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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Orwell's 1984 and the Liberal Left Mindset


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1984 and the Liberal Left Mindset


   Just after Donald Trump’s inauguration, the New York Times printed a piece titled “Why 1984 is a 2017 Must Read,” by Michiko Kakutani [1/26/17], George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel [my company, HBJ,  used to publish the American version] nearly 70 years old, had just hit Amazon’s bestseller list.  Kakutani argued that it was because of the perceived dangers of totalitarianism under a President Trump.  Actually, it was the left’s promotion of 1984 that made it a bestseller.


Kakutani compared questionable administration accounts of the size of the inaugural crowds to the ‘Ministry of Truth’s” efforts in 1984 at ‘reality control.’  1984’s Ministry of Truth is actually a department of lies, controlling citizens’ minds and perceptions of reality by publishing false facts as news [much as Obama did in regard to Benghazi].


“Not surprisingly, 1984 has found a nervous readership in today’s post-truth era,” Kakutani continued – as if the previous eight years were the ‘truth era.’


I for one agree this book is a must read and at one time distributed copies liberally to friends but not for what it tells you about President Trump, but what it reveals about the mindset of the liberal progressive left.


The practices Kakutani accuses the Right wing of are actually more common among the left-leaning politicians and media which support them: manipulating facts, redefining terms, rewriting history [even tearing down statues], bullying and intimidating.  And their basic solution to every problem for decades has been MORE government and to throw MORE money at every problem without ever examining the underlying cause of a problem all of which has been leading to a more regressive, suffocating authoritarian government control of every aspect of our lives with less individual freedom.



The liberal left supports more open immigration.  They applaud sanctuary cities to harbor criminals.  They provide welfare benefits to illegal immigrants even when it puts a strain on existing programs [often at the expense of citizens such as our veterans] and it is leading to bankrupt cities in the case of California for example.


Why should we prioritize illegals over American citizens?  They have even harbored illegals who are criminals including murderers.  Some argue the reason they go to such lengths to protect illegals is increase their power as by doing so they gain more votes…they even grant them drivers licenses along with welfare benefits to non-citizens!


As I write this, a news article appeared: 


600 migrants arrived in Tijuana by a caravan bus from Central American hoping to cross into America despite warnings from Border Agents to stay away and orders from Washington not to attempt a border crossing


One of the most chilling scenes in 1984 comes near the end when a high official from the Ministry of Truth, named O’Brien, is reeducating the book’s protagonist, Winston Smith, using horrendous torture.  Winston naively believed “the Party” took control of the government because people cannot govern themselves.  O’Brien sets him straight.  After giving him a painful shock to punish him for his wrong idea, he states, “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake.  We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power.  Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness; only power, pure power…Power is not a means; it is an end.”


This thinking is consistent with the actions of the left in America today – just watch CNN if you need proof.


 61 more illegal Immigrants were caught this week after getting deep into Arizona. One suspect was a member of the dangerous gang MS-13. He attempted to avoid deportation by claiming he was a... Read More


For example, they use ‘climate change’ to justify incredible expansion of government power, imposing economy-crushing regulation to a nation already strangling in red tape.  Obama made major decisions by executive order, far beyond any of his predecessors, taking powers not allowed by our Constitution to pursue a bipartisan, market-based solution to climate change…But if Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will direct my Cabinet to come up with executive actions we can take, now and in the future…”


Former President Obama used this tool to sidestep Congress to give orders regulating the energy industry [one of the reasons why your electric bill is now higher] delaying the deportations of illegal immigrants, restricting gun sales, forcing lenders to loosen standards for refinancing mortgages, creating special protections for homosexuals, and other issues.


Our nation is becoming conditioned to accept executive orders; actions meant to circumvent the legislative process, the same as rules and regulations issued by federal agencies without benefit of citizen or political oversight AND those have become a danger to society.  We are now the most heavily regulated nation on earth…the deep state which issues these mountains of entangling red tape answers to no one and is crushing the life blood of our nation.


