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Saturday, February 28, 2015

An open letter to the political elite: Stop ruining our country or else...

An open letter to Congress & the White House…


Why are you ruining our country?


   I grew up as a child of the 1950s when our collective governments pretty much left citizens alone.  Taxes were reasonable and didn’t require computerized software or CPAs and most states and cities did not dip into our wallets.


During the past few generations, government has become a behemoth, smothering citizens with red tape and overregulation – often created by unelected bureaucrats without benefit of legislation!  In many areas a citizen cannot even build a dog house without government permission and fees.  We have more rules and regulations than we need and it is choking entrepreneurship and as a result, job growth.


Back then corporations bore the lion’s share of taxes.  They are no longer good corporate citizens and since the 1980s they off-shored US jobs and cut benefits to the bone.  I made more money in the 80s than most companies pay today.  The majority of middle class jobs with benefits are government jobs and the taxpayer supports these jobs despite not being able to enjoy the same benefits.


Americans are finding freedom of choice a vanishing option today as virtually every element of our lives are dictated by law…everything from how much water our toilet uses to our ineffective public school system where despite huge injections of tax dollars over the past 20 years, fewer children today can spell or have a working knowledge of our history.


Since passage of the so-called Patriot Act [perhaps the most obnoxious set of laws ever forced onto what was once a free people] we have seen our ability to travel freely diminished through checkpoints and passport requirements…the entire country got screwed because of 11 terrorists and it has created a monstrously TSA system which has never caught a single terrorist.  Great return on our investment.


Further, our right to privacy has been eliminated through this act and the mandatory use of a socialist slave number, oh, I mean social security number which has done more to boost white collar crime in terms of identity theft than anything else…thank you very much! 


Our entire financial house of cards nearly crashed in 2009 and taxpayers once again were tapped to bail out all your Wall Street buddies, yet no one is serving time in jail for these crimes.


The average American hasn’t had a real raise since 1972, yet inflation has eliminated 40% or more of spending power since 2005. 


Career politicians seem more a scourge to our nation than benefit.  I always laugh at how Mrs. Clinton snookered New Yorkers into ‘adopting’ her so she could continue her feeding at the public trough as a senator.  Frankly, most Americans I know of are TIRED of political families like the Clinton’s, the Bush’s, the Kennedy’s and so on who have dominated our system over the years.


Congress has done such a wonderful job managing our nation’s finances that they give themselves an automatic raise each year while maintaining gold plated benefits and perks that the rest of the nation could only dream about – NO wonder all of you work so hard on staying in one office or another.


From our President to most members of Congress, FEW have ever served a day in the military or have created jobs and been responsible for a payroll…many have never even held a job in their adult lives but sanctimoniously call their careers ‘public service.’  Few have provided any real service to citizens as they’re usually too busy rounding up cash donors so they may continue to feed at the public trough.


If it were possible to bring back our founding fathers, they would be screaming at us to get off our lazy butts and start another revolution…but as we all know, most people don’t have a clue why we had a revolution as everything the King had in place, our own government does now.


Hell, with the NSA, TSA, DHS, etc. in place our nation more closely resembles the old Soviet Union.  Have you checked out the Planks of the Communist Manifesto recently?

Watching the erosion of good government over the past half century has left me bitter and disillusioned.


We have too much government, too many laws and too many government employees.  Here are a couple of suggestions:


·        If you’ve been in government since the internet was created, please retire.

·        For every new law you create, get rid of two

·        Get rid of the Patriot Act – it has done zero to promote freedom


I know I speak for many when I say we’re tired of imperious, arrogant attitude the political elite display toward our populace…stop interfering with our freedom or we’ll be forced to storm the bastille!

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