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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Annual Big Con is Coming, NSA Still Spying, Visions of the US Future

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In the Year 2024…A vision of what is coming


As I awoke this morning, Sunday, Oct. 13, 2024, from restless

dreams, I found the insect-sized sensor implanted in my

arm was already awake. We call it a “bug.” U.S. citizens have

been required to have them since 2022 to access government

health care.

The bug knew from its biometric monitoring of my brain

wave frequencies and rapid eye movement that I would awake

momentarily. It was already at work launching systems, including

the coffee maker. I could smell the coffee brewing

in the kitchen. The information screens on the inside of my

panopticon goggles were already flashing before my eyes.

Images of world leaders were on the screen. They were issuing

proclamations about the fine health of their economies

and the advent of world peace. Citizens, they explained, needed

to work in accordance with the New World Order Growth Plan

to maximize wealth for all. I knew this was propaganda, but I

couldn’t ignore it. Removing your panopticon goggles is viewed

with suspicion by the neighborhood watch committees. Your

“bug” controls all the channels….


Congress Still Screwing Our Nation

"These things I believe:

That government should butt out.

That freedom is our most precious commodity and
if we are not eternally vigilant, government will take it all away.

That individual freedom demands individual responsibility.

That government is not a necessary good but an unavoidable evil.

That the executive branch has grown too strong, the judicial branch too arrogant
and the legislative branch too stupid.

That political parties have become close to meaningless.

That government should work to insure the rights of the individual,
not plot to take them away.

That government should provide for the national defense
and work to insure domestic tranquility.

That foreign trade should be fair rather than free.

That America should be wary of foreign entanglements.

That the tree of liberty needs to be watered from time to time
with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

That guns do more than protect us from criminals;
more importantly, they protect us from the ongoing threat of government.

That states are the bulwark of our freedom.

That states should have the right to secede from the Union.

That once a year we should hang someone in government
as an example to his fellows.
                 -- Lyn Nofziger





The Big Con is rapidly approaching – the next Presidential election where candidates tell us they have the solution to all our problems…


The middle class is being systematically destroyed.  For much more on this, please see this recent article that was recently published.  And now we are on the verge of another major economic slowdown.  That is not what the middle class needs at all.

We are also getting some very disturbing economic news out of China.

In 2014, economic growth in China was the weakest in more than 20 years, and Chinese export numbers are absolutely collapsing…things are not very rosy.

Despite all the campaign nonsense [especially from grifter Hillary Clinton], many Americans are still suckered into believing their vote matters DESPTE:


·         An eroding lifestyle and lowered purchasing power

·         Anemic, low-paying jobs

·         Restrictions on travel and privacy [actually, our privacy has been virtually eliminated by the government]

·         Stifling over regulation which is killing entrepreneurship and jobs

·         Declining international reputation


It would be easy to continue but you already know this story…yet, many of you will re-elect the same flotsam which have steadily undermined this nation and your freedom.  It doesn’t matter which party you vote for, they are equal opportunity destroyers only interested in their next political fix or reelection so they may continue to feed off the citizen and enjoy the benefits showered on them by the special interests who are really pulling the strings.

We are the American sucker, easily fooled and bamboozled by the political elite.

The federal system of government is broken beyond repair at this point. There is an out and out full on mafia style corruption taking place and yet not one our elected officials from either party is willing to stand up and take it on. Your vote regardless of political affiliation means nothing. The whole thing is rigged to point that it is no more believable than watching the WWE.

Our rights, our privacy, our spending power, our standard of living, our international reputation, our infrastructure, our schools, etc. all continue to sink even while the fortunes of the political elite continue to rise.


Most of us know about the digital surveillance practices of the National Security Agency, revealed by Edward Snowden almost two years ago. There are other authorities under which the government spies on “We the People,” but the most egregious is the hated U.S. Patriot Act. The act has been so abused that even its author, Michigan Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr., thinks it should be repealed.

So far, Congress has missed every opportunity to reform the Patriot Act and other vehicles that allegedly authorize government to spy on us — sometimes by very narrow margins. In August, however, a key provision of the act, Section 215, is scheduled to expire. If it does, the NSA will no longer be able to collect and analyze the bulk internet and telephone data of U.S. residents.

