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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Great Way to Help Vets and Other Groups While Earning a Good Living

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Great Way to Help Vets and Other Groups While Earning a Good Living

A model you can use to support many groups and begin a successful business.

44.7 million metric tonnes (Mt) of e-waste generated in 2016 – up 3.3 Mt or 8% from 2014 equal in weight to almost nine Great Pyramids of Giza, 4,500 Eiffel Towers, or 1.23 million fully loaded 18-wheel 40-ton trucks.

Only 20% of 2016’s e-waste is documented to have been collected and recycled despite rich deposits of gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium and other high value recoverable materials. The conservatively estimated value of recoverable materials in last year’s e-waste was US $55 billion. $44 BILLION WAS THROWN AWAY IN A SINGLE YEAR.

It is time to get serious about e-waste salvage, recycling and reuse. Good for the planet and some real money to be made.

Veterans Green Projects aim is to create sustainable “Work off the Battlefield” for transitioning Active Duty Military, Veterans and Dependents as well as build a nationwide network of like minded people. Veterans Green Projects provides responsible electronics recycling, resource management, power monitoring, energy auditing and Carbon Accounting services. These projects offer businesses opportunities to cut energy costs, identify unnecessary waste and reduce overall operating expenses. This Improves profitability and supports job creation for the local veteran community. 

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Consumer Reports' Electronics Reuse & Recycling Center - Here you'll find solutions for dealing with your old Computer, Cell phone, TV and Other electronics, plus tips for buying new electronics that may last longer. You'll also find information about the growing problem of E-waste and what government and industry are doing to address it.

Green2Liveclean: This site has been developed in an effort to assist small business to large corporations, recycle their electronic scrap in an easier yet cost effective way. When you recycle through, we help to eliminate the high cost related to recycling responsibly. The National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2005 that is dedicated to the development and enhancement of a national infrastructure for the recycling of used electronics in the U.S.

EPA eCycling: EPA is working to educate consumers and others on why it is important to reuse and recycle electronics and what the options are for safe reuse and recycling of these products. State and local governments, manufacturers, and retailers, who are already aware of the pressing need to better manage these materials, are providing more opportunities to recycle and reuse this equipment. Electronics waste is growing exponentially. Televisions are used on average for less than two years. For computers, it's three. Recycling, or "E-cycling," these and other electronic items is critical for preserving landfill space and for ensuring that hazardous materials used to make electronics are properly disposed. Provides a directory of centers by state and locale. Over 2000 companies trust Electronic Recyclers International to recycle e-waste lawfully and as promised. Electronic Recyclers International offers the most accurate verification system in the recycling industry, utilizing a bar code tracking system, video verification, and offering environment sustainability reports.

VIDEOS: Recycling and Recovering Gold from Electronic & Computer Scrap

Lots of free info at: Here' an example:

From the Odd world of Recyling…after a NASA funded study at the Univ. of Pennsylvania found a method for converting human feces into protein-rich food paste resembling Marmite that could feed spaceship crews on a three-month flight to Mars.  

Also noted:  The lights are back on in many Puerto Rican homes, thanks to one high school student.  Salvador Golon, 15, sprang into action after Hurricane Maria smashed into the island last fall, launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for portable solar lamps.  While his hometown of San Juan has regained sporadic power, many residents still have no light.  So Colon began spending his weekends distributing the lamps to the islands’ small villages, using the $125,000 he raised.  In all, he helped brighten 840 homes!


Bruce, the Contrarian curmudgeon!


How to Survive the War on the Middle Class

14 of the best reports I’ve assembled on protecting your freedom…Here is the download link.

These are some of the least expensive businesses you can start
(AOL): "Starting a business can be intimidating. Developing the right idea, dealing with the financials and getting the business up and running successfully add up to more than a standard full-time gig. Simply knowing how to start a business is just the beginning. Fortunately there are plenty of small businesses you can start that won't break the bank. The key is to find a business you can start with your current skills and scale without a lot of initial investment."

6 Businesses You Can Start for Under $1,000 Starting a business doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require lots of debt. In fact, here are six businesses you can start for under $1,000.

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