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Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY Matchhead Missiles, Best OTC Drugs-Stock Up Now!

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

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"Unless someone like you cares an awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. It's not".

- Dr Seuss


The Frozen Dog Ranch Files


In This Issue:

1.       The People’s Pharmacy-Best OTC drugs for barter or use

2.      Why are so many unaware of what happening to our country?

3.      PortaPure Filtering System

4.      Make a match head missile for the 4th

5.      How to create inexpensive backyard ponds



Why do so many people not realize America has become a total state?”

Anyone who points out the politically obvious and is accused of panic-mongering has considered this question. The NSA's massive spying, the TSA frisking their children, the IRS targeting people politically, the longest war in American history, the militarization of law enforcement, the indefinite detention of prisoners at Gitmo...nothing, nothing seems to budge some people from the belief that the US is the freest, grandest nation on earth.

The State is not merely the politicians and officials who run the visible structure of government. It includes every civil servant and bureaucrat. The largest employer in America is the federal government. According to the Office of Personnel Management, there were approximately 2.79 million civil servants as of December 2011. But this number is for “civilian” personnel only and does not include uniformed civil servants, such as law enforcement. Of course, every state, county and city ratchets up the civil servant count with their own employees.

Thanks to the courageous Edward Snowden, America now knows the NSA has, for seven years, collected data on many millions of our phone calls, emails and other communications, even when its top officials have testified that it had not.

It is now abundantly clear that privacy in the United States is dead and gone, thanks to pandering politicians and the constitutionally questionable PATRIOT Act.

And things look like they are going to get even worse.

It’s Not Just the NSA After You

Hot on the heels of the NSA revelations, now the habitually anti-tax haven and pro-tax Organization for Economic and Community Development (OECD) wants in on the action, by forcing all countries into useless data-hoarding of private information in a very big way.

The Paris-based OECD is financed by the high-tax, deficit-spending, welfare-state governments such as France and Germany, with the U.S. taxpayer footing a large part of its budget. The OECD provides a dignified veneer to the desperate struggle of its debt-ridden sponsors for ever more tax revenues.

As a deceitful public relations tactic, the OECD purposely conflates illegal tax evasion with legal tax avoidance. The OECD view is that all financial privacy and bank secrecy laws are a cover for tax evasion, so they demand abolition of all privacy.

The OECD goes well beyond its achieved demand for the automatic exchange of tax information. They also want to end privacy for “beneficial owners” of corporations, trusts and financial accounts. Erika Nolan has eloquently described
the real physical harm such a policy would inflict.

They call it the information bomb. And it's something the government will never admit could happen.

It's the danger that arises when the government gathers, stores, and saves all the information about its citizens in one place. And if that information ever fell into the wrong hands, it could cause catastrophic damage to everyone involved. Imagine a world where your personal information -- all your personal calls, emails, texts, and everything you've done on the Internet -- was available for everyone to see.

So far, we'd say the government has a pretty poor track record when it comes to defending the system it has in place. It didn't stop the Boston bombing, even when it had direct assistance. In the end, we're left with a government that's amassing an incredible stockpile of information, and the only assurance we have that it's safe is a government guarantee.

Amnesty International has issued a statement criticizing the Obama Administration's prosecution of Edward Snowden. While the media has largely yielded to demands from the White House not to call Snowden a "whistleblower," Amnesty International views him in this light and specifically objects to the use of the Espionage Act by the Obama Administration in this case.


Finally, the jackasses in government who are screwing up our nation want to create a law forcing farmers to register their tractors and qualify for a commercial license – even on their own property.  Do we breed these control freaks from some secret location or is stupidity genetic among government clones?




$500,000 – the amount spent by al Qaeda to plan & execute 9/11 attacks.  $1.1 trillion – the amount the US has spent on homeland security since 9/11

PM’s Roundup of Useful Resources…


What OTC drugs do Pharmacists Recommend?


These should b e considered for inclusion in your First Aid Kit and…for barter purposes when the SHTF!

Pharmacists commonly make recommendations on over-the-counter medications for customers, and the practice was recently surveyed by Pharmacy Today magazine.

The publication quizzed 3,000 pharmacists about what over-the-counter products they recommend each week. Some 77 product categories were included in the survey. Results were based on answers returned from about 33 percent of those questioned.

The most recommended product is Claritin as an adult antihistamine, with 4,197 recommendations per week. Tylenol products are also among the most recommended for pain relief.

Products that are highly recommended across the nation:

Delsym (adult antitussive/dextromethorphan)

A personal favorite among pharmacists for a runny nose and dry cough decongestants, such as Sudafed, and Delsym for a cough.

Dextromethorphan is one of the over-the-counter medications that can be abused when misused.

Neosporin (topical antibiotic ointment/cream)

This is a pricey product in an area where many generic products work well. “Soap and water is good, too,” Zive said.

Mucinex (adult expectorant)

Winkler likes Mucinex, especially during the flu season.

