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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Notes from an Old Plantation Field Hand



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Notes from a Plantation Field Hand  


   When the Federal government wanted to create yet another holiday to honor the memory of Martin Luther King, my home state of AZ said no.  The rationale was anyone who wanted could celebrate his memory but we didn’t need another national holiday.


Here’s why.

We have many national holidays, such as the upcoming Presidents Day.  For the most part however, holidays cost the taxpayer a lot of money.  It is the politician and their bureaucrats who get the day off.  The plantation worker gets far fewer days off and it is the plantation slave who funds these paid holidays.

When AZ refused to go along with the program [and this was voter supported] the Feds used extortion to force them into compliance by threatening to cut off the return of highway tax dollars to the state.

Government workers are among the few which still enjoy the benefits of taxpayer funded middle class lifestyle.  They still get generous pensions and health care benefits, unlike the private sector workers who have had their benefits sliced and diced by Wall Street since the 1980s.

If today’s college graduates are lucky enough to find a decent job, most begin at wages I would have laughed at when I was starting out.  Perhaps that’s why so many of them are living in Mom and Dad’s basement and are saddled with thousands in worthless school tuition loan debt.

My longtime friend and financial planner from AZ has always avoided the youth market and concentrates on pro athletes and the elderly who have money.  He told me, “Most of the younger crowd is too busy texting rather than pondering how unlikely it is they’ll ever get ahead in Obama’s economy.”

On another note…I know the economy isn’t doing well.  In a discussion with several other online sellers I’m friends with, we discovered we all had something in common…NOT ONE OF US SOLD A DAMNED THING Related to VALENTINE DAY!

All of us had invested in merchandise related to this normally lucrative day…even our local florist mentioned to me how lousy Valentines turned out to be.  This turned out to be a waste of resources but it showed us how bad the economy truly is.


My insiders tell me the Prepper Movement is beginning to peter out on many fronts.  Indicators include diminished sponsorships and viewers on related TV shows, lower attendance at prepper meetings throughout the country, lower sales of dehydrated foods, etc.


What do you think?

I know I’ve become a cantankerous contrarian old coot but I am dismayed that everything I grew up with, enjoyed and made money from has pretty much vanished.  That would include the newspaper business, the antiquarian book business [Americans do not enjoy or in many cases, do not know how to read], art and antiques, etc.

Finally, I was saddened by several of my cousins who returned from a cruise trip in Mexico [whenever the auto industry does, well, they do too.  Dealers are leasing more autos than selling since the average Joe is finding it difficult to qualify for a five-year loan].  I used to go to Mexico a lot, as much as twice a month.  However, I will not ever go back due to their BS illegal immigration policies and for holding a [former]US Marine in jail for nonsensical gun charges…they do not deserve to get more of our American dollars.


That’s just my opinion and such is life!



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1 comment:

JAD said...

You are sure right - this is not the country I grew up in and it seems the American Dream is shrinking and most absolutely do not care or haven't an inkling.