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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Homemade Tiger Balm, Preparing for Winter Storms, Free Stff

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Homemade 100% Natural Tiger Balm Recipe

You may have seen Tiger Balm lining the shelves of your neighborhood market or touted in online advertisements, but what exactly is Tiger Balm? Moreover, can you make this product at
home with all-natural products and much cheaper than retail prices.

With over 20 million jars of Tiger Balm being sold each year, its effectiveness for relieving congestion from chesty coughs and calming pain, is obvious.

What isn’t obvious is that it actually contains petroleum jelly and paraffin. has come up with this incredible recipe that avoids those two ingredients, but still leaves you with a highly effective balm that works in the exact same way as the original!

To find out more, head over there now!


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How To Prepare For A Winter Storm

From making sure your gutters are clear to stocking up on food just in case this list has everything you need to make sure you’re prepared for Winter storms.

With plenty of simple ideas you can do yourself you won’t need to spend much to make sure your home is ready. Sometimes a little preparation pays off and in this case it could save your life or prevent serious damage to your home!

Find out everything you need to do to prepare your home over at here…



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