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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Studies Indicate Social Media Are Making Young Americans Lonely & Less Smart

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   Studies Indicate Social Media Are Making Young Americans Lonely & Less Smart
Researchers say loneliness is at epidemic levels in the U.S., and could rank alongside smoking and obesity [another high ranking health challenge] as a major threat to public health says a study from health insurer Cigna.  Nearly 50 percent of the 20,000 adults studied said they sometimes or always felt alone or left out.
Forty-three percent said their relationships werent meaningful, and 27% said they rarely or never felt understood.  While loneliness is often associated with aging, the survey found that the worst affected were in fact young Americans between the ages 18 and 22 who were often addicted to online porn.  [This has been growing and is estimated to be an estimated $90 billion industry].
The more society loses touch with reality, especially in relationships, the more often people tend to develop psychological problems.
Social media use, which some research has suggested can be isolating, had no obvious impact on perceived isolation.  I could have a thousand or 10,000 friends on Facebook,says Cigna chief medical officer Douglas Nemecek, but it is the meaningful in-person relationships that I have with other people that actually keep me from becoming lonely.”  Previous research has shown that loneliness is associated with many physical problems, including inflammation, a weakened immune system, heart disease, and mental decline.
People today seem to prize entertainment above substanceendless, mindless, stupid superficial diversion which has developed into a culture of celebrity worship and a culture of narcissism.
One 2010 study found that being lonely has the same effect on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a dayFurther study indicates young people seem addicted to their smart phones, unable to sleep through the night without checking them - some checking reportedly checking their phones as often as 85 times or more per day and becoming so distracted they cause bodily harm to themselves and others via auto accidents and other injuries.
Studies indicate young people in particular are very alarming as they seem to be especially disconnected from the real world.  They are enamored by pseudo events, theatrical fabrications staged by illusory media who are often cultural enablers of crap and celebrity worship.
Schools today have succeeded in their goal of dummying down students.  For decades weve witnessed the downward slide of the level of teaching materials, reading levels [or should I say, lack of reading in schools] to the point where students are taught what to think, not how to think for themselves.   
One school recently removed its analog clocks as students could no longer tell time!  Nearly one-third of our nation is illiterate and has not read a book during the past year [that percentage is 42% in Canada]the television is on average in most households six hours and 48 minutes per day spewing mindless nonsense and garbled English that would confuse anyone from the early 1900s.  It is surprising how the media degrades not only our language but humanity.  I suggest reading Bradburys Fahenheit 451 or Huxleys Brave New World for insight on how our society is evolving.
The multiple failures the have beset our nation, from a mismanaged economy to a shredded Constitution [especially under Bush Jr. & his un-Patriot Act] can be laid directly at the feet of greedy, self-serving politicians and the schools they graduated frommainly the elite such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, the University of Toronto and a few others.
I studied political science and even spent a summer session at the University of Ottawa learning how the elite think [they think of themselves and are directly responsible for the collapse of the global economy].
I later taught part time at a University in Cleveland while publishing several business journals and joined the ranks of other educators and leaders such as Dennis Kucinich, Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, and Henry Giroux [he evntually grew so frustrated with the destruction of the American education system that he moved back to Canada] who questions and critiqued the system to little avail
Well, I feel the same way.  I am disillusioned with the efforts I have put forth during the past several years with this blog and other business efforts and as I indicated a few months agothis is pretty much going to be my final posting as I am returning to the world of academia.”  I have signed up for several cultural anthropology and psychology courses which begin upon my return from a trip Im taking this week.
Even my fundraising efforts on behalf of the VFW were for naughtIm arranging with an auction firm to sell those goods and the proceeds will be given to the VFW.
Ill likely publish an article now and then but since Ill be busy with the coursework which arrived today and with travel to the four-corners area of the southwest to further my studies of Native American culture, I may simply start a new writing venture instead.
Hast luego!
Bruce the Poor Man
Final BiteSome of What Ill be Studying [a continuation]:
It has become a normal everyday occurrence to see people, of all ages and walks of life, constantly staring at screens. Cell phones, laptops, and tablets have taken precedence over actual human interaction. While shopping in grocery stores and malls, eating in restaurants, and even while enjoying a late afternoon stroll in a park, you can count more people staring a screen than not. Is this digital fascination dumbing down the nation? And if so, how do we correct the decline in human interaction and reserve the addictive, and often times negative, thought processes the internet allures to. Can we unite as a solid union to ensure that we successfully protect the next generation and our families and friends from this “dumbing down?” Is there an inevitable doom? Are there consequences for falling victim to the internet addiction? Could a digital diet teach a few valuable lessons to both the young and the old?  Probably not is what my preliminary investigation reveals.
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Larry said...

This coincides with my personal observations about how dumb the young are becoming-hell, they can't spell or make change. Of course, there are exceptions. I applaud your new pursuits but will miss your writings as they are among the few I actually look forward to and hopefully, you'll still post now and then. Best of success in your new pursuits and adventures especially out west.

Cynthia said...

I's no secret the younger generation has been getting painfully dumber for years and an over reliance of shiny objects has tuned them out of interaction and self awareness.

DAR said...

I for one will miss your missives. Hopefully, you'll continue to post some now and then and good luck with your academic adventures.
Suggestion: Perhaps a new platform might work better. Blogger doesn't seem to work well for a lot of people I know.