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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Want something for nothing? Everyone wants it for free!

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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality,
tied in a single garment of destiny.
Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."
-- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King


   As America moves closer to the brink…

It’s increasingly more difficult to remain positive about the fate of the nation given the horrendous mismanagement of our country during the past 35-45 years…and increasingly more important for folks to become self reliant is every area of living.  The Congressional Budget Office released some more gloomy data about the growing gaps of tax collections, income disparity, and more.

As more baby-boomers retire outlays will increase while tax revenues decrease and the gap will exceed 30% of revenues by 2030…for Social Security payouts the end game could arrive sooner, perhaps by the mid-2020s.

Obama’s un-Affordable Care Act will likely on worsen things including employment, yet leaders in Washington still act like drunken teens behind the wheel of an out-of-control car and it is the citizens who are, as always, picking up the tab for their mismanagement.

Today’s issue include some items I pulled at random from my bag of useful stuff…


Dozen Roses - Low as $12.99!

Most places charge the highest prices of the year for roses around Valentine's Day. There are a few unconventional places to check to avoid this annual winter snowjob. Here are some unexpected places to check: Aldi ($12.99), Walmart ($15.88), Target ($17.99), Walgreens ($19.99), Whole Foods (yes, Whole Foods... $25 for TWO DOZEN roses) and your local supermarket. Don't expect to find long stems, however.


It's simple to detox your laundry. Swap traditional detergents, bleaches and softeners for natural options. Our guidelines will help you purchase green laundry products, our recipes will help you make your own cleaners at home.

Bleach: Use natural-mineral based bleach alternatives that are much kinder to the Earth and your family than harsh chlorine bleach.

Fabric Softener: Add ¼ cup of baking soda-which also works as a brightener-to the wash. When using liquid detergent, add the baking soda during the wash cycle; when using powder, add the baking soda during the rinse cycle.

Fragrance: If you want to add fragrance, do so during the drying cycle. Put a few drops of essential oil on a cotton cloth, and toss it into the dryer with wet clothes.

Treat Grease Stains: For best results, treat stains while they're fresh. Cover the oily spot with a mixture of Borax and warm water and let it sit - 20 minutes for a light, fresh stain, and two hours for a heavy, set stain-then rinse with cold water.

Athletes foot fix…use the mild antiseptic boric acid:  Mix 2 tsp. of boric acid with one cup of water and apply to rash areas twice daily.  Takes about two weeks.


Want something for nothing? Everyone wants it for nothin!

 (I know 1st hand how tough it is to squeeze a nickel from folks).  Go online, because Freecycle’s got company.

Free beauty products, children’s items, restaurant meals, furniture, electronics, or even cellphone service – all you have to do is look.

Sometimes this means a one-time sign-up, but ongoing grab bags of goodies also exist, letting you browse whenever you have a minute. You might not even have to do the browsing, because reputable freebie bloggers will do the filtering for you


Turn clutter into credits.
Use credits to get things you'll love!


Cute site – save money, easy home-style DIY projects, earn extra $$$



25 Gordon Ramsay Videos That Will Teach You How To Cook
While some of you are most familiar with 2014 Gordon Ramsay as the uber-monetized, no-holds-barred celebrity, there are some of us who fondly remember the early 2000′s Gordon Ramsay as a food-centric chef. Not only was his personality more toned-down, but he was also committed to providing a range of instructional videos covering culinary traditions across the world. We’ll start with the basics and work our way up with these twenty-five Gordon Ramsay videos that will teach you how to cook:


How to reduce your grocery bill (video)
read more here


You don't have to ask major U.S. corporations if the middle class is dying. This fact is showing up plain as day in their sales numbers. The following is from a recent New York Times article entitled "The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World."



The GeoDome greenhouse seemed to be just what we were looking for. Since there is no foundation and this structure can be portable or temporary, we did not need any permits and would be able to take it with us if we would move. How to build a GeoDome greenhouse?

More Free Off-Grid DIY Projects from the Poor Man Survival Crew!

·         1000 Watt Turbine System

·         BioDiesel Plan

·         Outdoor Adobe Oven

·         More…



Witnessing the destruction…

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

The Poor Man has been educating Americans about the systematic plundering of their resources and way of life and what they can do about it since 1999. Our Mission: To protect and promote your freedom, civil rights, financial well being and overall self reliance in these turbulent times.     

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