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Monday, April 2, 2018

Finding Low-Cost Loans or Grants to Finance Your Homestead

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Finding Low-Cost Loans or Grants to Finance Your Homestead


   We were fortunate to have saved up a good portion of the cash we needed to finance our mini-farm.  We also made use of local labor, our own sweat equity and pre-fabricated construction of some of the outbuildings.


If spring ever arrives [it was 17 degrees this morning as I made my way to the health club at 5:30 am] we do plan to begin our annual summer list of chores to restore painted surfaces and flowers and gardens again…a never-ending cycle.


Unfortunately where we live is also a backward area in that the township, realtor and county do not list their building or living specs and requirements online.  In fact, they only recently started a web site and that is mostly to post their fees [the primary interest of government is of course, to collect money]. 


As a result, we learned after the fact of certain deficiencies which will require [what else] more money and materials.  My heart attack and recuperation put a dent in our finances which led to even higher prices as new regulations led to even higher building costs.


However, here are some avenues you might explore which could conceivably save money in your pursuit of a suitable homestead, perhaps even one that is off-grid:


Farmers Market Promotion

This promotion program was created to give an affordable way for farmers to market their produce and support regional and local agricultural sources. The funds may be used to create new or improve existing products’ sales opportunities.


FSA Operating Loan

The FSA low or no money down loans provides up to $35,000 to farmers for startup expenses.  These expenses can be utilized for the purchase of supplies like livestock, seeds, crops, fencing and machinery and fertilizer.


USDA Beginning Farms Loan

Farm loans and grants may be awarded for the purpose of converting wild acreage into pasture land and repair roads for better access and to lower stormwater run-off.


USDA Rural Development Loan

The Rural Development loans program are awarded for the purpose of agricultural land purchases.


Fannie Mae Home Ready Loan

This loan allows a borrower to have a debt to income ration higher than 45%, making it easier to receive a loan even if your credit record isn’t the best. The loan requires a 3% down payment and features reasonable interest rates.  It also allows the borrower to use funds from other government programs to pay the down-payment.

Minority and Women Farmers and Ranchers Grants and Loans

As the title implies, these homesteading grants and loans are focused on assisting Women and Minority residents.  The grants can be used for property clearing for residential use by the borrower or commercial farming.

Applicants for the loans must meet the 640+ credit score required for all farm loans.


Missouri Beef Grants

If you are an existing farmer or rancher in the state of Missouri, you can apply for a $20,000 grant.  The funds must be used for enhancements to existing agriculture endeavors for the purpose of expanding the business or modernizing the current operation.


National Sustainable Agriculture Commission Down Payment Assistance

This Commission program provides funds specifically for the purpose of making down payments.  Qualifying applicants must be beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers.

Socially disadvantaged loan applicants are categorized as at least one of the following demographics:

·         African Americans

·         Alaskan Natives

·         Asian Americans

·         Native Americans

·         Native Hawaiians

·         Hispanics

·         Pacific Islanders

·         Women

Applicants must show at least three years of farming or similar experience as well as other requirements to receive this down payment assistance.


Organic Farming Research Foundation Grants and Loans

If you are experimenting with non-traditional crops or growing operations, there are funding opportunities to help you along.

These small grants to help organic farmers to improve their operation and property are available in all 50 states.  The size of your homestead or your income is not a factor in awarding funds.

Rosefield is a classic traditional cabin, which can be built for less than $6,000. The cabin is open plan, which has the advantage of making it far easier, cheaper and quicker to build than more intricate cabins with separate rooms. This particular plan also includes a detailed cabin assembly diagram and step-by-step instructions which includes a foundation guide.  [282sf’]

Tractor or small car stuck in the mud?

Sprinkle the area with powdered hydrated or quick lime [not agricultural lime]…road builders use this to dry out and stabilize muddy soils.  Make sure to thoroughly rinse the machine off afterward.  Otherwise, the lime and dirt will harden into a cement-like deposit!



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Mineral oil or baby oil is good for dozens of applications that have nothing to do with babies. In fact, having baby oil on hand can spare you from needing to buy an array of single-purpose products — from shave gel to paper-shredder oil — that are generally more expensive.


Bruce, the Poor Man- philosopher, social critic & cynic

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