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Friday, December 5, 2014

Read My Lips-No World Order

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Read My Lips-No World Order!


George Bush Sr.:  “Read my lips, no new taxes.”


Bill Clinton:  “I did not have sex with that woman.”


George Bush Jr.:  “The Patriot Act will protect you.”


President Obama:  “If you like your plan, you can keep it”


The American people are accustomed to being lied to and bamboozled by elected officials and yet, true to form, they continually reelect the same parties into office as if anything will change.


Americans also seem to enjoy keeping political dynasties in place such as the Kennedy’s, the Bush’s, the Clintons, etc.  Can anyone tell me why Ted Kennedy never served a day in jail after he got drunk, crashed his car and drowned his girlfriend?


Despite a litany of promises, things continue to worsen in this country.  We still have under employment, crap wages, stupid invasive laws, no privacy, diminished freedom, massive debt, no control over our own fiat currency, our infrastructure is still crumbling, red tape which strangles jobs and business…


Nothing changes regardless of which party is in office.  Voters never seem to wise up.


Where our nation once spread liberalism and laissez-faire policies, it has replaced it with the will of the state, the welfare community.  Indeed, the march of democracy has been thrown to the curb and replaced with authoritarianism and control of every aspect of the individual.


  The never-ending-solution to every problem is to throw more money at it…that worked well for Detroit, didn’t it?  Fifty years of democratic rule in that city ruined and bankrupted it.


All socialism involves slavery.... That which fundamentally distinguishes the slave is that he labors under coercion to satisfy another's desires. Oppressive taxation is a form of slavery of the individual.


We have 51 Departments of Education in this nation and spend more money on public schools than any other country.  That hasn’t worked out so well has it?


We have more laws on the books and more people in jail than any other nation, yet our President seems to have no idea what the rule of law is.  In fact, he’s never had a real job, never been responsible for a payroll or served a day in the military.  This has become the norm for many career politicians who think a lifetime of feeding at the public trough is a good thing. 


I laugh when I read of politicians [such as Dingel of Michigan] who are finally retiring after 50 years of so-called service.  Career politicians like him are the reason this country is broke and our rights diminished.


In my estimation, what is truly sad is just how damned stupid people have become.  Too damned lazy to think about politics and too busy getting high or watching the next mind-numbing ‘reality’ show or sporting event – [get a clue guys, it is no longer a sport but big business].


Since 2005 we’ve lost 15% of our middle class and 40% of the value of our money.  Doesn’t anyone think it might be a good idea to dump that banking cartel known as the Fed and resume printing our own money again?


Does anyone give a damn?


Your life and finances are a completely open book to the government [at every level], yet try getting the government to share information or try getting the NSA to stop wasting our tax money with its domestic spying program.


Good luck – the government does not give a damn about your concerns.  We all know, or should know by now that the primary concern of most politicians is feathering their own nest.


In most respects, our government has become just another Cartel, teamed up with Wall Street to squeeze the little guy.  Back in the 1950s and early 1960s corporations paid the majority of US income taxes.  That burden was shifted to the middle class and now many corporations pay little or no US taxes [but they sure love shipping our jobs overseas].


The Power Trip


The revolving door [working for the government, then getting a cushy Wall Street job] has become an all too common American cliché.


Politicians and bureaucrats alike ensure laws and policies that are favorable to their favorite corporations [the ones who bankroll campaign chests and employ the family of elected officials]...


Indeed, power, both corporate and political, has been concentrated in fewer hands during the past 40 years.  Both democrats and republicans have passed laws which make it extremely unlikely for any third party to succeed.  [this is called occupational birth control, a practice long favored by many professions such as the law business].


Consider the food industry is now operated by a few multi-nationals such as Nestle and General Foods.  The powerful pharmaceutical industry players equal about six and they have purchased most of Congress [which is why Americans pay the highest prescription prices in the world]. 


The media is now concentrated into about five groups [down from more than 100 when I attended journalism school] and have become lap dog house organs for the political parties.  Today’s media wouldn’t know a good political expose or documentary if it bit them on the ass.


We have fewer and fewer banks as the merger frenzy continues in the United States.  When the massive government bailouts were created, most banks found it more profitable to sit on all that Fed money rather than loan it out to business…never mind that it was the foolishness of Wall Street that crashed our economy.


As always, Wall Street got the bailouts while main street got stuck with the bills.


Finally, as I’ve been saying for 30 years [and rightfully so] things continue to head south for our country and for its citizens thanks to the greed that drives the Washington-Wall Street Cartel.  I wonder what might be left for my grandchildren…it is pretty obvious they will not inherit a better lifestyle.


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