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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Home & Farm Scale Wind, Your SSN Eliminates Privacy

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

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"The tragedy of the police state is that it always regards
all opposition as a crime, and there are no degrees."

-- Lord Vansittart


In This Issue:

1.       Your SSN is your de facto national ID-a violation of laws

2.      20 cable alternatives for watching TV

3.      Home & Farm Scale Wind

4.      How to hide your money

5.      America, the land of the free or is it?



Mandatory use of Social Security Number by Government as our insecure national ID created Identity theft crisis


As many as 10 million Americans a year are victims of identity theft. According to DOJ figures it’s the fastest growing crime in America ever since the government foisted the Patriot Act on unsuspecting Americans. 

Today, everyone feels entitled to your Social Security Number, something which was never to have happened.  Your rights under the Privacy Act of 1974 have been tossed aside by the Feds.  Since Americans were against the issuance of a National ID, the government decided to make your Social Security Number the de facto national ID and it is now required for ALL financial transactions including non-interest bearing accounts, pre-paid debit cards, brokerage accounts and more.

Even private entities, such as schools, doctors, dentists, utility companies and others seem to feel entitled to what had been a private number.  Older Americans even have the words “Not to be Used for Identification Purposes” on the front of their card.

Victims spend from 3 to 5,840 hours repairing damage done by identity theft. This difference is due to the severity of the crime - for example a lost credit card versus the use of your social security number to become your "evil twin." Victims of identity theft feel helpless and many of them aren't familiar with the tools and resources available to reclaim their identity. The average number of hours victims spend repairing the damage caused by identity theft is 330 hours.

·  26-32% of victims spend a period of 4 to 6 months dealing with their case and 11-23% report dealing with their case for 7 months to a year

Social Security Protection Act of 2010 Becomes Law: President Obama signed a bill aimed at reducing identity theft by limiting the Government's use of and access to social security numbers. The bill, which passed the House and Senate, prohibits government agencies from printing social security numbers on checks and from allowing prison inmates access to social security numbers. "Social Security numbers are among Americans' most valuable but vulnerable assets," said Sen. Feinstein, a sponsor of the bill. "Identity theft is a serious concern for all consumers, and we should make every effort to protect personal information."

Victims have their government to thank for this crime wave.  Find ways to protect your privacy at:



How to Hide Your Money and a few not shown in the video.  From our friend Steve!


PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

20 Cable Alternatives for Watching TV and Movies

Given all the amazing video content available online for free or for very little money, I simply cannot fathom ever paying for a cable TV service. Movies, television shows old and new, the daily news, recorded comedy stand-up specials, and live sports are all available via the Internet.


Home and Farm Scale Wind

Consumers who install residential small wind systems with a nameplate capacity of not more than 100 kilowatts can receive a 30% residential tax credit for Consumer Energy Efficiency systems placed in service before December 31, 2016

Learn More

·         Wind Basics - Learn everything from how wind energy works to the economics of a wind project with our Wind Basics series.

·         Planning a Small Wind Project - Find information, tips, tricks, and advice on putting together a small wind project of your own.

·         Wind Energy Companies - Find installers, dealers and other small wind-related businesses.




The Poor Man has recommended in the past for stretching your dollar (getting cash back)…

Still others recommended competing services. Our reader Caroline, recommended both evreward, and


How to Get Your Boss to Let You Work from Home
Before you approach the boss, consider all the angles and propose a win-win strategy.


Easy, inexpensive ways to grow from seed
read more here


10 Things You Can Recycle in the Mail



Gardening and sustainable-living events are sprouting around the world. Attend one in your area with this guide. Go now »



The Nanny State Updates Americans are fat n happy while their rights are trampled!


DHS reports that six more states have become complaint with the REAL ID Act, meaning that the act is finally making some headway after eight years of debating and delays. Nineteen states are now in compliance with the Act, and twenty-six more have committed to meet the standards before the deadline. The Act, passed in 2005, had an original compliance deadline of 2008, but that deadline has been extended several times, and is now 1 December 2014.


FBI Abuse of Power…your government out of control

Most of us would prefer that our Federal Bureau of Investigation simply goes after criminals and catches them. We don't want them to be wasting their time spying on us or creating new crimes just so they can take credit for stopping them. Unfortunately the FBI does both of these things.

Terror: Courtesy of Our Government

We hear about the supposed terrorist plots foiled by the FBI. They get applauded and then get more funding. But what's really happening?

The following video from the Josh Tolley Channel provides a good overview of how the FBI has been operating lately in their anti-terrorism efforts. In case after case, it works like this: The FBI, operating undercover, contacts someone of questionable mental stability or with anti-government or anti-American views, convinces that person to engage in a terrorist plot, provides the planning, the money, the resources, and then at the right moment arrests the "terrorist" for the plan they created.


