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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Fight Inflation-Just Stay Home and Starve

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Inflation is like sin: every government denounces it and every government practices it and every government lies about it.


Eagerly anticipating the downfall of the West, Vladimir Lenin reportedly said that the surest way to bring down any nation was to debauch its currency…our own government is managing this nicely thank you.



   For those who may have noticed, your government has lied to you.

The higher cost of living can be seen firsthand with each visit to the supermarket.  Packaged goods such as coffee, orange juice, and everything else has shrunk while the price has increased.  When I graduated high school a brand new VW could be had for $1700 – now you can hardly buy a lawn tractor for that.  A new home was less than $25,000, now you can’t build a garage for that…but don’t count on the government to tell you the truth.


The American Dream is now beyond the reach of most people.

So what is the best ‘investment’ you can make?

The middle class continues to shrink, as 5% of the public owns 90% of the money.


It's virtually impossible to find the truth in Washington these days.

Millions of average folks are watching their life’s work being frittered away due to the decline in purchasing power as inflation robs us of value (more so than government charlatans will ever report). 


All of us have seen the effect of food inflation – a 5lb bag of sugar is now 4lbs, coffee containers have shrunk, EVERYTHING has shrunk but you pay the same price or more.  All of this government directed decline is putting retirement planning at risk as non-government bankers at the fed churn out more fiat dollars.


The best investment right now might be the purchase of quality, long term food stocks for personal consumption and future barter.


Further, I suggest investing in heirloom seeds (I store mine in the freezer).  Stock up on them at your area retailers, eBay, or look to Seed Savers Exchange.  Call them at:  563-382-5990 or visit the site:


Learn more about survival seeds from our friends at Solutions from Science


It’s easy to fight inflation, just stay home and starve… In 1919, John Maynard Keynes wrote, "By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and un-observed , an important part of the wealth of their citizens." Robbing your children is the way I would phrase it!


Don’t forget, government accounting somehow overlooks the inflation rate for food, fuel and healthcare!


Would you want to live in a country that is losing freedom?                         


How about a country that has lost ground in property rights and become more corrupt?

If you’re an American, you’re living there.


The 20th anniversary edition of the Index of Economic Freedom reveals that the United States has dropped out of the top 10 freest economies in the world.

When President Obama took office, the U.S. was ranked 6th. Now it is 12th





Will the US Government Revalue the Dollar?


   It’s happened in German, Russia and in Africa and South America.  The central government calls for all paper money to be turned in and exchanged for new currency.  This is an often used solution for hyperinflation (which the government caused in the first place by printing fiat money with nothing to back it…in our case, a non-government Federal Reserve makes that decision.


Most financial planners advise against hoarding too much cash as they know the Federal Reserve will not let your cash retain its value.  Instead, its goal is to depreciate the value of our money.  Everyone should keep some cash but also, add some gold and silver to your portfolio despite its volatility.


What You Should Know About Inflation – Free 160-page handbook download



Transforming Sewage into Fresh Water

If the apocalypse happens tomorrow, the good news is you survived.  No more commutes, no more debt.  The bad news?  Infrastructure has collapsed and there is no clean drinking water.

There are many ways to distill water and one common way is the same as making moonshine, a complex and time consuming method…or it can be done more safely by harnessing the sun with a solar still.

Learn how to build your own from Popular Science’s Chris Hackett at:



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How to be healthy. News presenter Fiona Bruce is going to find out how a simple change in diet can make all the difference to what keeps you healthy. To find out the truth about food Fiona is leaving the newsroom to put herself at the hearth of the 4 innovative food trials and investigate how she can improve her own well-being.



How to Turn Fruit into Vinegar

Learn how to make fruit vinegar at home from The Fairmont Chateau Whistler's sous chef, Jason Mitchell, who began creating his own tasty vinegars at the hotel last year.




16 Skills Useful For Bartering In A Crisis Situation

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Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’




escapeartist said...

You always manage to offer terrific resources. Thank you!

MIN said...

This blog is the one that I have in my 'never miss it' favorite file.

Penny said...

The Federal Reserve Act, and the 16th amendment set our country on a course for disaster. Woodrow Wilson's presidency seems to have marked the great tipping point in our country; a shift from "I can do it," to "meh, let someone else take care of it." We are starting to reap the fruit of almost 100 years of voter apathy and the general dumbing down of our entire population. I totally agree with a diversified savings portfolio including silver and gold (I even have some BitCoin), durable food storage, and sustainable gardening practices.