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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Investing in Yourself is the Best Way to Go!


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 Investing in Yourself is the Best Way to Go!

Since 2009 the drearier edge to retirement is that more people realize they are unprepared financially to stop working. Shortsighted government policies and oversight which began with the Clinton administration [when he eliminated the 90-year-old safeguard of the Glass-Steagall Act, effectively turning Wall Street into a casino with your money] wiped out most stock portfolios, savings accounts and many Americans lost their jobs and homes as a result.

The Washington Post has called it “the new reality of old age” and quoted one 74-year-old man saying he will need to work until he dies. For those who have retired, a Fidelity study found that 55 percent are at risk of running out of money before their lives end. Think of this statistic—more than half of those surveyed aren’t prepared. Are you?


When the stock market was falling in 2008, I had friends and associates share with me they had lost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some even shared how many years of work they had lost. They wanted the losses to stop, and they were desperately looking for help.

In addition to the recession, several other factors contributed to their retirement woes. Most businesses no longer offer pensions, so retirees must rely more on their savings. People also need to rely more on Social Security, but Social Security replaces usually only 40 percent of a person’s pre-retirement earnings. In addition, the Social Security Administration has shared on its website that Social Security may end up paying just 75 cents on the dollar in 2033.

All of this raises the question: Is it even possible to retire in today’s economy?


If you haven’t gotten your tax return yet, it isn’t too late to do something responsible with it. Before making a reservation at the swankiest restaurant in town, consider making that money work for you and your financial future.


Here are a few ways to do it:


  • Pay down debt This might feel like such a letdown, but: the faster you pay off debt, the quicker you can be on your way to investing or building your savings.
  • Invest in yourself It’s easy to forget about personal development, but making it a priority will keep you sharp (and sane). Whether it’s developing your skills for work or taking a class for your favorite hobby, it’ll keep you growing.
  • Use the 50/30/20 rule Never heard of it? You break down your income (or your tax return) as follows: 50% goes to “needs,” 30% is spent on “wants,” and 20% is saved. With this budgeting method, it’s an all-around win.


Over the past decade my wife and I got out of the stock market and invested in land, precious metals and other hard goods.  This was a personal decision that we’ve not regretted at these items continue to go up in value while the stock market continues its rise and fall like the proverbial roller coaster.


What about you? Got anything interesting to share?

Bruce, the Poor Man, free thinker, social critic & cynic


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DAR said...

Amen brother!

Deanna said...

Only a very small minority of the population care about self improvement - it seems to be a dwindling trait. People today seem to want everything handed to them and schools often encourage this nonsense.