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Monday, February 17, 2014

Secret European Beauty Breakfast Recipe-Fountain of Youth Tonic

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‘Secret’ Lost European Beauty Breakfast Recipe

   I share these recipes because as most of know by now, most pre-packaged foods are not good for you and it is personally satisfying to make your own…

However, breakfast is good for you and you can make your own which is better for you and provides more nourishment and energy. This lost recipe is from a famous Austrian beauty spa and has been described at a fountain of youth tonic.

·         Juice of 3 fresh oranges or pineapple juice

·         4 Tbs. of natural raw wheat germ

·         1 tsp. of brewer’s yeast

·         1tbs. soya powder

·         1 banana

·         Honey to taste

·         1 tsp. of blackstrap molasses

·         1 tsp. of whey powder

·         4 sliced apricots [organic is better]

·         Optional”  raw spinach or cucumber to taste

Blend in food processor or blender up to 5 minutes and enjoy a large glass each morning.  Store in your fridge up to 4 days.


From the same salon – Skin Food Mayonnaise Recipe

>>Stimulates sluggish glands to produce needed oils.

·         2 fresh egg yolks

·         ½ cup sunflower oil

·         ½ cup sesame oil

·         1 tbs. of wheat germ oil

·         1 tbs. apple cider vinegar

Mix the oils in measuring cup.  Put the fresh yolks in a cold bowl and beat.  Add oil, slowly at first beating with your mixer, add the vinegar.  You can eat this directly or use as a salad dressing. 

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