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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Looting your supermarket when the SHTF, Holsters for women wearing skimpy clothes

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

For Independent Minded People!

ISSN 2161-5543

"Few things are more laughably pitiable than authority once it has been successfully defied."
-- L. Neil Smith

From the Frozen Dog Ranch Files


In This Issue:

1.       5 Things to Loot when the SHTF

2.      Bear Repellent-Keeps the IRS away too

3.      Concealed carry for women who wear skimpy clothes

4.      Why the Shadow Economy continues to grow



If you were going to loot your local supermarket…


   If all hell broke loose tomorrow, the economy crashed, public services interrupted, banks and ATMs closed, no phone service, police personnel gone (to help their own family), what items would you grab from your local supermarket?


Usually after a disaster hits (such as in New Orleans) the news clips show people running off with TVs and electronic gadgets (my how folks like these toys) from the stores they loot.


Me, I’d hit the local supermarket and grab canned goods, tobacco and liquor.  Why?  Because they have long term shelf lives and they can be traded and BARTERED.  I’d probably also grab a few steaks and bottles of that expensive, but oh so good Heinz 57 steak sauce!


Some people just can’t wait until the sales. Here are five things which I guess you’d loot in the event of a massive riot.


Candy, Jewelry, McDonalds food, Cell phones, Widescreen TVs


Can’t do much with a TV or cell phone if there is no electricity or anyone manning the studio.


Of course, I’d also hit the local gun shop and grab what I could of firearms and ammo.  It’s incredible the prices I see for ammo around here (I’m sitting on a fortune), if you can get it.  Our local Wal Mart posts a sign each day announcing when the truck will arrive and that days limit each customer can buy…thank you Obama, upChuck Schumer, Bloomberg and other socialists who never seem to get voted out of office. 


Oh well, something to think about…



Less than 1% of the world's fresh water supply is readily available for human use. The amount of water that’s safe for us to use is declining sharply due to pollution and contamination. 87% of freshwater resources are used for agriculture, as much of 60% of that is wasted due to inefficient watering systems.


PM’s Roundup of Useful Resources…


Bare Bones Budgeting
Here are some great ways to cut a budget that you just thought could not get cut any further!


Concealed Carry for Women Who Wear Skimpy Clothes…

Sometimes I come across a video that is so well done, I just have to share it.  This beautiful, petite, 120 pound woman clearly has spent a long time figuring out how to carry concealed while looking fabulous.  I too love shorts and tight spaghetti strap tanks – but just how do you carry a hunk of lethal while dressing so comfortably? 


She shows you how she does it in all seasons and with a variety of fashions and styles.



Gun Values: Free Online Gun Prices Download of Your Choice
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Choose from dozens of popular gun makers like Remington, Savage, Browning, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Glock or Winchester.
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Pepper Spray 9oz BEAR REPELLENT Police Magnum OC-17 Mace Law Enforcement Strength!

Police Magnum OC-17 Pepper Spray offers the most powerful concentration of pepper spray allowed by law. This is the same spray used by police officers. Each unit also includes UV dye for later identification of the perpetrator by law enforcement. The large unit allows for one hand operation and can be used to provide multiple blasts up to 20 feet away (especially useful when repelling animals) with the fog blaster top. A suspect will be immediately affected with burning skin, coughing, watery eyes, runny nose, and difficulty breathing but will have no permanent injuries. It is both non-toxic and non-flammable. Effective against: muggers, carjackers, rapists, vicious animals, etc


America’s Deindustrialization   According to “Business Insider,” since October 2000 the United States has lost 5.5 million manufacturing jobs, as manufacturers outsource manufacturing overseas.  For example, “Media Roots,” reports that Dell Incorporation announced plans “to dramatically expand its operations in China with an investment of over $100 billion over the next decade.” This will result in a loss of 900 American jobs.  Despite the US having been on the forefront of the industrial revolution, it is quickly becoming the first “postindustrial” nation in the world.


Tax Help MD Shares Tips and Tax Deduction Advice with Farmers
The section 179 deduction has been extended for the 2013 tax year but is expected to drop in 2014. The experts at Tax Help MD advise farmers to take advantage of this higher deduction while they still can.




Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees, 2 barrels of oil, 4,100 kilowatts of energy, 3.2 cubic  yards of landfill space and 60 pounds of air pollution. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough electricity to power a TV for three hours, and aluminum cans can be recycled an unlimited number of times. Recycling a ton of glass saves the equivalent to 9 gallons of oil. Increasing steel recycling by 50% would save the energy equivalent to 7 nuclear power plants.

The Nanny State-We love our government

Supreme Court rules in favor of national DNA database, allowing police to forcibly seize DNA without a warrant
(NaturalNews) The supreme law of the United States has just voted 5-4 in favor of a National DNA database. In Maryland v. King, the court upheld the right of police to arrest and forcibly take DNA samples from individuals

Erosion Of Our Civil Liberties Highlights Those Who Will Resist When Society Breaks Down
We are not the only ones waking up. The government is waking up to the fact that our numbers are growing daily, that the message is spreading that all is not well and that worse is yet to come.

