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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Homegrown Currency and 4 Cool Ways to Stash Cash

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

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Most Americans have become domesticated, docile livestock, subservient to the state.

From The Frozen Dog Ranch Files



In This Issue:

1.       Homegrown currency

2.      Building a cob house

3.      4 cool ways to stash cash

4.      My favorite DIY site

5.      American liberties end at the workplace door



Hemet Liberty Script - A Home Grown Local Currency


One of the most fundamental rights of all people is the right to engage in commerce. If one man owns a Pizza Parlor and wants to purchase a pair shoes, he can pay for the shoes in dollars or he can offer the owner of the shoe store an alternative form of currency. He can also trade his products and/or services for the shoes.

If the owner of the Pizza didn't want shoes, but instead wanted a bouquet of flowers, he could initiate a three-way transaction that would allow all three merchants to get what they wanted without having to pay cash. The Hemet Community Liberty Certificates have been created to facilitate the exchange of goods and services between local business owners and their customers.

Participating merchants accept the Hemet Liberty Script just as they would paper dollars. Merchants that receive payment in the form of certificates can then use them to purchase goods and services from other participating local merchants.

The bartering for goods and services has been around for thousands of years. When a man participates in it, he has the power to create his own money. When money is scarce, we can offer our goods and services to others in exchange for their goods and services without having to spend our hard earned cash. Do you think that the owner of a Pizza Parlor would be better off paying for the things he needs with Pizza or Dollars?

The Hemet Liberty Script is a local currency that has been created to enable local merchants and members of the community to purchase the goods and services they need without having to spend their hard earned cash.

When a producer of goods and services agrees to accept the Hemet Liberty Script they will be issued 20 Hours of local currency which they can activate the certificates when they purchase equivalent of $200 in goods and services at participating locations. 

When a member of the network recommends another provider of goods and service that becomes a new member the member that refers that friend will receive 10 hours of local currency or the equivalent of $100. They can activate their currency when they purchase goods of services from other members of the network.


PM’s Roundup of Useful Resources…

Building a Handmade Cob House

Self-sufficiency does not happen in a day, a week, or even a year. It takes time and effort.




If you want to get in touch with someone, then the best source that
you can make use of is the internet

Using the internet to get information has been very common as well as
convenient for a lot of people.

However, not all the information we need can be answered by a simple
Google search. This is especially true when you want to get a
specific person's current location.
Read more...>




4 Cool Ways to Stash Cash



A new easy-to-carry water purifier that could give Marines and first-responders access to clean water wherever they go successfully completed its first operational test. The new purifier was developed to help reduce enormous logistical burdens already faced by forward-deployed personnel. There are two versions -- one that can treat 1,000 gallons per day and one that can handle 5,000 gallons per day.


Free, useful downloads from the Poor Man Survivor

·         Guide to Self Reliant Living

·         2013 Preparedness Toolkit

·         LDS Family Survival Guides

·         More!

The reason why we’re among the Top 50 Best Self Reliance sites!



Picturelife is a multi-platform photo storage and organization tool that helps you protect your photographs by securely backing them up.

To get started type in your working e-mail address and create a password, then click the blue Continue to Next Step button. That will whisk you directly to the interface to start backing up your photographs. When you click the blue Start Backing Up Your Photographs button it will download a setup.exe. Run the .exe to install the Picturelife Sync application.

You can also upload photos, using the upload button at the bottom left of the page.



One of my favorite DIY sites-Many categories


The Nanny State-We love our government

House narrowly kills move to rein in NSA; bill unites Obama, Bush officials

Top intelligence officials from the Obama and Bush administrations, along with senior House lawmakers from both parties, succeeded Wednesday in heading off the first legislative challenge to the domestic snooping program exposed by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden.

Arrayed against them was an equally odd cross-section of the political spectrum. Tea party libertarian Republicans and Democratic civil rights advocates — generally at odds — were united behind an amendment to a must-pass defense spending bill that would defund the National Security Agency’s mass collection of Americans’ phone records.

The amendment was defeated in a 217-205 vote.


Lights, camera, economy: Obama uses rhetoric of class warfare in jobs speech

Deploying the rhetoric of class warfare against congressional Republicans, President Obama warned Wednesday that “social tensions will rise” if Washington doesn’t take steps to reverse the growing gap between wealthy Americans and the middle class.

In a campaign-style speech at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., the president proclaimed that America during his presidency has “fought its way back” from a recession and called on voters to “pressure Congress to invest in our future” by spending more on such items as education, clean energy and infrastructure.

