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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Strange Ways Valentine's Day is Celebrated, Easy, Elegant Ways You can Celebrate



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Weird ways to celebrate Valentine's Day

Some complain that roses have thorns-others rejoice that thorns have roses!
- Unknown

   Last night was date night for me and the missus.  A pizza and a double flick with popcorn…in a few weeks we’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary and I would do it again!

   Valentine’s Day is big business, sales account for 4% of total annual candy sales and 40% of annual fresh flower sales [or about $18.6 billion of sales in the US].

Valentine’s Day stems from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, which was kept centuries before Christianity.  The pagan population observed festivities beginning on the eve of February 14.  Using a lottery system, they paired young men and women, who would fall in love and marry.

Secret admiration in Denmark
In Denmark, young people have developed a playful secret admirer guessing game called
Gaekkebrev. Boys and girls write funny rhymes or love notes, but sign them with dots instead of their names. If the recipient guesses who the sender is, she or he gets a prize: an egg on Easter Sunday.

Random hearts in Brazil
Brazil's Valentine's Day, Dia dos Namaorados, or Day of the Enamoured, does not come until 12 June. One
tradition practiced by young women is to write our their desires on a slip of paper and hide it under their pillow in hopes their dream man will appear.

 Your bloody valentine in London, England
A cross between a haunted house and a Medieval history museum,
the London Dungeon is a big fan of blood and guts. Its exhibits humorously depict gruesome events of torture, disease, disaster and, of course, zombies. (Think Jack the Ripper, Bloody Mary and special effects galore.) This Valentine's Day, the dungeon is cooking up a gloriously gory treat of human heart cupcakes, baked by Miss Cakehead, a bakery specializing in over-the-top creations. Couples can enjoy the bloody desserts while watching a torturous surgical procedure in the Blood and Guts exhibit.

Reversal of gender roles in Japan
In Japan, the Valentine's Day tradition is for women to buy chocolates for men. It dates back to a custom of women giving "obligation chocolates" to male colleagues and employers, something that began in the 1930s with a push from the confection industry,
according to CBS News. Exactly one month later, on White Day, men return the favour by giving women chocolates. The holidays result in a major boon for the chocolate industry which receives a $660 million boost during the Valentine's season.

The original Valentine in Dublin, Ireland
If you find yourself in Dublin on 14 February, know that Saint Valentine's remains
rest at the city's Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church. Pope Gregory XVI is said to have given the church the relics in 1835 to boost Catholicism's popularity. If you would prefer to mix romantic and religious experiences on Valentine's Day, this is your opportunity.

Blind dating in Dallas, Texas
You may have heard about a trend that tests one sense by taking another away. One of the  "Dining in the Dark" restaurants,
Opaque, is hosting a special Valentine's Day event at its Dallas, Texas location with a four-course menu served in pitch black darkness, creating a very intimate, if unusual, dining experience.

Source:  The BBC


Chocolate reduces anxiety and boosts memory-eating 1-1/2 ounces of dark chocolate daily can reduce stress-hormonal levels and flavanols in cocoa have been found to increase blood flow to the brain.


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When it comes to love, no one is an expert…but researchers at Rutger University have found that folks who text using emoticons have more sex.…Females, however, often fake the smile!



Who Gets the Best Valentine Gifts?

·         People who are engaged spend the most-average of $154

·         Married couples are next spending about $124

·         We have no idea how girlfriends or mistresses fare!


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