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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Threats of Nuclear War and Other Survival Concerns…


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The Threats of Nuclear War and Other Concerns…

If lack of water is Public Enemy No. 1 in a crisis, then darkness is a close second. If you can’t SEE the threat, you can’t NEUTRALIZE the threat. 

That’s why a flashlight is one of the most critical pieces of my EDC (everyday carry) gear. And THIS flashlight is head and shoulders above the rest. 

The incredibly compact design packs a blinding beam that will shed light on any emergency situation. Plus, the nearly indestructible military-grade metal means it can take a beating and keep on shining. 

In addition to your EDC gear, you should have one of these flashlights in your car (for a roadside emergency) and on every level of your home (for a blackout or home invasion scenario). Click on the link above to buy one for yourself today. 

When it comes to self-defense, your main goal shouldn’t be to beat your attacker into submission. Rather, you should focus on creating an opportunity for you to escape to safety and call for help. 

This piece from Modern Survival Online runs down a concise list of five self-defense moves that will give you the time you need to remove yourself from a dangerous situation. Best of all, they don’t require ANY special training. Any person of any size, age or gender can execute them. 

Stockpiling emergency water. One way to do this is by purchasing several 55-gallon drums. However, these containers are immovable and take up a ton of space. 

Another (more convenient) option is to use the WaterBricks water storage system. They act like bulk storage but are completely portable. Plus, you can store WaterBricks practically anywhere to maximize space — basement, closets, underneath beds, above cabinets, etc. 

Next, make water conservation a habit in your household. In an extended drought you’ll have to make your supply last. Click on the article above to discover five ways to conserve water in your home. 

Not only will we explain exactly what a straw bale garden is we will also tell you how to start your own, with minimum effort and stress, in just 30 days. As well as discussing how to get the most out of your garden we will look at the most common problems associated with this method and tell you how to avoid them.

[Note:  We offer a book on how to build a Straw Bale home at our online store]


Worries of war with Russia, and the possible things to protect against range from minor annoyances and shortages to a grid down event (via EMP or hacking) to a nuclear war.

Of them all, I suppose the grid down event scares me the most if it involved any protracted outage of more than a month.  Things fall apart never to be properly rebuilt if that happens. 

But a limited nuclear war, or even a more broad-based one if things really get out of hand, also worry many of us.  The Russians have been developing new technologically superior weapons that can deliver multiple nuclear warheads during the past two years and they are frightening.

And I am not the sort to sit around and worry.  I hate sitting around and worrying so last week I did what few things I could to assure that I can make the best of it if a nuclear exchange happens. 

Look, even if there’s only a 1% chance of a nuclear exchange over the next five years, I personally consider that that to be an excessive risk (given the catastrophic outcomes involved).  Given how I am built, I need to prepare as best I can so that I can relieve my anxiety and get back to living life fully.

As background, you should definitely re-read our excellent previously-issed reports on radiation and the difference between that and radioactive contamination because those are the building blocks for knowing how to survive. 

·         Radiation – Part I

·         Contamination – Part II

In fact, you should print them out and have them tucked into your preparations area. 

Having a grounded understanding of what radioactive isotopes are and what they do to a living system is critical knowledge to have.  But maybe you don’t need it yet.  So read the articles of background and put the whole subject away, hopefully forever, never to be revisited.

I’ll be honest; I am not all that scared by radioactivity.  My view is we evolved with background radiation and life has been dealing with it for a very long time.  Now contamination, on the other hand, which is the ingestion of a hot particle of some sort, now that scares me a lot. And it should scare you too. So much of my preparations are centered around...

The laundry list of things we need to consider doing is extensive.

A ‘war’ between Russia and the US/NATO could range from a very minor skirmish fought over some relatively meaningless items of trade (already underway), to an attack on financial markets, to a conventional shooting war of limited duration, all the way to an all-out nuclear exchange.

Given that wide range of possible outcomes, what can we realistically do to prepare?

Quite a lot as it turns out.

Luckily, most of the preparations are similar to those you should be undertaking anyways, war worries or not, so they won’t cost you much extra in terms of time or money.

What you end up doing depends on which sort of war you consider most likely, where you happen to live, and your means. So let’s consider the range of possibilities here...

 Here are the base level preparations you should have in place regardless of what sort of war comes along:

  • A minimum of three months of food for your family plus others.  You decide how many others that might be.  A couple of close friends?  Half your neighborhood? 
  • Water filtration devices capable of filtering one gallon per person, per day, for three months.  You may have to buy extra devices and/or filters to accomplish this.  If you do not have access to your own water (well, nearby pond, lake or stream), then stored water sufficient to last several weeks.
  • Cash out of the bank that can cover three months of living expenses.
  • A bug out bag pre-loaded with your most valuable documents, irreplaceable pictures, medicines, weapons & ammunition, some cash and some gold/silver bullion.  As the natural disasters of late have shown, you never know when you might have to pick up and flee with little/no warning. 
  • All the basics in case of a nuclear exchange or a grid-down event that causes nuclear plants to overheat and explode as happened in Fukushima.  Dosimeters/Geiger counters, plastic sheeting, tape, and disposable coveralls and facemasks.


Final Notes…

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Larry said...

Whenever I think of nuclear war I am reminded of the old drills we had in elementary school where we sat under our desk with our head tucked between our legs and essentially kissed our ass goodbye! Appreciate your info!

Victoria said...

In the event of an all out nuclear war, I doubt much would be left to worry over and I wonder if I'd want to experience life as a Mad Max wanna-be :)