you can audit and participate in from the comfort of your office chair, couch, or computing chair-of-choice.

If you'll remember from our Fall 2012 semester, some of these classes are available year-round, but many of them are only available during the a specific term or semester, and because we're all about helping you improve your life at Lifehacker, we put together a list of courses available this fall that will inspire you, challenge you, open the door to something new, and give you the tools to improve your life. Grab your pen and paper and make sure your battery is charged—class is in session!


A used TicTac container makes for an excellent storage container to keep matches dry for your bugout kit or camping trip.


PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources


Full Circle Shelters…an ideal temporary housing solution for disaster relief or low income.

They are building partnerships with aid agencies and others, employing local people and more.  Learn more at:


The Amishway Homesteaders site…useful!


Who says you can't have a basement herb garden?
read more here


The next EXPO from our friends in AZ is…

Many from Glendale, Litchfield, Goodyear, Anthem, and all points in-between are on board to become self reliant, so we are doing our part to bring our next EXPO to the West Valley. But don't let that stop you East Valley folks from attending. Come over and show our West Valley neighbors how many of us are preparing.

MARCH 30TH --- GLENDALE CIVIC CENTER --- all the details are on the attached flyer, or visit our website for more details.



DIY Pocket Alcohol Stove

Make one from a used Altoids container.  It burns well in all temperatures and fuel is common and cheap (rubbing alcohol, fuel line anti-freeze, high proof liquor or methyl hydrate.  This wick-type pocket stove is light, portable and easy to construct.


There isn't a whole lot of variation that can be done to the design, and this is pretty much a direct copy of the stove design found here:


Find complete plans for this and related items such as a survival kit at:


You can also find the popular LifePac survival kit in a sardine can here:


LifePac Survival Kits-Now available through the Poor Man Survival site…great gift idea!


Regulation Nation… it’s going to get worse…

As I’ve extensively written about, this is the real THREAT to our national and economic security and the asses which ruin our country do not care!

President Obama has earned for the country a new nickname, ‘the Regulation Nation’ - BOHEMIA, NY, Jan 11 – An avalanche of new regulations in 2013, and beyond, will have a profound impact on each and every American, warns Dan Weber, president of AMAC,...
Read More


Here's your Obamacare, America: Huge price increases on health insurance across the board:



Sardines make for a healthy snack for backpackers and emergency kits.  A 3-ounce can drained of its oil, will provide 100% of your daily need for Vitamins D and B-12 plus it provides protein and other valuable minerals – lightweight & easy to carry.



The Nanny State Updates…


Bank of America seizes e-commerce funds of online gun parts retailer, says they 'shouldn't sell' guns
(NaturalNews) It seems that gun bias is deepening in some sectors of American society, even enticing some firms to break the law - or, at the very least, abuse the law - in order to pursue their anti-Second Amendment agenda. That certainly seems...

Here's something else that has just surfaced: Ammo has become so scarce across the country that now even COPS can't find ammo anymore:

Police Corruption Out Of Control

The percentage of police officers accused of crimes in some police departments is higher than the percentage of people in jail from the overall population. Since police have a huge amount of power to invade personal privacy, this high level of criminality is disturbing. See what you can do to protect yourself from rogue law enforcement.

We have been following the continuing arrests and even prosecutions of citizens who film police in public. (For prior columns, click here and here). Despite consistent rulings upholding the right of citizens to film police in public, these abuses continue. The latest has a different twist. Andrew Henderson not only had his camera taken from him by police in Little Canada, Minnesota but he was charged with violating the the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by filming officers responding to a call.


Three most important words to remember when being interrogated:  I don’t know!

The Parting Thought-


How to become a Successful Political Liar

Whether you have political aspirations or are eyeing a law career, being a good liar has its advantages.

Politicians lie because the public wants to be lied to

The reasons politicians lie is because the public doesn't want to hear the truth. People want to hear what they want to hear. When two candidates are running and one of them tells the truth and the other says what the public wants to hear, the one who says what the public wants to hear wins the election. Therefore, and there are exceptions to this, if you want to win an election, you better start lying, because the guy who's telling you the truth doesn't have a chance.

Lying, along with a capacity for backbiting, obfuscation, and double-dealing, are, in fact, actual job qualifications for politicians according to some deep political thinkers. If lying with sincerity is a required political skill, both major party candidates practice this when running for office.


It’s been observed the best way to know if a politician is lying is to see if their lips are moving.  Politicians are the most adept liars in world, some say it’s in their DNA.


Symptoms of political lies…


Remember former President and playboy, Bill Clinton’s famous line in regard to Monica Lewinski, I did not have sex with that woman!  Politicians are experts at the art of the cover-up.


There are many aspects to being a good liar. You have to know what to say, when to say it, how to say it and most of all, how to not get caught. Let us start back before the lie is even told.  The first thing you need to know is what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. You don’t want to come up with something during the spur of the moment.



If you want to run for office…


Tell the truth, misleadingly. The hardest lies to catch are those which aren't actually lies. You're telling the truth, but in a way that leaves a false impression. Technically, it's only a prevarication - about half a sin. A 1990 study of pathological liars in New York City found that those who could avoid follow-up questions were significantly more successful at their deceptions.
Know your target. Good liars have the same gift as good communicators: the ability to get inside the listener's head. Empathy not only clues you in to what your subject wants to hear, it will help you avoid stepping onto trip wires that will trigger their suspicions. "To make a credible lie, you need to take into account the perspective of your target," says Carolyn Saarni, co-editor of the book Lying and Deception in Everyday Life. "Know what they know. Be aware of their interests and activities so you can cover your tracks."

Keep your facts straight. "One of the problems of successful lying is that it's hard work," says psychologist Michael Lewis. "You have to be very consistent in doing it." That means nailing down the details. Write down notes if you have to. "One of the things that trips people up is that they give different information to different people, who then start talking about it and comparing notes," says Dr. Gini Graham Scott.

Covering Up:  When a compulsive liar gets caught in his web of lies, he will cook up another story of how he is falsely accused or will deny it totally with another story to back up his claim of innocence.

Work on the facial expressions. Watch a comedy where there is a good liar. Try doing it without laughing. Say lies you might say in real life. It gets easier as time goes on.

Practice with a friend. Make sure not to tell them why they are here. Then start lying and see how good you are. Finally tell them what's happening and talk about things that might make you better.

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man


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