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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NSA Spying on You? There's an App for That, Hiding Your Assets, More

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"Don't violate people's civil liberties. The government hates competition."

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In This Issue:

1.       How to protect & hide your assets

2.      NSA Spying on you?  There’s an App for that

3.      Seeds of death

4.      Where to go when the government is chasing you

5.      10 Signs the US is unraveling at the seams


How to Protect and Hide Assets

There are many ways to legally hide money and assets, as well as some methods for which the legality depends on your intent. Chapter Eight of A Survival Guide for Interesting Times, part of the Secrets Package, looks at the best of these ideas. The following is an excerpt from that chapter. Here are a few ways to protect assets, including how to hide them. They are legal means that are ethical if used for ethical purposes.

Using Corporations and LLCs

Corporations have been used for a long time to protect assets. More recently LLCs have been the legal vehicle of choice, because they are simple to set up and inexpensive to maintain. We had our tax preparer set one up for us for $130, and it costs just $10 annually to file the annual report online (which involves just answering a few questions). You can also get the do-it-yourself kits at bookstores for about $30, and the filing fee in many states is $75 or less. (Note: We now live in Florida, and the annual fee is around $135.)

For asset protection, the idea with either an LLC or a corporation is that your liabilities are limited to the assets in that legal structure. So if you have an apartment building, you would have it alone in an LLC. That way if you are sued for something related to it and lose the case, the plaintiff can't come after any other assets, like your home, personal bank accounts or other LLCs. In other words, if you have many and varied assets they should be in several different corporations or LLCs to limit the damage.

By the way, an LLC can be the owner of another LLC. This and other techniques can be used to keep your ownership more private, if that is your goal. For more on how to do this, ask an attorney who is familiar with this area of law.

Reverse Money Laundering

(The next ten paragraphs of the book...

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PM’s Roundup of Useful Resources…


Seeds of Death

Every single independent study conducted on the impact of genetically modified food shows that it damages organs, it causes infertility, it causes immune system failure, it causes holes in the GI tract, and it causes multiple organ system failure. The whole concept of genetically modified organisms is…

Where To Go When The U.S. Government Is Chasing You
Namibia is supposed to be nice this time of year.



Companies and organizations typically understand the importance of keeping critical data safe from both manual and natural disasters. Yet, many companies are not prepared for the day their system goes down and data is lost. Experts say that the day will come that data is lost, usually due to a manual user error. Compromised data and the loss of productivity can paralyze an entire business for hours or even days. Even with the best-laid plans, disaster can prove disruptive, but those who are prepared suffer the least.

Loads and Loads of Files and Reports


The Nanny State-We love our government

How Surveillance Has Evolved In The United States
With PRISM, the tradition of surveillance in America only grows. Here is an interactive timeline.
Read full story]


10 Signs our country is unraveling at the seams…


Out-of-control spending has left us with a debt of over $16 trillion while the U.S. pays $73.9 million to China every day to cover interest on debt.
A desperate Federal Reserve trying to artificially boost the economy by dumping $600 billion newly in printed money into the Treasury bond market can only mean inflation for sure.
Soaring prices with food rising up to another 4% in 2013, gasoline prices soaring, natural gas climbing and crude oil on the rise already this year. Your dollars aren’t going to be worth what they were.
Crushing taxes and regulations that are making it even more difficult to start and grow a successful business, have forced many companies to move their employees and operations out of the country.
Unemployment rates seem stuck at 7.7% for some states, while others remain at 9.6% — a number that doesn’t even include those who have given up looking for work.

 A pitiful real estate market fueled by the Federal Reserve in order to stimulate the economy isn’t looking promising and most believe we won’t see recovery for years.
 With trigger happy countries like North Korea continuing to make threats to the U.S., along with Iran threatening to nuke Israel, crude oil could rise to $240 a barrel.
 Eurozone crisis is set to cause global economic collapse as European countries like Spain, Greece, Cyprus and others struggle under the weight of debt and unemployment.
 The US government debt bubble has caused an increase in spending to the figure of $1 trillion all of which means the debt ceiling is on a steady climb upward every day.
 Political insolvency around the corner with the breakdown of the United States’ socio-economic and socio-political forces has made it close to impossible for Republicans and Democrats to take action on government spending.


The Parting Thought – Not to worry in the land of the free!


NSA Spying on You? There’s an App for That

Earlier this month, a host of leaked documents confirmed what most
patriots already suspected: The government's alphabet soup of spying
agencies -- the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. -- have been unconstitutionally
spying on everyday Americans for years.

Now that we know for a fact that the US government is collecting
massive reserves of our personal data everyday through our
smartphones... and they don't seem too apologetic about it... they
question then becomes: What can we do about it?

Technology to the Rescue?

Most of us are familiar with the concept of leaving a paper trail. These
trails consist of data that we leave behind as we go about our lives. If
we were ever to come under investigation for anything, a judge could
subpoena that information to be used against you in court. Otherwise,
it's just sitting there, harmless and inert.

Part of what the government has been collecting on you and me through
our mobile phones is similar. It's a very broad spectrum of information
about a broad spectrum of the population.

However, if they feel the need to investigate your for any reason, they
can zoom in on the information and tell exactly where you were when
you sent a text message at 3:21 PM last Friday... who it was addressed

to... and what it said.

Suffice to say, our "data trail" is like a paper trail on steroids.

The answer to the question, what can we do about it, is to cover your
tracks on a daily basis, automatically. Don't worry, you don't need to
start living like you're in a spy novel... you simply need to download
an app for your phone.

Top 3 Encryption Apps

These apps are developed offshore, beyond the reach of the Patriot Act.
In fact, these apps are designed to actually protect your privacy from
snoops (gov't or otherwise). And they make the process incredibly simple.

When you use your smartphone for calls or text messaging, these apps
encrypt the data to make it incredibly difficult to trace. That way, crooks,
scammers, and even the NSA can't access your personal data without a
very concerted effort. Poof! You're off the radar...

According to Michael Janke, CEO of SilentCircle, it would take “All of the
world’s supercomputers put together 44 years to break the encryption of
a single message..."  More at:

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man



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