There are some un-thinking, left-leaning “scholars” that believe the Constitution is outdated and should be discarded [as in the case of our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms].  Essentially, the regressive left is calling for a revolution against a system of government that paved the way for the U.S. to become the shining example for the world where millions of people aspired to emigrate to.  They want to adopt socialist and even communist ideals…after all, no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.


Hitler and Stalin did just that and they started by ending the right for citizens to own arms and by revising history and wiping out certain classes of citizens, denying free speech [as is the desire among certain groups here in the USA…tearing down statues, ripping down flags, attempting to ban all guns, banning certain speakers on college campuses, etc.].


 Controlling Minds


It all begins with our young people and schools.  Children are being arrested or thrown out of schools for wearing what is deemed politically incorrect T-shirts or drawing stick figures of guns or even bringing plastic knives in lunch boxes to cut a sandwich!



Grassfire learned today that a high school in Florida confiscated 80 Gadsden flags from students who were counter-protesting National School Walkout Day last week. According to WTLV-TV, a student objected to organizations using the day to protest for gun control, so she brought 101 of the "Don't Tread On Me" flags to school and handed them out to classmates.

"All of a sudden, I noticed there were administrators going around picking up flags from students," she explained. "I was shocked."

In response to the outcry over the apparent violation of these students' First Amendment rights, a representative for Clay County District Schools released the following statement:

Fleming Island High School staff collected flags from students on April 20 because they were not aligned to the expectations and protocols outlined for the planned event, the flags were a disruption to the learning environment, and students were using the flags in an inappropriate and unsafe manner, which could have caused injury to others.



The tactics used by the state in 1984 in 1984 to control people’s thoughts have an ominous familiarity today.  In that same torture scene, O’Brien commands Winston, under duress of pain, to say that two plus two equals five.  Winston is baffled.  “How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes?” he asks.  “The answer is four.”


“Sometimes, Winston,” O’Brien responds, “Sometimes they are five.  Sometimes they are three.  Sometimes they are all of them at once.  You must try harder.  It is not easy to become sane.”


Think of the coercion the left is using to force society to accept that if someone feels he or she is the opposite sex, then that is reality.  They want us to feel all men are potential rapists or we must eliminate all stereotypes that stifle our girls, or that two plus two are five all in the name of tolerance…yet, in reality, the practice INTOLERANCE for anything they consider dissent.  They will force their views and agenda on the nation until everyone becomes a “true believer” and will use the courts if necessary to jam it down our collective throats when legislation doesn’t work!


Ever since they lost the 2016 election the LEFT has called for a revolution, they want to impeach Trump, reclaim power and have become more lawless in their attempts to undermine our nation.


Schools and media have become a breeding ground for socialism and new surveys indicate that as a result of indoctrination by such teachers, acceptance of socialism among those under 24 has reached new heights during the past decade and books by Marx are starting to sell in higher numbers – despite the fact socialism has always failed.


Perhaps this why homeschooling continues to grow in popularity.


Orwell understood what can happen when the wrong people seize power.  Any country seized by rebellion make for easy picking by a dictator…history has made that mistake repeatedly. Dozens of Central American migrants from about 600 traveling in a "caravan" through Mexico arrived at the border city of Tijuana late on Tuesday despite warnings it would be futile to try to cross to claim asylum in the United States.Dozens of Central American migrants from about 600 traveling in a "caravan" through Mexico arrived at the border city of Tijuana late on Tuesday despite warnings it would be futile to try to cross to claim asylum in the United States.


Bruce, the Poor Man, free thinker, social critic & cynic


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Larry said...

Hopefully, enough people will stand firm against the deep state and their socialist stooges despite their dominance in schools and the media.

JAD said...

Well said-you can bet no left wing professor will be including this in their class notes :)!

Sam said...

It's been a sorry road we've been on & I'm tired of watching so many victims of the far Left poison.