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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Taming the Wild Weed

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OK-I know this is what you thought this blog was about...

When you run into debt, you give another power over your liberty.
- Ben Franklin


10 Weed Killers Made From Stuff Around the House


With numerous kid-, pet- and earth-friendly ways to rid your garden of pesky weeds, here are some stand-outs to put to the test.

It’s great to get out in the garden again, but what about the weeds that beat you to it? Before picking up a synthetic herbicide, try one of these inexpensive, safe techniques.

Of course, you’ll stay a step ahead of weeds by pulling them as soon as they appear. Pounce after a rain, when the ground is soft and it’s easy to pull out the entire root. Weeding tools help pry out deep roots.

To supplement hand weeding, here are 10 weed killers you’ll find around the house. Depending on the weed and the method, you may need to treat weeds more than once.




Recycled Fences: 8 Clever Ways to Put Salvage to Good Use

Old doors, wine bottles, shipping pallets—and even bowling balls and surf boards—can be repurposed into alternative fence material. Here are 8 surprising ideas that exude personality.



Creative uses for pallets
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'Professor Dumpster' Teaches Sustainability

Meanwhile, take a peek at this brief video report from Associated Press …

A Huston-Tillotson University professor is living in a dumpster for a year to teach students about sustainable living. Jeff Wilson, aka 'Professor Dumpster' lives in a space he says is 1% the size of the average American home…



Feeding a Hungry Family - when appetites are bigger than your budget
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Our Tip of the Week Winner!

Mosquito Bites

Last summer my friends all thought I was crazy until they tried it. The best way to get relief from mosquito bites is with Listerine®. Just put a little on a tissue and hold it on the bite. You'll get relief within seconds without nasty chemicals or smells! --Lyrica


Grab a bottle of Skeeter Skooter for summer relief from pesky bugs-100% Natural Ingredients



Nasty Pot Cleaning

Here's a tip for getting crusty or burned on food from your pots and pans without damaging the surface.

Sprinkle in baking soda to cover the bottom of the pan. Add water to about 1/2-inch deep. Then add 1/2 cup vinegar. The mixture will fizz. Heat the mixture. Simmer this in shallow pans, but go to a boil for deeper pots. Turn off the heat and leave the pan sit overnight. In the morning, you'll find the crusty stuff lifted up from the bottom and cleaning is a breeze. --Hollee


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