Military Vet Arrested; Guns Confiscated: His Crime - Defending his home from Burglar
A Military veteran living in Oregon, 36-year-old Corey Thompson, has been arrested and has had his firearms confiscated after defending his home from an intruder


Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one's own person is its ultimate reward

Patricia Sampson

The Parting Thought... 


"Dramatic change often comes as a response to imminent collapse."  Tom Peters


Today’s Outlook:  Bleak- Why we have a Growing Shadow Economy

The future seems bleak. There’s no need for me to list and link the abuses of power that are imposed on us by the government, unless you have been living in a cave for the last year or so you will know about the constant erosion of our civil liberties, the removal of our rights is accelerating.

Everyday another piece of intrusive, nonsensical and costly legislation determines what we can and can’t do. Not outlandish things, simple things, everyday things, things that we should be able to take for granted like catching rainwater, growing veggies wherever we like on our property, making a phone call without the intrusion of government eavesdroppers and information gatherers…our sense of self reliance and independence is rapidly eroding with many citizens becoming dependent on the state.

When governments become repressive, when they burden citizens with excessive regulation, high taxes and cost of goods, when decent jobs are scarce and wages are low…people fight back.

Economists have long thought the underground economy--the vast, unregulated market encompassing everything from street vendors to unlicensed cab drivers--was bad news for the world economy.  Now, it's taking on a new role as one of the last safe havens in a darkening financial climate.

The 51st state of the U.S.A. is thriving underground -- an invisible empire of black market businesses that rakes in at least a 10th of our 11 trillion-dollar economy. This is no big secret. Anyone beyond puberty knows that illegal drugs, illegal labor, illegal "adult entertainment" and other forbidden items are readily available.

The online underground economy has matured into an efficient, global marketplace in which stolen goods and fraud-related services are regularly bought and sold. It estimated the value of goods offered by individual traders in the millions of dollars.

According to the Report on the Underground Economy, today's cybercriminals are thriving off of information they are gathering without permission from consumers and businesses, especially in the area of identity theft, banking and credit card fraud.  The government’s demand for the Social Security number as the universal identifier has allowed thieves easier access to private information of consumers.

The underground economy results from many factors, including criminal activity. But mostly it arises from ordinary businessmen and workers who are evading taxes and government regulations. In various surveys, the tax burden has always been identified as the main cause for the growth of the shadow economy, according to Schneider and Enste:

·         Their analysis found that a 10-percentage point increase in the tax burden would cause the underground economy to rise by 3 percent of GDP.

·         A Federal Reserve study found an even higher response, with an increase in the tax rate from 9.3 percent to 10 percent (which is a smaller rise) leading to a 1.5 percent rise in underground output.

A recent IMF study found that the composition of taxation was very important; high taxes on small businesses and the self-employed were most likely to lead to underground economic activity. One indication that taxes are stimulating tax evasion in the United States is that the amount of income reported on tax returns has fallen compared to the amount of income paid as calculated by the Commerce Department. This income gap tends to rise and fall with the tax burden. Raising tax rates too high drives firms into the underground economy, the study concluded.

A recent wave of state tobacco tax increases, designed to pump revenue into cash-strapped local governments, is inspiring an increasingly dangerous cigarette smuggling industry where big profits lure violent criminal gangs and drug traffickers into the booming illegal market, according to law enforcement officials and court records, reports USA Today.

Larry Penninger, acting director of the tobacco diversion unit of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), says investigations and prosecutions involving tobacco trafficking have been increasing as smugglers flood high-tax states with cigarettes from low-tax states.

·         From 2007 to 2010, 27 states raised their cigarette taxes, according to Michigan's Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

·         There is so much illicit money to be made, Penninger says, that some drug and weapon trafficking organizations are adding tobacco to their product lines to boost profits.

·         For example, in low-tax states such as Virginia, where cigarettes cost about $4.50 a pack, smugglers can sell a truckload (typically 800 cases) in New York at $13 a pack.

·         New York is the highest tobacco taxing jurisdiction in the country.

Measurement of the shadow economy is notoriously difficult as it requires estimation of economic activity that is deliberately hidden from official transactions. Surveys typically understate the size of the shadow economy but econometric techniques can now be used to obtain a much better understanding of its size.

Informal jobs "will absorb a lot of people and offer them a source of income" over the next year, says W.F. Maloney, an economist at the World Bank in Washington.  There are also some informal workers in the U.S. and other wealthy countries, including off-the-books maids, gardeners and "gypsy" cab drivers, though the phenomenon isn't nearly as widespread as in the developing world.  Analysts say it may add up to as much as 10% of the overall U.S. economy, and probably is growing now that employers are slashing staff, forcing more people to try their own small-scale businesses or make do with part-time contract work.

I’d like to create a Prepper Barter Club…

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man


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