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Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to Control a Herd of Sheeple, The Rules of Freedom

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All government, in its essence, is organized exploitation, and in virtually all of its existing forms it is the implacable enemy of every industrious and well-disposed man.

From The Frozen Dog Ranch Files



In This Issue:

1.        Why the government makes you a target, Rule of Freedom ebook download

2.       Too Frugal?  Tips for saving even more

3.       Protecting yourself from Ponzi Schemes-Free ebook

4.       Gun Cleaning-How to download

5.       America will not restore itself because…How to control a herd of sheeple


The Real Reason You’re a Target

In light of how our government spends your tax dollars to spy on you, one must ask:


Why is anybody so interested in what I’m doing in the first place?


After all, I’m assuming you’re no more a terrorist than I am.


Chances are you’re not doing anything illegal. And I’m not either.


Yet governments today don't even hide their intentions — they're proud to spy on you anyway.

Homeland Security even keeps a list that could make just about anyone sound suspicious. And they publish that list, so your friends and neighbors could start looking at you suspiciously too.

What kinds of things are on that list?


If you use Google Maps while you’re in an airport, for instance, you could be a terrorist.

That’s really on the list.


So is using a cellphone or sweating in public. You'll also stand out if you're caught "acting impatient"... "renting a boat"... or "having privacy protection software on a home computer."

And if that weren’t enough, have you heard yet about the government's new "snitch" technology?

It's called "FAST" and it uses computers to scan thousands of hours of security camera tape. See, computers don’t get tired. Around the clock, the software looks for “weird” behavior.

That means everything from changes in body and eye movements... to body heat... changes in voice pitch... and more. If something stands out, the computer alerts security.


If that sounds like bad science fiction, imagine how you would feel... after you get picked up by airport security for looking “nervous” in front of one of the cameras?


The government Mantra – spy on your fellow citizen

"See something, say something. If you're not sure, let the proper authority handle it."

And for some people, it's not just a suggestion. It's an order. And if you don't follow it, meaning that if you don't keep tabs on your fellow Americans, you could wind up breaking the law.

You see, this administration, in an attempt to put Nixon to shame, is making government employees responsible for keeping state secrets secret. But we don't need to tell you that this isn't surprising. As more and more stories about the government's surveillance program leaks out to the public, the less surprised the American people become.


Americans should reject even a well-intentioned surveillance state.

As writer Philip K. Dick used to say, it's “strange how paranoia can link up with reality.”

Julian Sanchez, who specializes in technology and civil liberties, points out that a person who has nothing to hide from government officials -- if such a person actually exists -- would still not have a good reason to tolerate NSA surveillance, because the general awareness that government routinely spies on us has an insidious effect on society:


"Even when it isn't abused... the very presence of that spy machine affects us and poisons us... It's slow and subtle, but surveillance societies inexorably train us for helplessness, anxiety and compliance. Maybe they'll never look at your call logs, read your emails, or listen in on your intimate conversations. You'll just live with the knowledge that they always could -- and if you ever had anything worth hiding, there would be nowhere left to hide it."

Is that the kind of society we want, one in which we assume a government official is looking over our shoulders?

Because government is force -- "a dangerous servant and a fearful master" -- it must be watched closely, even -- especially -- when it does something you like. But eternal vigilance is hard to achieve. People outside the system are busy with their lives, and politicians generally can't be expected to play watchdog to other politicians.

An article by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) writer, Maira Sutton, shows, the NSA's surveillance tactics could cause an international incident. As part of EFF's International team, she monitors and advocates emerging tech policy around the world. Some areas they focus on are intellectual property and innovation issues.

Another useful and Free e-book download from the Poor Man Survivor…

The Rule of Freedom: the manifesto of the sovereign community

From the perspective of a longtime student of political science, economics and the world of possibilities, the Rule of Freedom is about why we do not need government, why we do not want government, and why government is in fact immoral and irrational. This book explains the roots of war, police abuse, terrorism and poverty with clear evidence and examples. Its final section gives practical steps on how to move from a society based on power and hierarchy to one of peace, freedom and prosperity.  Learn more about Jury Nullification and download the book here:


Do you any of you even have the slightest concern how our citizenry is being violated?  Please share and/or comment.

PM’s Roundup of Useful Resources…

Ponzimonium: How Scam Artists Are Ripping Off America, the GPO best-seller and award-winning CFTC book on Ponzi schemes and other investment frauds and how to avoid them, is now available as a FREE eBook



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The Nanny State-We love our government

The Empire of Secrets

Wiretaps without warrants. Surveillance of everyone. Who’s in charge and who’s watching the watchers? Will anything change? And does this massive spending actually make America more secure? In the next hour we’ll venture into a world of dark secrets and dirty wars, and reveal the ultimate secret of secrets in a democracy forced to choose between rights and security.

