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Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Secret the People in DC Don't Want You to Know

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It would be nice to have elections again in this country instead of an auction to the highest bidder on Wall Street.  >>Bonnie R

Here's a secret the people in D.C. don't want you to know about.

The varied expressions of the government’s growing power, which get more troubling by the day, are merely the outward manifestations of an inner, philosophical shift underway in how the government views not only the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but “we the people,” as well.

I’m referring to the government’s widespread monitoring of Americans’ emails and phone calls, its persecution of Americans who challenge its corrupt practices, its over-militarized police who shoot first and ask questions later, and its practice of fining and arresting individuals guilty of nothing more than praying in their homes, collecting rainwater, and growing vegetables in their yards, to name just a few.

Thankfully, you are not powerless, nor are you without resources.

Too Big to Control".

And it goes beyond the NSA's spy programs that watch what you do online, and record every phone call you make. It's a fairly apt description for most government programs that have grown too big...

The systems the NSA uses to spy on you are so complex, the guys in charge don't know how to control them. If that doesn't make you worried about the direction the government is heading in, then we don't know what will.

But isn't that the norm for big, unwieldy government programs?

The Electronic Freedom Foundation, an international non-profit digital rights group, is suing them over their warrantless spy programs. And they're trying to get them from destroying the evidence they collect. The problem is the system automatically destroys evidence after a certain amount of time passes.

You see, if you were to sue the NSA for violating your civil rights, you'd need the information/data they collected in court. So if they destroy it, they'd be destroying legal evidence.

So if you find out the government violated your rights, but enough time has passed, then you can't recover the evidence to prove your case. It's a legal dilemma only the government could create for themselves.

So why can't they just preserve the information? That's the real scary part. Apparently, the guys manning the controls of these surveillance programs can't control them. When asked to comply by the court, they said in response:

"[A]ttempts to fully comply with the Court's June 5 Order would be a massive and uncertain endeavor because the NSA may have to shut down all databases and systems that contain Section 702 information in an effort to comply."

In other words, they'd have to shut down all the databases to comply with the court's order. And they really, really, REALLY, don't want to do that. Their response should have been, "Tough luck. Ain't gonna happen." At least they would have been honest.

This attitude by the government seems rather familiar...

In reality, those in power, those in control, those who are profiting from the screwing of America DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!  Profit is their true motive!


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