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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

11 ways to protect your privacy - Plus Bonuses

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11 ways to protect your privacy (and a bonus one)...

If you take your privacy seriously, there are still ways to maintain it online. (An easy one is keep Facebook OFF of your smartphone.)

And hopefully sooner than later, your browser and all your devices will come with these tools DEFAULT.

Tools like Noiszy, for example -- a Chrome plugin that allows you to spit out a chaotic jumble of data alongside your browsing habits, to confuse the algorithms.

Until privacy is the default, and not surveillance, it’s up to you to protect yourself.

For that, here are 11 GREAT tips courtesy of privacy expert LEON, the @cryptohitman.

1. Do not use Dropbox. Use @SpiderOak instead. Zero-knowledge, encrypted storage.

2. Do not use Gmail (or the like),

Use @ProtonMail or Countermail.

PGP (control of own keys on latter.) 2FA, keyfiles, etc.

3. Do not use Google Search (or @DuckDuckGo, since both are U.S based). Use @StartPageSearch.

4. Always use VPN, even for everyday-surfing. Consider VPN-chains (You->VPN->TOR->VPN)


[We’ve also recommended cryptohippie VPN in the past, too. Still good.]

5. Do not use LastPass (cloudbased). Use @KeePass (local)

6. Empty your clipboard automatically, often. Get a program to do it for you. Search it up.

7. Do not use regular USB drives. Use hardware-encrypted drives. Example.

8. Always use FullDisk encryption. For PC = Truecrypt/Veracrypt. OSX = SOL.

9. To protect yourself against Keyloggers, use keyscramblers. For PC, download ”Keyscrambler.”

10. To protect yourself against eavesdropping (cam/mic), download ”MicroSnitch” and/or ”OverSight.” Extra paranoid? Physically remove cam/mic

11. Never use SMS 2FA, go for Google Authenticator. But if you insist, make sure to use a different phone + number than your main phone/number. This is crucial.


Privacy is not found on the internet »
With Facebook coming under increasing scrutiny over its privacy breaches, now is a good time to remind that some of the world's most popular websites are tracking and recording your keystrokes, mouse movements, scrolling behaviors and the pages you visit. This puts your most sensitive information at riskMore »





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Randy said...

For decades it has been an onslaught of government and corporate attacks on the little guy to see who can invade our privacy the most. In reality, it is a joint effort between two BAD players and I don't trust either one of them. Like you, I stopped using 'slavebook' awhile back...

Yvonne said...

After watching a news item about Zucker and Facebook it is highly evident most people don't care about their privacy, until their money is stolen. Typical stupid reaction is to worry after the fact yet give up all your info beforehand.