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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Survival Practices that Could Get You Killed


Poor Man Survival

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"Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one's own person is its ultimate reward."
Patricia Sampson



5 Common Prepping Mistakes


     ALTHOUGH the Poor Man has touched on many of these areas in the past, here are few quick reminders…


Prepping Mistake #1: Putting too much stock in gear and not enough effort into gaining survival skills. No doubt, gear is important. If you have enough food on hand and the tools to cook it with, that will help you get through tough times. If you have a handgun or rifle, you’ll be better positioned to protect yourself if things get violent.

But what if you’ve never practiced cooking with your back-up propane stove? What if you’ve never taken your gun to the range? And what if whatever crisis you’re facing outlasts your food stores or your ammunition? What then?

In any crisis situation, it’s your knowledge and skill sets that will get you through. Having the right tools is important, but those tools can be worse-than-useless if you’ve haven’t learned to use them… and in untrained hands they can become downright dangerous.

Make a commitment this year to gain the practical knowledge you need to make good use of your preparations.

Prepping Mistake #2: Never doing a dry run. This goes hand-in-hand with prepping mistake number one. I know a lot of people who put a lot of money and effort into preparing for the end of the world and then never actually test their work.

Schedule a “crisis weekend” with your family, and go through a dry run. It’s as simple as picking a scenario – the power grid has gone down or the dollar has collapsed – and living out your weekend based on some of the likely outcomes of that scenario.

Periodically doing a dry run has two beneficial outcomes: it helps train you and your family into a mindset of dealing with unforeseen and difficult situations, and it helps you see immediately any gaps in your preparations.

Prepping Mistake #3: Not planning for likely scenarios. Speaking of the end of the world, I see a lot of preppers putting effort into readying for a nuclear attack or a bird flu pandemic and ignoring the fact that they live on a flood plain or in tornado alley. Planning for the big stuff is great, but it makes so much more sense, especially when you’re spending your hard-earned money, to plan for the most likely scenarios first.

Go ahead and plan for the apocalypse, but do it after you’ve planned for the next hurricane or earthquake or whatever natural disaster is mostly likely to come your way.

Prepping Mistake #4: Thinking one is enough. Have you ever had the power go out and felt proud because you knew right where the flashlight was only to discover the bulb was burnt out and you didn’t have a back up?

You’ll hear military types say, “Two is one, one is none.” What they mean is that equipment failures happen. If you have only one of something and it fails, you’re out of luck. If you have two, when an equipment failure happens, you’re still in the game. Double up on gear or repair parts for gear whenever possible.

Prepping Mistake #5: Falling prey to one of the many forms of prepping paralysis. This can take many shapes. I’ve seen people decide not to prep because they were so overwhelmed with the possibility of how bad the situation might get – they psyche themselves into thinking their preparations won’t matter because anything they’re prepping for will be insurmountable. Not true. The situations that are most likely to happen are temporary – your preparations will help you ride out the storm.



TOP 5 States no rational prepper would choose to live in…


1.      California

2.      New York

3.      Illinois

4.      Massachusettes

5.      Ohio


Why?  Our unscientific research shows these to be the most anti-freedom, anti-citizen, anti-gun, most pro socialist, most anti-Constitution and Bill of Rights states.  What do you think?



Firearms in a home defense situation.

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Nine Tools To Help You Lose a Surveillance Tail


It's common to find stories on the news of hidden cameras inappropriately taking videos of us in public bathrooms, hotels, and changing rooms…or the NSA intercepting your private emails and conversations.  We do live in sick times.

Hackers and cyber crooks crave your personal and financial information and will stop at nothing to get it. They plant audio bugs, hack your cell phone, or otherwise gain access to your business and personal conversations. It's all just as profitable and desirable to them as hacking into your e-mail, because once they have possession of your personal data, they can freely tap your assets while saddling you with their debts.

Counter-surveillance manufacturer Ensure Privacy says:


"Many people believe surveillance devices are myths; however surveillance devices are easily purchased on the open market. Bugging devices and telephone taps are an effective means of stalking [you]. Body-Wires and room transmitters are unethical yet common practice. Professional burglars are using vehicle tracking systems to know when and where you are. Understanding that surveillance devices are real and they can be obtained easily for not a lot of money is why counter-surveillance equipment is necessary."

With today's technology, surveillance equipment can be made very small. On the leading edge, military researchers are developing "nano" drones the size of hummingbirds and insects.



"A glimpse into the coming collapse…"


10 Survival Tips that will Get you Killed

5 Things you’d never think to stockpile for when the SHTF



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