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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Arrest a Cop-The Need for a Citizen Posse

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 "It seems as if the Department [of Justice] sees the value
of the Bill of Rights as no more than obstacles to be overcome."

-- Prof. Sanford H. Kadish


How to Make a Citizen's Arrest Against a Cop


Police abuse is a serious problem. It has a long history, and it seems to defy all attempts at eradication.

 The problem is national -- no police department in the country is known to be completely free of misconduct -- but it must be fought locally. The nation's 19,000 law enforcement agencies are essentially independent. While some federal statutes that specify criminal penalties for willful violations of civil rights and conspiracies to violate civil rights, the United States Department of Justice has been insufficiently aggressive in prosecuting cases of police abuse.

An alarming number of abuses by law enforcement personnel against citizens (including against the unarmed and elderly, handcuffed female prisoners, and even children are being dragged out of schools in handcuffs for such ‘offenses’ as wearing a politically incorrect T-shirt, etc.) have been reported in the news in recent years.  Further, the creation and enforcement of dubious, un-Constitutional laws and other abuses of power by local officials in Washington DC, CA and NYC are being reported in record numbers.

It is time for citizens to fight back, to strike out against such abuses through the creation of citizen posses.  Citizen arrests of politicians and law enforcement, the use of Jury Nullification tactics and more should be initiated against this abuse of the public trust…after all, you can’t trust the fox to protect the hen house. 

Sometimes outmoded and abusive police practices prevail largely because no one has ever questioned them. In such cases, the simple act of spotlighting a problem can have a powerful effect that leads to reform. Just by raising questions, one person or a few people -- who need not be experts -- can open up some corner of the all-too-secretive and insular world of policing to public scrutiny. Depending on what is revealed, their inquiries can snowball into a full blown examination by the media, the public and politicians.

One of dozens of recent examples of out-of-control cops-80 year old killed:


In the United States, civilians are empowered to stop perpetrators in the act of a serious crime and use reasonable force to hold them until an officer of the law arrives on the scene. The conditions under which this is permitted vary from state to state, so it's important to understand the laws in your region in case you are ever in the position to stop a criminal. Read on to learn more about how to make a citizen's arrest in the United States.

What is an arrest?

We can thank Black's Law Dictionary for a good definition: "The apprehending or detaining of a person in order to be forthcoming to answer an alleged or suspected crime." See Ex parte Sherwood, (29 Tex. App. 334, 15 S.W. 812).

Why We Need a Citizens Posse

A strong argument can be made that the right to make a citizen's arrest is a constitutionally protected right under the Ninth Amendment as its impact includes the individual's natural right to self preservation and the defense of the others.

 Indeed, the laws of citizens arrest appear to be predicated upon the effectiveness of the Second Amendment. Simply put, without firepower, people are less likely going to be able to make a citizen's arrest. A random sampling of the various states as well as the District of Columbia indicates that a citizen's arrest is valid when a public offense was committed in the presence of the arresting private citizen or when the arresting private citizen has a reasonable belief that the suspect has committed a felony, whether or not in the presence of the arresting citizen.

A citizen may place a police officer under arrest. However, a citizen is not protected in the same manner as a law enforcement officer. If a citizen attempts to make a citizen's arrest unlawfully, the officer may use physical force and arrest the citizen; the citizen may then face criminal prosecution. Citizen's arrest laws vary from state to state. Research your state's laws and carry out an arrest of an officer in the proper manner to avoid injury and prosecution.

  Research your state's laws concerning citizen's arrest. Use the Internet to search for your state's laws or visit your local law library. Gain a firm understanding of your state's laws.

Witness an officer committing a crime. In most cases, the crime must be considered a felony in your state and you must physically witness the crime in order to make an arrest.

Never file a complaint directly with a police agency e specially if the complaint is of a serious nature, see an attorney! If you do plan on hiring an attorney, get one who doesn't work in your area. Don't get a lawyer from your town, county or from the surrounding counties. Local lawyers work with same judges, prosecutors and police officers on a daily basis and may not want to win your case as bad as you do.

 You may also contact your State Attorney General. For serious incidents call the ACLU hot line 1-877-634-5454 or contact the Department of Justice Click here for the (DOJ) site.


Important Resources:

Here’s an ACLU step-by-step manual


This MSU site offers a compilation of resources focusing on web sites dealing with police corruption or police integrity issues. Related topics include Law Enforcement and Police Use of Force.

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