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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The End of Anonymity, 9 Uses for Witch Hazel, Free Updated Privacy eReport


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The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money. - Author Unknown




Avoid being one of the mindless masses…

Every crisis presents us with an opportunity to make a difference. Taking initiative during times of natural disaster and civil unrest leads to the changes that the world needs to see now. Stepping into the gaps caused by crises with courage and responsibility allows us to create a bright future for our children and grandchildren. We have the power to make sweeping lifestyle changes at home and to empower our leaders to do the same.


The corporatocracy wants us to consume more and more as their profits and power grow; yet, we are called upon to resist with purposeful action. It is time to educate those around us so that the movement to reduce consumption and to empower responsible businesses can become stronger. Not only is rampant consumption feeding into the corporatocracy, but it is also threatening the future of our children in every way from their food sources to their health.


Through our purchasing decisions, we send powerful messages to the corporations. It is time now for those messages to be about creating an economy that cleans up pollution, helps starving people feed themselves, and develops new energy, transportation, communications, banking, education, and marketing systems – instead of about more militarization and pillaging of the planet and its people.


Big Brother at Work

In many states, if your employer gets wind of behavior they don't like, even if it happened away from work and off the clock, they can fire you for it. With social media monitoring, this type of scenario is becoming more common.

  It’s been reported that several hospitals now fire employees if they smoke, don’t lose weight, refuse to get a flu shot, partake in “immoral” behavior (teachers get fired for posing nude for magazines of if their image is found online for instance) and so on.



Protect Yourself and Your Job
One of the first steps you can take against employer snooping is to get informed. Often, employers ask you to sign privacy rights away in the mountain of paperwork you do when you're hired. The small print may contain your consent to be audio recorded during work conversations and phone calls, to release your medical records to your employer, and to have your email monitored while at work – even your personal accounts.

Check your employee handbook. It may tell you exactly how your employer plans to monitor you. Things like email monitoring, phone call recording, and even social media spying are usually spelled out in the handbook – it gives your boss legal protection. Make sure you also read any new policies your employer releases. The technology is always changing, so the way your employer monitors you may be in the policy updates rather than the original handbook.

Also pay attention to things that get repeated back to you either from private conversations at work or from your social media accounts. If you notice that happening, then your employer is definitely monitoring you.

Once you know that your employer is spying on you and you have a good idea of how, you can begin to adjust your behavior accordingly. If you realize your boss is a fan of your social media accounts, you can set up private lists so that your posts only reach certain people. If you realize that your conversations at work are being reported on either by a colleague or through a listening device, then you know to watch what you say



With the acceleration of police abuse in our country, let’s brainwash our children into accepting this a normal state of affairs…


Teach your kids how to give up their liberty


The End Of Anonymity
This year, the FBI will roll out the world's largest database for facial recognition. So far it's just mug shots. But what if the technology could identify anyone?
[read full story]



Freedom in the World is a yearly survey and report by U.S.-based Freedom House that attempts to measure the degree of democracy and political freedom in every nation and significant disputed territories around the world. Find the rankings here:


Scroll down to learn about our newest free report on How to Protect Yourself from the Growing Government Surveillance Threat…


9 Uses for Witch Hazel by Gina DeBacker

Witch hazel extract is especially beneficial for minor skin irritations. Discover nine ways to take advantage of this botanical wonder.


9 Uses for Witch Hazel at Home


1. Acne: Witch hazel is an astringent that can remove dirt and oil without drying skin. Treat blemishes with a cotton pad soaked in a witch hazel solution.


2. Blisters: Dry blisters by applying a gauze pad soaked in witch hazel, then covering with an adhesive bandage.


3. Insect bites: Relieve itching and swelling from bug bites with witch hazel. Apply a cotton pad soaked in the extract to the affected area.


4. Minor cuts: Also known as “nature’s Neosporin,” witch hazel is a natural antibacterial that will help treat minor wounds. Apply witch hazel extract directly to the affected area with a cotton pad or washcloth. 


