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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Homemade Hooch, Grandma's Cough Syrup, Insects as Food, Freebies

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  I’m bidding for a real still at an online auction.  This is what prompted this article and the fact hooch of any kind makes for a good barter commodity. Federal law (what a fricking surprise) limits how much beer or wine you legally make for home consumption.  You check the law in your state too, before you go crazy cooking up large batches…of course, one could always say they’re making fuel for autos!


DIY Bourbon and Stills-A Tasty Skill to Develop


Making Tennessee Whiskey and Kentucky Bourbon is not much different, it’s just a slightly different recipe and you miss out one of the steps that you would use when making the Tennessee Whiskey.

A lot of my friends drink Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and I already have built a still, the
instructable is here for how I built it, you will need one like this which is a Pot Still. The point is I was looking for a project to keep me busy and even though I don't drink JD my self I thought I would have a stab at making it my self just for the challenge.

there is a lot of information from peoples how  to recipes for bourbon or Tennessee Whiskey but I wanted JD so I spent over a  month most of my evenings looking in to how to make it and trying to find as much information about JD's actual method and I found various articles and video snippets with fragments of information from people who work at the JD Distillery.

Thanks to that information I have gathered I have come up with a way to produce this my self at home as close to how they make it as is practically possible for my self.

Just a bit of a heads up because I wanted to document this so well I have taken tons of pictures, so there is a lot of images but I am hoping that wont be a bad thing as they are all good quality. well except the video on charcoal which went weird at the beginning because of youtubes codecs for some reason.

This instructable is the result of a few months of research, over 2 months of experimenting, a botched attempt or 2 and a fair sum of money just to get it right...... and i don't even drink the stuff!

You don't have to spend a lot of money yourself to make it, the ingredients and the process does not cost a lot if you have the equipment already, but I had to do a few runs and I spent a fair bit extra to put it in nice bottles and present it well which can be great for gifts.

I would also like to thank the help of the guys over at forums who pointed me in the right direction now and then when I got stuck.

For those who want further reading on home distilling, you cant go wrong with The Home Distillers Workbook, you can get it here they often pop stuff up on their facebook page here


Plus, here’s how to make a still from a keg…


NOTE:  Government stupidity during Prohibition created a lot of crooks and millionaires.  Our draconian drug laws have created wealth for the cartels while undermining the Bill of Rights for Americans.  With several states finally defying the fed in terms of marijuana legalization, expect more states to okay its sale and use.  Just about any revenue source that beefs up state coffers is a ‘good’ thing…remember when gambling was illegal until states figured out a way to profit from the practice?!

Expect voters in Alaska, Oregon, Arizona, Montana, Massachusetts, Main and Montana to legalize it by 2016.


Another batch of homemade, free goodies for you…

(Note:  Be a good neighbor & share these with others)!


How to store potatoes to increase shelf life
read more here


Grandma's Homemade Cough Syrup

Also great for allergies…


Get the recipe plus these free reports:


25 Disturbing Facts about Medicine

25 Weird Facts about Food

Secret Sources for Healing Foods & Medicines



Insects for Food-Prep. 101

Appetizer or main course-you decide!


Could you make some money by being green? Yes, if you learn to 'upcycle'
read more here


When a Bill Collector Calls About a Debt You Don’t Owe

Tell the caller you can’t discuss the debt until you see something in writing.  The collector is required to send written notice of the debt within five days of initially contacting you.  Insist they use snail mail.  Upon receipt you have 30 days to dispute the debt.  Send a certified letter stating you’re unsure you owe this debt asking the collector to verify it.  This buys you time to investigate if a mistake has been made or if you screwed up.  If the collector threatens you it is either a scam or it should be reported to the FTC.


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