Pepcid Complete (heartburn/antacids)

Winkler’s recommendations usually start with Tums, which was second in this category. A second or third choice might be Pepcid Complete. “It depends on the person’s condition,” she said, noting Prilosec OTC could be another alternative.

Claritin (adult antihistamine)

Winkler prefers to recommend Sudafed for its short-acting action.

Some customers who ask for Claritin appear to be influenced by the company’s television commercials, according to Zive, who also suggests Sudafed most of the time.

Citracal (calcium supplement)

Caltrate, which finished second in this category of the study, is a common request from customers at The Medicine Shoppe in Davenport, said pharmacist Rex Tuttle.

Cortizone-10 (insect bite/stings)

“I do agree on its effectiveness,” Winkler said, noting she recommends the product for mild poison ivy or dermatitis issues.

Emetrol (upset stomach, nausea)

This product has been around a number of years, said Tuttle, who has been in practice since 1975. “I can’t say, though, that I’ve ever been asked for it,” he said, adding that he usually goes with a Pepto-Bismol type of recommendation.

One-Touch (blood sampling tester)

This device is used by those with a condition like diabetes. Normally, the patient starts with a tester from a hospital or doctor’s office.


Beginning today, consumers and health care professionals can visit

 and to access pharmacists’ go-to brands in more than 160 therapeutic categories. These include everything from women’s health, pain/inflammation, and diagnostics to first aid, cold/cough/allergy and vitamins. This information is also available via a new mobile app on the iOS platform; search “OTC Guide.” - See more at:

For the 17th year, Pharmacy Times has conducted its annual Survey of Pharmacists’ OTC Recommendations and published the results, providing a comprehensive resource for pharmacists and consumers. The results are available on in an easy-to-navigate, searchable format. This valuable resource organizes OTC products into 14 different categories and reveals the OTC brands that pharmacists who read Pharmacy Times most often recommended. Pharmacy Times is pleased to present the results of the OTC survey in collaboration with U.S. News and World Report. Click here for more information.



Water is the new oil, we’ve all been told many times. The UN has forecast that half of the world’s population will live in water-stressed areas by 2030. Rapid urbanization, climate change, and other trends will sweep growing numbers of people into areas where there either isn’t enough physical freshwater for them or where there isn’t sufficient infrastructure to meet rising water demands. It’s a situation that already afflicts 2.8 billion people in the developing world. In many parts of Africa, in particular, women and children are often forced to trek miles to water pumps, wells, and lakes (sometimes controlled by rival villages) and can only bring back a few gallons of water at a time.

George Page, the founder and CEO of Portapure, has developed a solution that gets around infrastructure scarcity to meet rising water demands on an individual level. His company, Portapure, manufactures a five-gallon gravity-flow water filter, good for a family of six, that makes water from any lake, river, or stream safe to drink.


How to create inexpensive backyard ponds
read more here

The Nanny State-We love our government

Obama Regime Clamps Down on Campus First Amendment Rights

 Remember when universities were considered free marketplaces of ideas? They serve the opposite purpose now: to instill in students a deep fear of expressing any thought deemed politically incorrect by the authorities. Local administrators are complicit, but the drive to enforce rigid ideological conformity is being imposed by the source...


Duck Duck Go appeared on the scene a few years ago, vying to become a real search competitor to Google and Bing. Duck Duck Go's staked its search value on privacy as they do not store IP addresses or log user information. While the new search engine had done okay for itself, Duck Duck Go hit a milestone last week when they hit 3 million searches in a day. The most amazing thing is that only a week before that they announced hitting the 2 million mark.  So what spurned this spike in search traffic? Well since news about the NSA PRISM surveillance program broke, the average user has become much more concerned about what kind of personal information the search engines are tracking and reporting on. Since the PRISM news broke, nearly every day has been a record search day for DuckDuckGo…



The Parting Thought – Not to worry in the land of the free!


Few in America lament our loss of liberty or clamor for lost freedoms since 9/11 – Perhaps they might remember this 4th of July, but I rather doubt it…The Poor Man Survivor


Make a Match Head Missile for the 4th


Blast Off – Turn Matches into Tiny Rockets


The swift strike of a match on July 4th typically precedes sky-high spectacles.  But matches themselves can be fireworks.  When ignited, the bulb of fuel on a match’s tip combusts into space-hogging gases.  By containing the gas in aluminum foil and directing it downward, you can create a miniature missile.  Here the steps you need to become a rocket scientist in your own driveway this 4th of July…



·         Matches

·         Sewing pin or needle

·         Paper clips

·         Aluminum foil


>>Bend a paper clip into a 45-degree angle to create your launch pad

>>Lay a pin along a matchstick so the sharp tip touches the match head.  Wrap the head with a piece of aluminum foil, and gently crease the foil around the pin (avoid tears and holes).

>>Remove the pin.  This leaves a hollow channel that will direct gas downward so it can act as a propellant.

>>Rest the match on the launch pad, hold a small flame under the foil-wrapped match head, and start your countdown!


Find CO2 and other fun DYI missiles here:


Happy 4th of July!

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man



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