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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

In this world, there are different kinds of enemies that we face

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In this World, there are different kinds of enemies.


Darth Vader was hell-bent on destroying humanity and enticing innocents to the "dark side."


Produce manufacturers are haunted not only by their direct competitors, but also by the giant salty snack conglomerates that are purveyors of instant gratification but lack nutritional value.


Kids in troubled urban areas with failing schools face the enemy of illiteracy.


On your path, you will inevitably encounter enemy forces.


Sometimes, however, the real enemy is not who you think and not so easy to identify. It's easy to blame others, play the victim card, and throw our hands up in helpless despair. While tempting, it doesn't get you off the hook for taking personal responsibility for the outcomes you seek.


The biggest enemies we face may not be others, but internal enemies such as fear, impatience, greed, laziness, and distraction.


Enemies generally fall into four categories, which we’ll discuss today.


The first and most obvious kinds of enemies are your fellow humans. They may be the CEO of your big competitor, your arch rival in sports, a gun-wielding maniac, or an abusive spouse (just to name a few!). Human enemies are the people who create the biggest roadblocks to your survival and progress.


The second kind of enemy is the organization. This includes but is not limited to the regulatory bodies that withhold approvals, competitive companies or teams, and lobbying groups peddling legislation that could hamper you.


While human enemies may be the easiest to identify, the third and most common kinds of enemies are internal factors. These enemies are the most difficult to identify and conquer. Your mindset on tenacity, learning, growth, courage, and commitment fall into this category.


The fourth enemy is natural forces. Think the 26.2 miles of road during your marathon attempt, the pollution you seek to eliminate, the cancer cells you're driven to vaporize, the threat of nuclear war. Humans have worked to assert their will over nature since the beginning of time.


Even if these enemies feel overwhelming, creative solutions can be uncovered to conquer nearly any opponent (think David vs. Goliath).


Don't let your enemies lurk in the dark. Instead, bring them into the bright sunlight by identifying, examining, and exposing them.


Use these negative forces to get fired up and strengthen your resolve. Nothing makes you want to win more than knowing someone is waiting for you to fail, so make it your mission to prove them wrong. Every small victory along the way will build your confidence and focus.

Know thy enemy. And conquer away.

Always Safe, Always Prepared,


Frank Mitchell


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Lucy said...

There's an uber-leftist newsletter published out of Lansing, MI called Michigan Advance. Yesterday they were drooling over the fact a few small groups of anti-Trumpers were going to demonstrate in favor of impeachment. Lots of stupid socialist types in MI [where's my free obamaphone?] who are unable to reason for themselves & blindly suck of the Dem-Socialist Kool-Aid...On the other side however, plenty of voters showed up at a newly elected Slotkin speech to ridicule her support for impeachment. She's a former CIA analyst who must not have good at her job if she can't even see how dumb this charade is.

Ron said...

As far as I'm concerned, the Socialist-Democrats are the primary enemy to our freedom & wealth; they are now the party of hate.