Considering the widespread revulsion at Snowden’s revelations, you’d think that Congress would make that a priority for debate. You’d be wrong. In fact, Congressional leadership and the White House are much more intent on adding yet another layer to their surveillance powers — one that makes the Patriot Act look like small beer.

Big Brothers United

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), now before Congress, is an urgent response to illegal digital spying ... on multinational corporate behemoth Sony, Inc. (The corporation was allegedly hacked by North Korea in response to the trashy comedy “The Interview,” which depicted the assassination of Kim Jong-un.)

CISA would “give companies legal liability protections when sharing cyber threat data with the government.” The rationale is that cyberattacks on American private businesses are acts of digital warfare, so the NSA, CIA, FBI and the rest should know about them as soon as they happen. The problem is that current U.S. law, the Constitution and plain common sense in a democratic republic dictate that the private information we share with businesses is specific to those transactions, and not to be shared with the government except by order of a court.

But in one of those instances of bipartisanship that make a mockery of the “Red versus Blue” horserace approach to U.S. politics, party leaders on both sides of the aisle are determined to meet the threat to our corporate overlords by giving government spies access to everything Big Data has on us. Under CISA, the companies that know everything about you and your online activity will be able to hand it over to government … and you won’t have any legal recourse.

Somebody Pass the Freedom Fries

Well, at least we know how to get Congress to act … just threaten the interests of a deep-pocketed corporation like Sony. When that happens, everything else goes on the back burner and our supposedly “deadlocked” system springs into action to limit our liberties even further.

If I’m right, it’s entirely up to us to defend ourselves against this new threat to our liberty. Stop using Google, Apple, Amazon and other companies that hoard our data. Give your business to encryption-based services like Silent Circle instead.

Congress must end unconstitutional government spying.

Representatives Mark Pocan and Thomas Massie just introduced the Surveillance State Repeal Act, which would to repeal the PATRIOT Act and restore our constitutionally protected civil liberties.  Get off your ass and sign the petition to get rid of this traitorous set of laws.

REMEMBER:  Just because something is law does not make it moral, ethical or right!


More of the vision…

By 2024 wiped-out savers broke out in money riots soon after but

were quickly suppressed by militarized police who used drones,

night vision technology, body armor and electronic surveillance.

Highway tollbooth digital scanners were used to spot and

interdict those who tried to flee by car. By 2017, the U.S. government

required sensors on all cars. It was all too easy for officials

to turn off the engines of those who were government targets,

spot their locations and arrest them on the side of the road.


Parting Shot…Party Like its 1999

Most U.S. households don’t own stocks. They have not participated in the Fed fueled stock bubble, and they are struggling with a high cost of living.   If I invested in the stock market, which I quit doing several years ago, I’d get out of stocks which include restaurant  and  retail….there’s so little discretionary income left for most families, these are the first to go when the consumer is pinched.
I routinely examine various economic indicators and in my opinion, we're ripe for another severed downturn.

Unless we see structural economic reform, the “New Depression”…if I were a presidential candidate, I’d be playing up and offering solutions to the demise of our middle class which is dying thanks to the political elite class.

Historically, our economy does well during a  presidential election cycles and to a degree, especially compared to Europe, we are.  However, I see many of the same signs of a major downturn as I saw in 2008…


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DAR said...

All poignant & like you indicate...we cannot trust our leaders to do the right thing and it is apparent to our group, another Depression is coming sooner than most might think!

Bruce David said...

FBI, NSA want surveillance measures to remain in reauthorized Patriot Act
On 1 June, Section 215 of the U.S.A Patriot Act, which permits law enforcement and intelligence agencies to collect certain customers' records from U.S. businesses including communications and credit card firms, is set to expire. Congress has been debating whether to reauthorize the section of the act or pass measures that will curb the level of surveillance it currently grants. In recent days, representatives from the NSA and the FBI have been meeting with legislators to inform them of the importance of Section 215, still both chambers of Congress seem to be uncertain on how to move forward.