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Thursday, June 5, 2014

SeaSteading: A New Way to Reclaim Your Freedom?

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   As a long time muckraker and protester, I’ve been asked why I didn’t just leave the United States?  The answer is simple:  if your child was sick would you throw it away?  Of course not.  The goal has always been to heal the child.  ~ the Poor Man


SeaSteading: a New Way to reclaim freedom?


An exciting new way to reclaim your freedom and create societies that respect and protect individual rights…


The number one question I’ve received since the 1990s is “How can I start my own country?  All the land on the planet has been claimed?’  As our politically elite continue their efforts at regulating, spying and taxing every element of our lives, it’s only natural, like the Pilgrims who escaped from England to start new lives, for people to seek freedom.


The Poor Man has explored many options over the years.  Now, new overreaching US banking laws have many foreign banks refusing to accept US depositors as customers making it difficult for those with assets to escape the clutches of US tax authorities. This and NSA snooping, a poor economy and other factors have people seeking new ways to of getting some of their assets offshore and/or to find freedom again.

Not rocking the boat, not disrupting the natural order or things, maintaining the status quo is how governments want citizens to behave…

But that's no way to make the world a better place. One where your children and grandchildren can live a better life than the one you lived.

These ideas, however, face an uphill struggle. For many of them, they're met with ridicule. Especially when they threaten the power structure and the government that maintain it.

Take, for example, seasteading. Ambitious entrepreneurs want to build floating islands that can exist outside of the U.S. and can create their own laws.

Years ago when this idea was first proposed, reporters and journalists ridiculed the idea. These artificial islands were things ripped out of a science fiction novel, or where a James Bond villain set up his hideout. They weren't something you should take seriously.

But a strange thing happened since the idea first popped onto the scene... technology got better. In fact, there's been so much progress there are actually small examples of floating man made islands in different parts of the world. Following this trajectory, it's only a matter of time before a large enough platform finds its way into the open waters.

Entrepreneurs have researched buying used cruise ships or even aircraft carriers in order to rebuild freedom.  We’ve written about living on a houseboat to cut such expenses as property taxes.  Others had hoped space travel would have become sophisticated enough to explore new worlds like in Star Trek…

Call it an experiment in governance, call it a way to live under a new set of rules of your own creation, maybe even a way to start your life over. You may one day be setting up your own sovereign nation.

In a way, this is just a continuation of the spirit that founded this country. The dream:   If you don't like what's going on around you, you can pack up, move out, and reclaim your freedom.

The Pilgrims and other early colonists grew tired of the stagnant political systems of their home countries and came to America to find a better life. After the colonies won their independence, settlers always had the option of moving out west whenever they wanted to reclaim their freedom. That idea persisted all the way to the west coast.

Want a better life on board one of these floating islands?

 That's exactly what Rod Sweet of Global Construction Review did recently. He wrote:

"[T]he real answers to the world's problems are far duller and more difficult than the backers of seasteading are likely to have the stomach for: negotiated settlements, enlightened governance, strong civil society and political will.

"Politics is messy, boring and a blunt instrument, but it's all we've got, and if we want a better world, business elites should have to muck in with their time, effort -- and, yes, taxes -- like the rest of us."

So his solution is sticking around, sending 30% (or more) of your income to Uncle Sam, lining up every four years at the voting booth, and pulling the lever, while hoping for a better tomorrow. And if you think this system is broken, then too bad. Suck it up and deal with it.

Regardless of what you think about seasteading, whether you think it's a pie- in- the- sky fantasy or a viable alternative to the mess we're currently in, you can't fault the spirit behind it. The idea that a person is free to find something better.  The concept that you're not indebted to the financial and political mistakes of the past or the eroding civil rights seen in the United States and elsewhere.

Find more information about this concept here:

The Seasteading Institute is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), working to enable seasteading communities - floating cities - which will allow the next generation of pioneers to test new ideas for government. The most successful can then inspire change in governments around the world.

Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’



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