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Friday, February 2, 2018

Events That Shaped America...How I Finally Found Happiness Chasing the American Dream [Advt.]

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Flashback:  Events That Shaped America:

 A premium collection that pays tribute to the men and women who shaped the course of American history.  Take a journey back through time with this DVD which charts milestones both glorious and tragic.  Also includes a 28-page book highlighting the events, plus a commemorative poster and postcards.  In color and B&W-100 minutes – Plus we're including a special bonus PDF.


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How I Finally Found Happiness Chasing Wine, Women & the American Dream


A contrarian reflects on his life of sin, counter-culture, politics, successes & failures and America since the 1970s.

   You can call me a lucky guy.  I love women and I’ve loved a lot of them.  I love America just not the government so much.  I’ve made a lot of money and I’ve lost a lot of money [mostly due to women] as our country is or was the land of opportunity.

I was born when life was good in America.  The economy was good, the government kept their nose out of your business and taxes were low. When I was young, fuel was 10-12 cents a gallon…we actually had ‘gas wars’ and our roads were well maintained.   A postage stamp was six cents and a family could buy 10 loaves of bread for a dollar and an office visit to the family doctor was $10.   My Dad paid $10,500 for his first home in the 50s and they gave him 30 years to pay it off at less than two percent interest!

Most families could get by with only Dad working while Mom stayed at home to raise the kids. That sure kept juvenile crime and out-of-wedlock births minimized.  Most every generation had a reasonable expectation their children would do better than their parents.

Since 2005 however, the purchasing power of our dollar has declined by 45% - 95% since 1910!  Data show that in 1968, the federal minimum was equivalent to $10.90 in 2015 dollars, nearly $4 higher than today's rate. Out-of-wedlock births skyrocketed and now 45 million Americans receive food stamps!  Ever since LBJ launched his so-called ‘Great Society’ program poverty has actually increased and in many respects, it has become an industry staffed by thousands of taxpayer funded government employees.

I was one of the first to blast General Electric for its off-shoring of U.S. jobs in a business column I wrote in the 1980s.  The Wall Street Journal ran the piece stating I was being “premature with my concern.”

All my life however, I’ve been a contrarian.  I love women, spirits, and our country.  All of these are vices to one degree or another.  I’ve seen a lot of that change during the past 50+ years.  I’ve learned each should be taken in moderation.  One should read the label first, as the instructions are getting harder to understand.

I’ve been an information junkie since learning to read.  Even then it took longer than one might imagine for me to learn just how treacherous some of these ‘vices’ might prove to ones’ health, wealth, sanity and freedom.  I’ve also been an ‘arms dealer,’ military Intelligence analyst, auctioneer and appraiser, art and rare book dealer,  volunteer sheriff, college instructor, coin dealer, columnist and publisher and more during my sixty plus years on this earth.

 I came of age during the late sixties and seventies when morality and culture was changing, liberated women discovered the “pill” – it was the sexual revolution.   I met a lot of those liberated women and enjoyed the fruits of that revolution. It was a time of sin, sex and a subversion of the American Dream.

I’ve made and lost several fortunes in the publishing business, won the President’s Award for Entrepreneurship,  and have traveled throughout this wonderful country seeing its grand vistas from the oceans of San Diego, California and the vast deserts and wondrous landscapes of Arizona to non-stop parties in New Orleans Mardi Gras and the rust belts of Ohio and Michigan. 

I grew up in a time when our nation went from being the greatest on the planet to where it has been plundered by special interests and politicians whose only goal is grabbing a lifetime of gold plated perks.  I witnessed and wrote about the bittersweet demise of our Middle Class crushed by a tide of rules, regulations, taxes and corporations which threw them under the table, sacrificing wages and benefits for shareholder profits while shouldering less of the American tax burden.  Firms like McDonalds and Walmart telling their employees to go on food stamps and government health care programs because they wouldn’t pay a decent wage.

Never ending wars enriched Silicon Valley and Wall Street while eroding our Bill of Rights and gutting our collective privacy…all in the name of ‘protecting our freedom’ – a concept many gullible Americans seemed to have forgotten about.

What I’ve witnessed during the past half century is an all out assault on our money, privacy and independence.  For many government and special interests has become a cancer spreading throughout the land eating away at our very foundation.

This is my personal story and it is about how I grew up in the land of plenty…when there was still plenty to go around!  Read it and enjoy.  I have provided a nostalgic and quirky look back, a running commentary on our political future and a wide range of free resources inquiring minds can download to improve their lot in life.

Sometimes you get the peanut and sometimes you get the shell…that is the story of my life.   Read all about it before it becomes an HBO series and if you’ve ever read any of my work you know my readers ALWAYS get a bonus.  Quantities are limited.  Order here:



Larry said...

Should be a hoot reading about your growing up in the early years!

Laurie said...

I love history and this is an interesting package.

Yvonne said...

Interesting grouping, I should order them as a gift for my brother.

Mary Ann said...

You dog! Lmao