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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Extensive Natural Disaster Emergency Survival Kit-VFW Fundraiser

Natural Disaster Emergency Survival Kit-VFW Fundraiser
   As I indicated a few weeks ago, I planned to host a fundraiser for the VFW.  Here is the bug-out survival package we've assembled to sell...

With Father’s Day and Memorial Day both approaching we’re selling off a big “Prepper” Emergency Survival Kit filled with a large variety of new items anyone can use get themselves through a natural or man-made disaster.  25% of the proceeds will go directly to the VFW, a longtime supporter of our troops and their families.

Here’s what’s included:

--3000W Portable Gas Stove Butane Propane Burner:

* Portable and lightweight.
* Strong bracket for stable support.
* Made of high strength copper and stainless steel.
* Direct injection fire, excellent heat efficiency.
* High-speed rotating flame, large area flame.
* A good companion for your outdoor activities.
* Material: Copper, Stainless steel and Aluminum
* Max power: 3000W
* Gas consumption: 50-100g/h
* Dimensions: (118 x 76)mm/(4.6 x 3)" (D x H)
* Hose length: 385mm/1.26FT


>Sierra Club Back-hiking pack [rucksack]


Preppers Home Database-200 Categories Pre-Installed

This is a pre-made database for IBM style computers designed with Preppers in mind to record their home inventories, supplies, stockpiles, tools, ammo, first aid supplies, seeds, stocks, etc. in order to maintain proper rotation of food supplies and inventory management in the event of man-made or natural disasters...Has 200 pre-made inventory slots but you can add more.  A $29.95 value.



>18” Machete w/ Serrated blade & Sheath


>Lockable heavy gauge construction ammo box w/ ball-style latch.


>Gordon Handheld Knife Sharpener


>70 lumen super-bright 3-1/2” Mini-flashlight


>One Sample Package of American Natural Superfood


--85 Item “on-the-go” First Aid Kit


--Survivor Fixed Blade Knife


--Dynamo/Solar Powered Radio w/ AM-FM/NOAA Weather Radio & Flashlight

>Spycraft Trip Wire Early Warning "Booby Trap" Kit + FREE 'How-To' DVD


The simple electronics are weather-proof, solid state, (even function underwater), and of course the whole thing is extremely portable, (can easily fit in your pocket).

[Normal retail is $60]


>Everstryke Match, the world's most reliable fire starter


>A Hybeam Mini flashlight


--72-hour Food4Patriots Emergency Food kit


>Outdoor Pocket Mini Emergency Survival KitOne Small Easy To Carry Box

Multi-Function Pliers With, Bright LED Light, Knife, Philips and Flathead Screwdrivers and Can Opener.

Ferro Rod And Steel To Start A Fire Wherever You Need To. Over 3,000 Degrees Will Light Nearly Anything...

Survival Whistle To Call For Help Or Signal Your Group Of Your Location

Small Travel Compass So You Always Know Which Way To Go

10-Function Stainless Steel Card Knife With Saw, Allen Wrenches, Hex Wrenches, Bottle & Can Opener, Screw Driver, Knife, Ruler, Wing-Nut Wrench, Direction Finder

Wire Saw To Cut Wood For Firewood And Path Clearing


>Amazing 37-Piece
"Pocket Survival Fishing Kit”  
DVD package you'll get.

It's almost 2-½ hours long and jam packed with tons of very cool survival tricks taught to you by the same world famous Oregon survivalist and trapper who helped us design this kit.


>Softbound copy of the:  US Army Guerrilla Warfare Handbook

>DVD – American Bad Add Survival Guide [Lock Picking Secrets + a set of master keys} and their 30-day Ultimate Guide to Fighting & Winning…an online video resource.

--An i-Phone Waterproof Pouch

--Police Magnum Pepper Spray w/ Velcro wrist/belt carry strap

--Rescue Blanket


Shipping Included

Go here to purchase:


Larry said...

Nice package & a worthwhile cause!

amr elsa said...

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Vaughn Belt said...

Nice information to ensure emergency survival