In 2013, Edward Snowden revealed that America’s National Security Agency was listening in on, well, everybody. Everyone was shocked (Everyone that is, except me).



What would happen if each of the 3,145 Counties in America had their own social networking website where the people in each county could connect with one another to discuss important local issues? Wouldn't it be great if this website would provide access educational resources on the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and the principles of liberty and sound government? Such a website already exists and I would encourage everyone to join their county group and invite their friends to do the same.

If you click on the following link you can join the website for both your state and your county.



Militarized police gone wild across America; terrorizing citizens, shooting pet dogs, behaving like occupying military force
America is rapidly devolving into the oppressive police state we've been warning readers about. Right now, cops are exhibiting thuggish, out-of-control "mafia" behavior as they run loose across America.


The Parting ThoughtNot to worry in the land of the free!


How to Control a Herd of Sheeple…


America will not restore itself because:

 Our country faces many challenges and obstacles before it can regain its former glory.  Unelected bureaucrats create expensive rules, regulations and onerous fines out of thin air without benefit of the legislative process.  Red tape is at a crisis level and threatens our very economic viability while threatening entrepreneurial startups, a force which traditional drove our job growth.


·        Too many of our students cannot read or write or even count change back in a retail setting.  Further, most lack the work ethic of previous generations.

·        Despite the worlds’ largest tax expenditures, most of our schools fail to educate or teach young people how to think.  Too many of them have zero tolerance policies which defy common sense, further setting a poor example.

·        The US has the most complicated tax system in the world which inherently favors the wealthy and special interests.  We need to either create a flat tax system or at the very least, stop taxation of the first $25,000 of income for citizens.

·        Obamacare will bankrupt the nation and drive up costs while creating another bureaucracy we cannot afford nor will it deliver what has been promised.  It would have been far simpler and cheaper to simply extend Medicare to all, attach a smaller tax increase to payroll taxes, eliminated Worker’s Comp and initiate Tort Reform to lower costs.

·        Politicians have never learned that humans cannot legislate away vice and sin.  Prohibition should have been lesson enough but our drug laws are insane and have robbed America of its basic rights (search and seizure laws) and we have more prison inmates (the majority are non-violent) than any other nation but law enforcement has become a special interest industry with a desire for ever increasing budgets, anti-citizen laws and an appetite for militarization of police,  which is helping to bankrupt the nation.

·        Ours is the only country without Tort Reform and lawsuits have bankrupted thousands of firms (eliminating thousands of jobs) while increasing costs on every product and every medical treatment.  Many law firms behind massive class action lawsuits (tobacco, asbestos, etc.) have become wealthy while the plaintiffs got nearly nothing.  When the 50 states conspired with law firms to sue Big Tobacco, every attorney became a multi-millionaire and ONLY one state kept its promise to spend its proceeds on education…the rest frittered the money away on pet projects.  Another demonstration as to why government cannot be trusted.



Occupational Birth Control-Keeping Your Gov’t Job!


Government agencies such as those dealing with poverty, housing, education, energy

And so on, demand larger budgets every year but never fulfill their mission.  The Department of Energy, for instance, was started by President Carter to eliminate our dependence on Arab Oil back in the mid-1970s. 


Despite massive spending and 51 different agencies attempting to improve education, they have failed.

Nearly every federal and state agency has failed to accomplish their mission statement but continually ask for more money.  They have already demonstrated they haven’t a clue as to what they’re doing so why do we continue to reward them?

Because it has become nothing more than another special interest racket, squandering our resources and our future.


The worst challenge we face – citizen apathy and ignorance.  Ignorance is the reason why politicians can so easily control and manipulate Americans and our population, thanks to government controlled schools has certainly been ‘dummied down.’ Most Americans simply don’t give a damn and are too lazy to help make change, to stop re-electing the same flatworms who have bankrupted the nation and undermined its laws…so I guess we’ll get what we deserve.


“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man


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escapeartist said...

You did it again-great issue. Unfortunately, most Americans are sheep and despite the obvious state of affairs in the US, many will scoff (until it is too late) Keep up the good work!

minimalist said...

Think back 20 years ago. If the government had suggested implanting all Americans with a chip so they could be tracked, everyone would have been in an uproar. But Americans have conveniently jumped right in to being tagged and tracked like good sheeple through the use of cell phones.