NOTE:  Nice gambit and true, but the Washington-Wall Street Cartel makes the rules it seems to favor a shrinking middle class.  See today’s article on the Modern Debt Slave.


The Parting ThoughtNot to worry in the land of the free!


A new poll reveals Americans believe their freedoms are continuing to slip away under President Obama, with more than 49 percent reporting decreases in their personal freedoms under his leadership this month.

Our American liberties end at the workplace door.

If you have a job, the Freedom Train stops at the workplace door. More employees are hired on a part-time or temporary basis to deny them rights and benefits. Many of your privacy rights are gone. Your employer can use your company computer to read your correspondence, and your company cell phone (if you have one) to track your movements.

Free speech? You can be fired for expressing political views online, even when you’re not at work. As employment lawyer Mark Trapp told Bloomberg Business Week, the“freedom to speak your mind doesn’t really exist in work spaces.” Or, in some cases, outside it.

The longstanding right of workers to organize and form a union is also under assault. A corporate-funded group called ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is coordinating the loss of union rights for public employees. Governors and legislators are using budget shortfalls created by corporate misbehavior and tax cuts for the wealthy to argue that governments can no longer afford to honor union contracts.

Your rights don’t even begin where your, er, bathroom breaks begin. As Mary Williams Walsh reported in the New York Times, “employees at lower rungs of the economic ladder can be timed with stopwatches in the bathroom; stonewalled when they ask to go; given disciplinary points for frequent urination; even hunted down by supervisors with walkie-talkies if they tarry in the stalls.”

 We’re losing our “right to life” in many different ways — from birth through old age.

It’s always striking when some of those who defend an unborn child’s “right to life” ignore the fact that the United States ranks 49th in infant mortality, according to the latest statistics. Or in the fact that African American infant mortality is 2.5 that of Caucasians. Or that lower-income families of all ethnicities suffer much greater infant mortality in this country than their wealthier counterparts.

The next time you see another story about impoverished North Koreans and their seemingly mad dedication to their deluded leader and outmoded economic system, consider this: The average life expectancy for an African American in New Orleans is roughly the same as that of a North Korean. It’s shorter than that of people in Colombia, Venezuela, of Vietnam. In our nation’s capital, the life expectancy gap between African American and white males is more than 13 years.

For poor whites the story isn’t much better. A 2005 study showed that life expectancy for poor white males in Appalachia and the Mississippi Valley is roughly the same as that of males in Mexico and Panama. They can expect to live nearly four and a half years less than average white male nationwide. Opportunities for an affordable education are disappearing — and education correlates closely with longevity.

Then there’s Medicare. Studies showed that mortality among Americans aged 65 and older decreased by 13 percent after Medicare was created, and they spent 13 percent fewer days in the hospital. The corporate-funded right is sponsoring a plan to replace Medicare with a voucher system that will provide less coverage for older Americans’ healthcare with each passing year. They also want to raise its eligibility age. The studies show that these proposals would result in increased loss of life and more hospital days for older Americans.

We’ve lost autonomy over our own bodies.

While Tea Partiers and Sarah Palin prattle about “death panels,” many injured or ailing Americans enter a Kafka-esque maze of insurance executives, case managers, billing services, and customer service numbers with interminable hold times. Some of these processes were created as a legitimate response to physician overtreatment, itself encouraged by our privatized education and health financing systems. But they’ve turned into massive operations for delaying, frustrating, and thwarting attempts by patients and doctors to receive permission to provide necessary services.

Millions of Americans have to plead for needed treatment, then argue over a complex and error-prone system of copayments, deductibles, and medical bills denied for payment with incomprehensible explanations. If they’re unable to devote hours to battling their insurer, or if they try and fail, they may then find themselves at the mercy of medical debt collectors whose own actions have been the subject of legal scrutiny and public criticism.

Long-standing assumptions built into our medical system deny virtually all Americans the right to affordable dental care, which is available in most other developed countries, while an antiquated and Puritanical attitude toward mental illness has been exploited to deny them adequate care for these conditions.

The right is attacking Medicare, one of our most popular government programs, and defending one of our nation’s least popular institutions, HMOs. In fighting for Medicare Advantage’s HMO subsidies and resisting wider access to public health insurance, they’re using the language of freedom to rob Americans of the freedom to make their own medical decisions.

There are treatments which have unproven value, have unpleasant side effects, or which studies have shown to be over-used to provide financial gain to medical providers. People have a right to know that, and to be protected from this kind of abuse. But the denial of covered services is an epidemic in American healthcare – and a massive assault on American freedom.

 We’re losing the ability to rise up from poverty, earn a decent living, or work in the career of our choice.

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