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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Never Turn Down Free Money, Plug-in Planters, Home Farming Boxes

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"Democracy leads to anarchy, which is mob rule."
-- Plato

CHOOSE ONE: Further work on the mini-farm or vacation in AZ. For now, we're using the few good months of weather in MI to work at the goal of creating a100% self-sufficient, off-grid homestead.
Deer, weather along with my up and down health took their usual toll. We'll need to replace all the fruit trees we had planted two years ago in addition to the other projects. And the price of everything continues to escalate...while at the same time online sales [for everyone we know] continued to decline...some days I feel like chucking it all, buy a houseboat and do a lot of fishing.

From Home Farming Boxes to Plug-In Planters


In commercial and home applications, hydroponic gardening has proven itself a valuable way to conserve space and water when growing plants. This ultra efficient system is ideal for gardeners of all levels, especially since it can be so low maintenance. Appealing to beginner green thumbs, products like Eliooo teach you how to assemble a hydroponic system from IKEA boxes, while NIWA comes as a pre-assembled system that connects to a smartphone for monitoring. For personal use, the best part is that you can actually grow plants like lettuce and tomatoes to eat at home.

Since hydroponics can be vertically arranged, this could mean that there will be a huge shift in the way traditional agriculture is approached in both small and large scale applications.


The Hyundai Kitchen Nano Lets Users Grow Their Own Organic Veggies



For those green freaks out there, the Hyundai Kitchen Nano seems like a pretty good option to start eating local -- really local. The kitchen garden is a device that lets users grow all their own organic vegetables, all with the appropriate amount of light and nutrition.

The Hyundai Nano Garden uses hydroponics instead of any pesticides and fertilizers to give you the most organic, fresh food at hand. The device actually lets users know when to give water or nutrients so you can get the greenest vegetables possible.


Also Noted…


The ‘Click & Grow Smartpots’ are optimal gifts for environmental tech enthusiasts who lack green thumbs. Owners of the planters merely have to fill the device with water, the subsequent fertilization, airing and watering is then done automatically.

This electronic approach to gardening is battery-operated. The company prides itself on Click & Grow Smartpots easy-to-use functions, requiring minimal attention despite its production of plants and edibles like basil. Users will also be alerted should the batteries die with a small flashing light.

As the element of labor is altogether removed here, busy workers can take on elaborate cultivation projects without having to master the art of horticulture, a feature that will bring foliage displays to the most unlikely spots.



More Gems You can Ponder, Read, Share



Care Connect USA. Everything from utilities assistance to tax debt relief. It's been so popular that thousands of company HR departments use it with their employees, as do many governmental social service agencies. In short, it's been a great resource. Calls are free and the advice is free.

Here’s a post on who's all checking your credit score. It includes a link where you can get a free credit score and learn about your credit monitoring and protection too. I know that a lot of people put it off. I just went through the process. It took about four minutes. They did need a little personal information, but did NOT require a credit card.

An Extra Income Source
Lucky you, you've got a good-paying, full-time job in what you believe is a recession-proof business, the Federated Flyswatter Company. But, bad news might be lurking just below the horizon. The China-based Wang Dang Flyswatter Works is thinking about buying your company outright, and if it does, you might be laid off. During any period of economic uncertainty, it's definitely not the time to hunker down and hope for the best. It's time to find or build a second source of income before you need it. Read more.

Never turn down free money!
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Sweeter Trash?
Since we recycle and compost, we don't create a lot of kitchen trash, so we don't have to take out the trash nightly. We were having a problem with some trash odors. I started putting a little baking soda in the trashcan liner. It soaks up odors without adding any unwanted fragrances to my kitchen. Plus, it's all natural!

 A Parting Thought...

We are the American sucker, easily fooled and bamboozled by the political elite.

In 2014, police in the United States killed 1,100 people.  During that same year, police in Canada killed 14 people, police in China killed 12 people and police in Germany didn’t kill anyone at all.

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