5. Deodorant: Pour witch hazel onto a cotton pad and dab under arms, letting it dry before dressing. For a scented solution, mix 3 tablespoons vodka with an essential oil blend (try 6 drops lavender, 8 drops cypress and 4 drops neroli) in a spray bottle and shake. Add 1/2 cup witch hazel and 1/4 cup rosewater; use daily.


6. Psoriasis: In Germany, witch hazel is a mainstream psoriasis treatment, and research proves its effects. Apply witch hazel cream to relieve this troublesome skin condition, as well as eczema and dermatitis. Note: Be sure to check with your health-care provider before altering any psoriasis treatment.


7. Sunburns: This anti-inflammatory can provide temporary sunburn relief, as well as help prevent skin from flaking. Gently apply a washcloth soaked in witch hazel extract or cream to burned skin.


8. Puffy eyes: Witch hazel can help tighten and refresh skin. Lay cotton balls doused in witch hazel on your eyes and relax for 15 minutes.


9. Toner: The tannins in witch hazel help it tone skin and tighten pores, leaving skin cooled and refreshed. To make a toner, combine equal parts distilled water and witch hazel, along with a few drops of tea tree oil (for its antimicrobial properties).


Excerpted from Mother Earth Living. To read more articles from Mother Earth Living, please visit or call (800) 340-5846 to subscribe. Copyright 2013 by Ogden Publications Inc.


Reduce arthritis pain by eating more grapes which contain resveratrol…drinking more tea, hot or cold helps also…


How companies & the government use your personal data against you


   Virtually ALL private companies are collecting your personal data like it was Yukon Gold Rush (many are selling your information to the government without your knowledge)…


Loyalty Cards.  Supermarkets and other retailers offer discounts when you sign up for their card.  Each time you swipe that card, your purchases (lifestyle habits) are being recorded and often resold to life insurance and health insurance marketers.


EZ-Pass.  In its never ending battle to extract money from citizens (normally, instantly wasted on government worker salaries and perks)…these EZ passes were created to supposedly help speed traffic…many states ALSO use this technology to issue speeding tickets and in a heart-beat, governments will turn over these records to law enforcement and they have been known to be subpoenaed in civil lawsuits including divorce proceedings.


REMOVE  this pass from your vehicle periodically and pay cash (governments hate it when folks use cash)…or use multiple EZ Passes.  When not being used, store it in anti-magnetic pouches.  Otherwise, just like your currency can be scanned at airports, these cards can be scanned when not in use.


Also noted…FBI asks for backdoor to firm’s new software:


At a recent RSA Security Conference, Nico Sell was on stage announcing that her company—Wickr—was making drastic changes to ensure its users' security. She said that the company would switch from RSA encryption to elliptic curve encryption, and that the service wouldn't have a backdoor for anyone.

As she left the stage, before she'd even had a chance to take her microphone off, a man approached her and introduced himself as an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  He then proceeded to "casually" ask if she'd be willing to install a backdoor into Wickr that would allow the FBI to retrieve information.


It’s no longer easy to mind your own business anymore.  Warrantless wiretaps, tracking drones, automated license plate readers, the NSA, TSA pat downs and roving patrols and more make it a full time job to keep up with the threats to your privacy and freedom.  The Poor Man helps keep you abreast.

Tools to Fight the Growing Government Surveillance Threat

Includes a bonus section on saving cash on your utility bills

Best way to get germs off a kitchen sponge – microwave it for 30-60 seconds (most sponges have more germs than your toilet seat)


DIY Breads From Around the World
Lots of our breads we frequently enjoy can be made at home. Choosing to make bread at home can save you some extra dollars that you can invest in other grocery needs


Real Damage

This handy tool will help you visualize just how much more you’re paying for that item you want to buy with a credit card.  Put in the price of what you want to charge, then enter in on the table below how much your APR is and pick from the preloaded options for how you’re paying your cards off and then click the ‘What’s my Damage’ button. It will then tell you how much that item will really cost you.

If saving money was one of your New Year’s resolutions this might just help you put the credit card back in your wallet.


Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’



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