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Saturday, January 12, 2013

More Freebies, Grocery Savings, DIY Tips

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

For Independent Minded People!

ISSN 2161-5543

In This Issue:

1.       Making charitable donations more meaningful

2.      DIY Berkey water filtration systems

3.      10 grocery saving tips

4.      Find more freebies, Rewards for your opinion

5.      Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech



Governments, in general, have been the result of force, fraud, and accident.”  -James Wilson, Founding Father



Making charitable donations more meaningful


In my case, charity doesn’t work.  For almost everything the Poor Man offers, we ask for a donation…haven’t got a one in four years!


However, if you want more control or credit for what you give consider joining a ‘giving circle.’  In a giving circle, friends organize around a common interest and pool their resources to help say a local charity or community project.  Frequently, the money is used to make micro-grants to deserving organizations such as a grassroots group in Texas that provides free transportation to elderly and cancer patients.


Consider creating a scholarship and most schools will accept donor-specific gifts.  Simply contact the school official who is in charge to create an annual scholarship in your name or perhaps in the name of a loved one.


Establish a charitable fund through a community foundation.  These are usually set up and supported by local donors and typically benefit a specific community.  Where I grew in Ohio, the Cleveland Foundation was the first community foundation in the US and last year they made grants of $80 million to local programs such as a community playhouse, area Park Festival and scholarships to area Montessori schools.


Give to your local municipality.  Most towns have a website where you can typically find donation programs, often for local parks and non-profit children oriented programs.  For example, when I lived in AZ one of our favorite local charities was the Sunshine Foundation which ran an orphanage.  We supported their thrift store and made frequent donations to their cause.


The Poor Man still supports area charities, primarily the Salvation Army and if you want to learn more, visit our and click on the Motel Families tab or visit


A home flour mill makes the cheapest and best whole grain bread
read more here


PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources



Novel,’ Romance in a Can’-Order now for Valentine’s Day


Politically Incorrect Guide to American History video series…

This video shows how to make and use the home made Berkey type water filtration system. This one is made for less than $35 in parts.


10 Grocery Savings Tips

Besides couponing, there are so many different ways to save money on your grocery bill -- if only you knew the ins and outs of your favorite store's policies and promotions. And how do you find that out?

"Just ask your store manager, who will happily tell you how to save the most at their store," says Annette Economides, who co-authored "Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America's Cheapest Family."

Use oregano oil instead of antibiotics to keep chickens healthy:


Honey's good for adding to tea or for sweetening a bowl of oatmeal, but you can do a lot more with it than that. This sweet, golden substance can be a real lifesaver when it comes to health issues. During any sort of social breakdown that makes it more difficult to get medical care, infection becomes an important concern.

Honey can help. It works as a natural antiseptic. You can apply honey to cuts and abrasions to prevent infection.

You can also use honey to treat the symptoms of many mild illnesses. For example, mix honey with lemon juice to help soothe a sore throat

Find More Freebies

Some manufacturers issue rebates for 100% of the purchase price on their products to build buzz and word-of-mouth and they hope if you try it, you’ll buy it again.  Here’s a site to use:


Get Rewarded for Your Opinion

You can legitimately make money with online surveys.  Avoid those which ask for a Social Security number or banking information. Although most only pay a few dollars per survey, it can add up.  Try these two resources:



30 million American adults don’t own a cell phone due to high monthly costs.



The Nanny State Updates…


Alex Jones blasts out with justified outrage at Piers Morgan and other traitors to human freedom
(NaturalNews) Outspoken pro-liberty radio host Alex Jones angrily blasted CNN talking head Piers Morgan on national television yesterday evening, expressing the total outrage that millions of Americans share over issues like unconstitutional gun control...

In 2013, the governments of 48 states are already tracking patient prescription records under a federal program funded through the Dept. of Justice.

One of the frightening ramifications of upcoming gun control legislation may be that this database of patient records gets used to label people on antidepressant drugs (or other psych drugs) "mentally unfit" to purchase firearms.

Even worse, this could be extended to other rights so that people on psych drugs, for example, are denied the right of free speech

Or, the right to due process. Once the state labels you mentally "defective," there's nothing they can't deny you...


A Gallup poll taken a week after the Newtown shooting found that 58 percent of Americans wanted gun laws to be stricter, a big jump from the 44 percent who said the same when polled a few months earlier.


97% of online pharmacies violate state and/or federal laws by selling outdated or contaminated products


The Parting Thought- Congress has failed its people


Our Democracy No Longer Works and the Problem Is Congress

At the center of our government lies a bankrupt institution: Congress. The US Congress has become the Fundraising Congress.


Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech

Government use of force to mold social and economic behavior at home and abroad has justified individuals using force on their own terms. The fact that violence by government is seen as morally justified, is the reason why violence will increase when the big financial crisis hits and becomes a political crisis as well. First, we recognize that individuals shouldn't initiate violence, then we give the authority to government. Eventually, the immoral use of government violence, when things go badly, will be used to justify an individual's "right" to do the same thing. Neither the government nor individuals have the moral right to initiate violence against another yet we are moving toward the day when both will claim this authority. If this cycle is not reversed society will break down.”

Think about that when you hear Obama types talk about “fairness” as a goal of the coercive apparatus. That was excerpted from Ron Paul’s historic farewell speech to congress delivered in November following Romney’s victory in the nomination. The original speech is an hour long but the worthy excerpts here will only take 10-15 minutes to read.

The fact that most people still don’t know Ron Paul or understand this message only proves just how far ahead of its time this speech actually is –some day, when the world manages to see past the statist myths, Dr. Paul WILL be appreciated more broadly.

Dr. Paul is the last of his breed, of his generation. He is the last intellectually consistent and honest “politician” in congress. By planting the seed of liberty firmly at the feet of today’s youth he went as far as anyone has or could have hoped to – within the political framework.

Although Dr. Paul continues to lobby for liberty, and probably will until his last days, God bless him, scholars like
Jeffrey Tucker point out that the future of liberty lies outside of the political realm:

“[Even] Ron doesn’t actually believe that the answer is in political activism...He thinks the answer is in intellectual activism, and also, entrepreneurship. There are plenty of things for people to do to advance liberty besides just continuing to yell at the state: get smaller, get smaller...just give us our rights. It doesn’t seem to be working very well.

The Fiscal
Cliff "Deal" is Spelled

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man


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