Local CSAs

Find local CSA farms and support your local farmer. Go now »



The Parting Thought- We’re at a Paul Revere moment in the US


The sheep are brainwashed. They think their taxes, taken from them involuntarily, actually go towards the public good because the lesser evil who they voted in is a benevolent philosopher king.

Meanwhile, the money is blown on pork barrel subsidies to a handful of preferred cartels, bureaucrats, labor unions, war pigs, and other organizations that couldn’t stand without the support of government.

The mass of sheeple thinks the government is protecting them while it is waging a war on the little guy.


America “the land of the free,” but statistics prove otherwise.

The good old USA is sinking in ratings that measure economic and personal freedom, but it can boast, by far, the world’s largest prison population per capita on earth. More people sit in local, county, state or federal prisons in the U.S. than in all other developed countries combined – 2.29 million people behind bars

One major reason is the long lost “War on Drugs” that imprisons users but does little to cut supplies, now more plentiful and lower in cost than ever. A multi-billion dollar police/prison political establishment has grown up based on this losing drug war, now joined by a huge anti-terrorism bureaucracy headed by the Department of (so-called) Homeland Security.


Laws that Congress Never Passed

In 2006, a research team led by Professor John Baker of Louisiana State Law School came up with a list of more than 4,000 separate federal criminal offenses. But that number vastly understated the total of U.S. crimes because the federal criminal code incorporates, by reference, tens of thousands of regulatory “paperwork” violations never voted on by Congress, as in the recent Obamacare law.

This expanding culture of criminalization follows down the law enforcement line. Local police now use SWAT teams, militaristic tactics, armored tanks, drone technology and secret surveillance to deal with situations that clearly don’t warrant such macho shows of force.

Target the Innocent – if they want

Historically in America, the sanction of criminal law was reserved for serious, morally culpable offenders. But in recent decades, an unholy alliance of tough-on-crime “conservatives” and anti-business liberals has enormously expanded criminal law.

While violent crime too often goes unpunished, the U.S. Congress continues to add new, trivial offenses to the federal criminal code, many in the financial and banking area, as witness Dodd-Frank.

Civil liberties attorney Harvey Silverglate documents in his book, Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, that using broad and vague federal laws allows overzealous federal prosecutors to “pin arguable federal crimes on any one of us, even for the most seemingly innocuous behavior.”

Some of us saw this coming.

Shortly after his 2008 election as president, I reviewed some of Obama’s more radical policy proposals under the headline Obama Plans U.S. Financial Prison. I concluded that he was planning to curtail greatly the freedom of Americans to invest and bank offshore. Sadly, I was all too correct as events have proven.

A Police State Spawned

Indeed, a major and fallacious official justification for attacks on financial privacy and on tax havens has been the lie that the war on drugs could be won if we all surrendered our privacy. That war on drugs has been a principle cause of the militarization of U.S. domestic police, with countless mistaken SWAT team drug raids resulting in the needless deaths of innocent bystanders.

Meanwhile, over $5 billion in cash and private property has been confiscated by police under forfeiture laws — and in 85% of the cases no charges were brought against the persons from which property was grabbed. In most cases, federal, state and local police kept the loot.

In the United States, where illegal drug use is highest, a vast police-prison-government lobby has arisen. It devours about $80 billion a year in taxpayer funds, supposedly to combat drugs. What a costly hoax!

The Economist magazine offered this opinion in 2009: “Fighting drugs is the kind of promise politicians love to make. It assuages the sense of moral panic that has been the handmaiden of prohibition for a century. It is intended to reassure the parents of teenagers across the world. Yet it is a hugely irresponsible promise, because it cannot be fulfilled.”

The War on Drugs is the most powerful propaganda weapon ever devised to convince the masses to willingly relinquish their individual rights. If there ever was a duty to yourself, your children and your community, it is to join the rising chorus of respected business leaders, educators, doctors, writers, publishers and politicians who are speaking out against this senseless war.


Consider getting involved with your area Sheriff to preserve the Constitution

Bob Bauman
Chairman, Freedom Alliance


“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man


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escapeartist said...

You're 100% on target. Our fearless government has created another crime wave of stolen IDs thanks to its own violation of the Privacy Act of 1974. We should hang the idiots who authorized this crap with the unPatriot Act - they are traitors!

nancy said...

Amazed, you are one of the few on here that make perfect sense! So many people either choose not to see what is happening because they don't know how to deal with it and want to sweep it under the rug, or they are simply sheep that follow the herd to slaughter, no questions asked. –NancyK