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Saturday, May 31, 2014

From One Panic to the Next

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Fear and loathing in the Republic…

The US economy is in the worst position it's ever experienced.

Money talks all right; but in these days, a dollar doesn't have enough cents to say anything worthwhile.

The US governments’ own data shows a net worth of minus $16.9 trillion, over 100% of GDP in the red.

And even in their most optimistic projections, the government tells us that growth in debt will outpace growth in tax revenue.

According to economist Peter Schiff, during 2013 and 2014 we are in store for a collapse even greater than what we saw in 2008 that will rock our economy to its very core.

While our Economy Heads South, So do our Rights & Freedoms

Anyone who reads my posts knows I often object to those who criticize our Constitution as a way of excusing their circumvention of civil liberties or the separation of powers. Some in the Bush Administration took that position in suggesting that our Constitution was somehow a contributor to the 9-11 attacks -- in their push to pass the un-Patriot Act. President Obama has taken up this ignoble claim to rationalize his repeated violation of the separation of powers in recent years. Now, Obama is privately telling donors that the problem is that the Framers got it wrong in their design of Congress and Article I of the Constitution.

Living in a free society means not having to look over your shoulder to see whether the government is watching or fearing that a government agent might perpetuate violence upon you.

Gee, I know most of us are pretty ‘dumb’ but what do you think the government is preparing for (and at our expense)?

For years the government has been stockpiling weapons, ammunition, riot gear and armored vehicles. Military personnel have been training in tandem with federal and local police using everything from fully armed helicopters to tanks across America’s major cities in what appears to be a hybridization of domestic law enforcement agencies

We are paying for government surveillance, body scanners, militarized police, roadside strip searches, SWAT team raids, drones, and other trappings of a police state, “we the people” do not live in a free society any longer.

I've been saying for years that federal economic policies, along with the Federal Reserve's monetary policies, are making the rich richer. They are also making the middle class and the working poor poorer. It's the great irony since these are the groups President Obama claims he is championing. 

I call it the Washington-Wall Street Cartel which is precisely what happens when special interests collude with politicians (and it is happening more and more at the state level too) to manipulate law while creating policies which are decimating the middle class.

In a recent New York Times article,
Economic Recovery Is Leaving Major Democratic Constituencies Behind, demonstrates how we know this very dynamic is occurring.

The article says, "Though broad measures of the economy are showing signs of improvement, a closer look at important indicators among individual groups reveals that voting blocs critical to Democrats in recent elections are not yet feeling the benefits."

Here are the metrics pointed out in the article…

  • For women, the unemployment rate is down from 8.1% to 5.7%. It says, "But while the number of women out of work appears to be much improved, the number of women employed compared with the total female population is 55.2 percent, actually worse than it was in 2010."

  • About 6.7 million people had multiple jobs in 2010. Now it's seven million.

  • Across the board, incomes have been declining. For those in the middle, they've gone down 4.26% between 2009 and 2012.

  • The "quit rate" is now a leading indicator of the health of the economy. It measures how willing people are to leave a job on their own or take risks. This number is down…

  • The article says, "Black women have seen no improvement in their employment rate." And Hispanic employment has only risen from 58.6% to 60.8%.

The kicker comes in the last two paragraphs when Jared Bernstein, a former economist for the Obama White House says, "Since the end of the recession, the gross domestic product has grown 11 percent, the Standard & Poor's 500 is up 83 percent, corporate profits have swelled 53% - and median household income, in the most up-to-date numbers is down 4%."

If you’re like me and plenty of other Americans, your trust level of politicians ON ANY MATTER ranging from the erosion of our privacy and freedom to the lack of meaningful jobs, is at an all time low and for good reason(s).

Not only are we no longer a free people but we have become a fearful people, as well, helped along in large part by politicians eager to capitalize on our fears. As Julie Hanus wrote for Utne Reader:

“Since the 1980s, society at large has bolted frantically from one panic to the next.  Fear of crime reduced us to wrecks, but before long we were also howling about deadly diseases, drug abusers, online pedophiles, avian flu, teens gone wild, mad cows, anthrax, immigrants, environmental collapse, and—let us not forget—terrorists.”

Now,  thanks to an increasingly militarized police force and police officers who shoot first and ask questions later, we’ve got one more fear to add to that growing list, and with good reason: fear of the police—local, state and federal agents.

These days everyone is a domestic extremist and potential terror threat.

Today, few Americans seem to question anything our government does, no matter how illegal its actions. Many are simply fat, dumb and happy despite a shrinking paycheck and shrinking rights.

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Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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