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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

How Radical Prosecutors Seek to Overthrow Justice, the Rule of Law

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This is How Radical Prosecutors Seek to Overthrow Justice and the Rule of Law

By Newt Gingrich and Sean Kennedy

When an extreme leftist won election to be the chief prosecutor for San Francisco, most right-minded people might have dismissed the outcome as par for the course in the liberal City by the Bay.

But that would have been a mistake. When San Franciscans elected Chesa Boudin, they didn’t vote in a run-of-the-mill progressive out to decriminalize property violations and spout “soft-on-crime” slogans. They elected the former advisor to Venezuela’s leftist dictator Hugo Chavez. Boudin is the tip of the spear in a revolutionary effort to upend the American system of justice – from within.

Consider his background.

In 1981, Boudin’s parents, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, left their infant son with a babysitter before they helped orchestrate the robbery of a Brinks truck – in which its security guard and two police officers were murdered. Kathy Boudin actively distracted Nyack police, who had stopped the get-a-away truck, and convinced them to put away their drawn weapons. Seconds later, her accomplices jumped out of the truck and executed two of the officers and wounded others.

Legally adopted by domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernice Dorhn, Chesa Boudin has repeatedly downplayed the crimes of his parents and the terrorist group Weather Underground – including numerous bombings, violent prison breaks, and other robberies.

His parents’ heinous crimes were committed on behalf of an extremist break-away faction of the terrorist group, which is dedicated to the violent overthrow the US government. They did face justice and were sent to prison for their violent acts. However, now District Attorney-elect Boudin considers imprisonment “an act of violence in and of itself.”

He offers non-specified interventions to eradicate the conditions that “cause” criminal behavior. At the same time, he specifically plans to end enforcement against public urination, prostitution, and public drug use – and further decriminalize theft. This is just the opposite tack that turned New York City around under former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

Broadly, Boudin has pledged to simply flout the laws he disagrees with saying, a “district attorney can challenge the legitimacy of laws by declining to bring charges in certain cases.”

This is the same approach the bigoted prosecutors, judges, and juries of the Deep South took toward crimes against African Americans for decades. It does not only undermine the rule of law – it erases it.

So, why does the radical son of terrorists in the leftist capital of America matter to you? Because his comrades are coming to your prosecutor’s office, if they aren’t already there.

Extreme leftist candidates have won dozens of local district attorney elections (from liberal big cities such as Boston and Philadelphia, to moderate suburban counties such as Fairfax, Virginia and Harris County, Texas). Billionaire progressive activist George Soros and his myriad organizations pour millions into these normally low-spending, local elections.

The progressive left has ousted longtime prosecutors in places such as St. Louis, and its members are not finished – they are only getting started.

The leftwing is even targeting Democrats. Jackie Lacey, the first African American and first woman to lead the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, which covers more than 10 million people, faces a carpetbagging competitor in George Gascon. Gascon resigned as the elected district attorney in San Francisco just to run against Lacey in the Democratic primary – funded, of course, by Soros and his allies. (Meanwhile, Gascon’s former colleagues in San Francisco have endorsed Lacey.)

The consequences of this radical leftwing effort are dire for residents.

In Philadelphia, where leftist Larry Krasner took office as the city’s district attorney in 2018, violent crime has risen in city. This year alone, gun assaults are up by 11 percent, murders jumped 6 percent, and robberies increased by 7 percent. And there’s a direct link between the spike in crime and the district attorney’s approach to prosecuting offenders. Krasner has dismissed charges against violent criminals at an eye-popping rate: 57 percent higher dismissal rate that his predecessor for homicide and 15 percent for all violent crimes – while obtaining 7 percent fewer violent crime convictions. Among so-called nonviolent offenders, 45 percent of suspected drug dealers have had their cases dismissed.

The same story is playing out across the country. Serious offenses and quality of life crimes go unchecked by these progressive prosecutors, who put ideology above public safety.

In Dallas, newly sworn in District Attorney John Creozot announced he would not prosecute drug offenses or theft under $750. A massive violent crime spike followed, especially in South Dallas. With an ineffectual police chief and deluded district attorney blaming poverty for crime, Texas Governor Greg Abbott acted to stop the bloodshed and sent in state troopers to police the area. Violent crime tumbled 24 percent within a few months.

Meanwhile, in St. Louis, a left-wing district attorney has driven 65 of her own career prosecutors out of public service – more than 100 percent turnover. A similar exodus of veteran and accomplished prosecutors is occurring in Philadelphia, Houston, and Denver.

The crime-fighting professionals who have devoted their lives to public safety would be right to feel under siege as their supposed colleagues and superiors denigrate, distrust, and desert them. Progressive district attorneys seem to disdain their prosecutors and the front-line police officers with whom they are supposed to work. Boston’s district attorney declined to prosecute Antifa rioters who threw bottles of urines at police.

Meanwhile, some of these officials have publicly declared law enforcement to be inherently racist. Others, such as Baltimore District Attorney Marilyn Mosby – who presides over the highest murder rate in the country – suggests with no evidence that “hundreds” in the city’s police force are corrupt liars.

Meanwhile, this summer, six Philadelphia police officers were shot by a career violent felon in a stand-off. Bystanders taunted the officers and threw objects at them. Philly’s federal prosecutor, William McSwain, laid the incident and rising crime at Krasner’s feet, saying “the crisis was precipitated by a stunning disrespect for law enforcement.”

Krasner, who made his career suing the police 75 times, had previously called law enforcement racist and “war criminals,” but his election victory party two years ago further clarified his approach as supporters chanted “F--- the Police.”

A familiar chant went up at the victory party of Boudin: “F—the POA [Police Officers Association].”

Boudin and others’ disdain for public safety, the rule of law, and the brave men and women who police our streets and put away violent criminals is dangerous and disturbing. It is a fundamental violation of their oath to “well and faithfully discharge the duties [they are] about to enter.”

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Larry said...

The illustration about George Orwell was right sums it up perfectly-saw something on Tucker about this, in particular, the idiot in Philly who is gutting citizens rights in favor of criminals when in reality, he's a criminal.