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Monday, May 7, 2018

Best and Worst Auto Insurance Firms, Worst States for Auto Insurance

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Best and Worst Auto Insurance Firms, Worst States for Insurance

Auto insurance used to be one of those bills that was generally a manageable expense that justified itself by offering you peace of mind and protection from the actions of others. While it may still be mostly manageable — and no doubt necessary — it is increasingly an expense paid with vexation.

That’s because car insurance rates are skyrocketing, particularly recently, according to a recent report from insurance search engine The Zebra. The findings, laid out in detail in the company’s State of Auto Insurance Report, reveal that auto insurance premiums have reached an all-time high and are up a whopping 20% from 2011.

There are multiple reasons for the rising rates, most of them totally out of the driver’s control. They include the expensive technology being built into vehicles these days and the higher frequency of accidents due to an increase in distracted motorists.

Best and worst auto insurers

Consumer Reports took a look at the auto insurance industry by surveying more than 64,000 readers about their satisfaction on the claims process, the cost of premiums and the overall customer experience.  [As of 2018]

Here are the winners and losers, according to the magazine:

10 top-rated insurers

(#1 is best)

  1. Amica Insurance
  2. New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company
  3. USAA Property & Casualty
  4. Auto Club Group
  5. Erie Insurance Group
  6. PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company
  7. The Cincinnati Insurance Company
  8. Auto-Owners Insurance Group of Companies
  9. Auto Club Enterprises Insurance Group
  10. Travelers Group

10 lowest-rated insurers

(#1 is worst)

  1. MAPFRE North America Group
  2. MetLife Auto & Home Group
  3. Mercury General Group
  4. Progressive Insurance Group
  5. Liberty Mutual Insurance Companies
  6. Nationwide Group
  7. Allstate
  8. Farmers Insurance
  9. Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group (Geico)
  10. State Farm



Competition is big in Ohio – and we aren’t just referring to how OSU fans feel about football. Ohio Department of Insurance Director Jillian Froment says strong competition in the auto insurance market (nearly 250 insurance companies) helps contain costs, as well as allowing Ohioans "more options to find the right policy at the right price." Froment adds that Ohio has "fair and vigilant regulations" that helps support consumers.  

Ohio’s annual average premium is $919, 30 percent cheaper than the national average – though up two percent from last year’s cost.

Ohio's recent annual auto insurance rate has been small and remained steady with inflation, Froment notes. Ohioans who have seen a bump up in auto insurance can go comparison shop and may be able to find lower premiums elsewhere.


The state with the lowest average rates? North Carolina!




We hear the word “democracy” all the time from the political class and the media class. The political elite have imbedded the word “democracy” into the public psyche. It keeps the people imagining that they are free. Here again this brainwash is complete because everybody spouts it.


Where I live in MI taxpayers are continually screwed by ineffective legislators and special interest groups.  A glaring example is the outrageous automobile insurance we are forced to pay – the highest in the nation due to its unlimited medical payouts in case of an accident…this, despite the fact we were [up until a few months ago] also forced to carry some form of medical insurance via Obamacare.  When I questioned our governor about this just short of three years ago, he promised me [in writing] that our premiums would drop by $125 each year for three years.



That never happened.  In fact, this month it was revealed to the public that rates would be going up instead of down.


As it stands, Michigan’s motorists pay 136 percent above the national average of $815 a year for a policy, with the state’s overall average coming to $1,923/annually, Detroit Free Press reports. Additionally, Wayne County is the most expensive place to have a policy in Michigan, averaging $2,789 — 45 percent above the state’s average — per year…and this due to rise again in 2018.


According to senior analyst Laura Adams, the reasons behind Michigan’s No. 1 rank are due to it being the only state to offer unlimited lifetime personal injury protection, and because it has an unusually high amount of uninsured motorists.


I contacted our state representative to find out exactly who is preventing citizens from having a choice in determining what levels of coverage they want and can afford.  His assistant did contact me by phone but was unable to provide a satisfactory answer. 


Further investigation revealed that the insurance firms and hospital industry are the two special interests fighting insurance reform…apparently, they stand to lose a lot of cash if the system were to lose our so-called no-fault system and they launched a misleading TV ad campaign to fool the public to vote against any changes which might bring Michigan in line with 49 other states and lower their costs…


So much for a democratically run state.  I may  launch a class action lawsuit in order to enact beneficial change for consumers.


In essence, I have long railed against the Washington-Wall Street Cartel and how it has screwed the Middle Class and how it has purchased politicians at the state and federal levels for pennies on the barrel head…


Donald Trump’s election gave voice to the growing conviction of many Americans that their elected officials had strayed from their constitutional obligations—that they had been derelict in allowing the destruction of limited government.


President Trump has identified a number of critical issues for our country: eliminating regulations, cutting taxes, creating jobs, enforcing immigration laws, and fixing healthcare. We will see if the President can play a critical role in shaping policy in these areas. Whether he is successful will have impact for generations to come.


But already there is much, and growing, resistance to what the President proposes be done.

This raises important questions: What is the extent and what are the limits of presidential power in regard to public policy? What is the proper relation of the president with the other two constitutional branches? And what is his relation to the “fourth branch”—the enormous federal bureaucracy?


Thomas Jefferson wrote, "Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”


There are an amazing amount of poorly informed people living in America.  We are routinely the butt of jokes among foreigners for our lack of worldly wisdom…our students often rank among the lowest in reading, math and science skills despite the highest academic spending per pupil in the world.


In that spirit, I invite you to join Hillsdale College’s 10-session online course, “The Presidency and the Constitution.” You’ll learn from our politics department faculty about the design of the executive branch in Article II; how Progressives contrived new, wide-ranging powers for the executive; and what it would take to restore limited government.


The opportunity for constitutional renewal in America is greater than it has been in decades. But it will require rededicated efforts by “We the People” - the true and only sovereign source of authority under the Constitution - to see this work through.

Register Now for Hillsdale College’s online course, “The Presidency and the Constitution.” There’s no charge to participate, and I know you will learn much that is valuable and useful.




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Larry said...

No-Fault in MI is a scam that essentially was a 'bait n switch' to the consumer who were promised lowered rates and fewer lawsuits-that NEVER happened. The lawyers, insurance firms and hospitals all profited and rates have risen to the highest in the land while politicians 'wring their hands' telling us they're working on it-BS!
The special interests have probably owned those Lansing politicians for years and we're paying through the nose for it and it adversely affects the elderly, the disabled, the poor and more.

Cindy said...

After my Dad passed away in MI we moved. The cost of living in the state is crazy high-everything from water to auto insurance and property taxes and state college tuition was over the top and with two daughters in college, we found it much cheaper to simply move to Ohio where we estimated our cost of living savings to be nearly 25 percent and the road system was better and the cultural opportunities a hell of a lot better.