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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Stupid Lawyer Stunts: Sandy Hook Parents Sue Gun Manufacturer

Stupid Lawyer Stunts-Sandy Hook Parents Sue Gun Mfg.

When in Doubt, Sue-the American Motto...

   Several years ago I owned a chain of business newspapers.  Our most popular ‘fun’ column was titled Stupid Lawyer Stunts.  It always generated a lot of ‘letters-to-the-editor.’

The federal government is famous for misapplying the law and was the brunt of many examples what we published.

One of my favorites was about a woman who admittedly drank a quart of bourbon every day for 20 years and sued after she had a miscarriage, blaming the distillery.  A wise judge threw the case out.

Yesterday, several parents of the slain children of Sandy Hook launched a suite [no doubt aided by some greedy barrister] against the maker of the rifle the shooter used saying it is a military style weapon.  They conveniently forgot the weapon was and is legal and obtained legally.  Perhaps they should focus their efforts on the pharmaceutical firm who made the psychotropic drug this deranged killer was on.  [Studies indicate nearly every mass murderer in recent times has been on such drugs].

Given the premise of these people one would think they would like to see GM and other automakers be held responsible for every vehicular homicide or distillers of booze be held legally accountable for every drunken incident which ends in murder?
America is the only nation which does not have Tort Reform laws in place. 

  This allows lawyers [one of the most powerful Washington lobbyists] to proceed with stupid lawsuits, adding on average 25% to the cost of all consumer goods.

In December 2013, four captive chimpanzees in the state of New York became the first non-humans in history to sue their human captors in an attempt to gain their freedom! The chimps’ lawyers, members of a new organization known as the Nonhuman Rights Project filed the suit.

I would like to sue the feds over their invasion of my privacy rights since the creation of those un-American, privacy-bashing set of laws called the Patriot Act.

In any event, let’s hope a judge throws this nonsense out AND as we all know when such people are interviewed on TV they all like shout the same lie “It’s not about the money.

It's ALWAYS about the Money!


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