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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Internet Cartels Are Censoring Your Freedoms-Get the Free Report "Censored"

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Internet Cartels Censor Your Freedom
   Corporate America has been captured by far-left social activists as I’ve reported in regard to Florida teenager David Hogg who became a CNN darling as their voice for demanding gun control laws [never defined of course and that darn old Second Amendment stands in the way of those gun-grabbers].
Some idiotic retailers decided it was good business to raise the purchase age of a rifle to 21…that has hurt Walmart and other retailers.  If the Democrats have their way [should they take enough seats] they hope to enact a law whereby Americans will be required to pass a background check and be 21 to purchase ammunition EACH time they make a purchase, putting a tremendous burden on retailers that don’t sell firearms and are not set up to call in background checks.
Some banks such as Citibank have colluded to declare people old enough to serve in the armed forces aren’t old enough to make such purchases by refusing payment processing to businesses that legally sell guns to adults age 18-20.
Hogg pressured major corporations to punish media personality Laura Ingraham of Fox news to pull advertising from her show after he complained that she called him a “whiner” and like sheep, some advertisers did!
Although Hogg is allowed to hurl profanity and insults against pro-Second Amendment advocates, those of us in the media are apparently banned from saying anything to him [his retorts to me failed as I told him to go serve a stint in the Army and then let me know how he felt].
As we all know the internet is becoming much less free due to powerful left-wing ‘gate-keepers’ such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube [which is pulling any video showing viewers how to make their own ammo for instance].  Other left-wing groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center [which deserves to be banned for its own brand of hate] and the Anti-Defamation League which produces a so-called “Online Hate Index,” document listing words strongly associated with hate speech including [stupidly so] such as ‘culture,’ ‘country,’ ‘nation,’ and ‘white.’  Sounds like these mental midgets need policing…I wonder who set them up as judge?
America used to embrace free speech until idiot anti-freedom groups such as these came along to act as internet police without any authority…best to ignore these morons and keep freedom of thought alive.

The Alternative?
We could be headed to the Chinese model which is rolling out a model where every citizen will have a mandated social credit score.  The score will be based largely on online behaviors.  What you buy, what sites you visit, and the things you say on social media will determine your score [and as a consequence, if you’ll be allowed to ride public transportation, rent an apartment, attend school, etc.].
The Chinese is notorious for censoring the internet while in the United States we’re experiencing a growth of ‘soft’ censorship in the form of de-platforming and curating by a small handful of powerful corporations who have taken it upon themselves to control 90% of the internet [apparently buying off enough politicians in order to achieve what they want].
The Media Research Center has documented how and why this disgusting form of censorship is taking place in a new report titled:  Censored!  How Online Media Companies Are Suppressing Conservative Speech”  - it takes a hard look at the pervasive and unethical censorship strategies of major tech firms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google.
 You can download a free copy from their site at:

Example of censorship - an email I received while writing this blog…

 Our Lawsuit Continues Against Tech Giants YouTube/Google For Censoring Our Videos

Dear Freedom Lover,
In case you haven’t heard of us, PragerU is a conservative educational non-profit that reaches millions of young people on the internet every day. PragerU was founded by nationally-syndicated radio host and bestselling author Dennis Prager.
We’re writing to you because PragerU is currently fighting for freedom of speech through a lawsuit against video giant YouTube for its systematic censorship of our videos.
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DAR said...

It's like you describe in the book you wrote about how to survive the Washington-Wall Street Cartel...the online empire has been wrestled down to a few giants such as Google/YouTube and Microsoft and they are the controlling gatekeepers and their goal is to re-mold society in the fashion they want. Screw Facebook. Anyone who still uses that pathetic piece of online crap is an idiot.
I'm glad to see you have duckduck as an alternative posted on your blog site here!
You are one of a handful of practice what you preach and offer us tools we need to escape some of the insanity that afflicts DC, the nation and the world.

Connie said...

Frankly, I don't trust any of them. I too dropped FB, and I no longer use google and many other sites...all they do is spy on you.

Larry said...

The internet was supposed to open up a new brave world and as always a few jackals have to spoil it - it never fails.

Yvonne said...

Ran across this - worth a share:
As the world grapples with Facebook’s numerous data breaches, along with the revelation that Google holds a lot more of our personal data than Facebook does, one Seattle-based entrepreneur recently launched a new social media platform called TopTopic, which allows users to actually generate income from their content while also respecting users’ privacy.