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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Socialists are like a plague of locusts eating away at America

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Socialists are like a plague of locusts eating away at America

Do You Want a Bigger Nanny State; to Give Up More Freedom?

If so, let the socialist-Democrats finish their coup against the citizens and Pres. Trump.

If you don’t like the fact that our economy has resurged and employment is the best it has been in 40 years, let the socialists destroy our nation with higher taxed, more job killing regulations, the elimination of our energy sector and a complete gutting of the health care system.

Abandon your independence and bow to the state.

Using a Soviet strategy called the ‘Popular Front,’ American Communists [during the Depression] tried enhancing their image pretending to be average Americans; ingratiating themselves with Hollywood stars, involvement as populists in government at all levels-they’re replicating that strategy now w/ help of Justice Democrats, an offshoot of the Communist PartyUSA.


As Winston Churchill noted, “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” And education is the surest way to defeat it.


Manipulative Leftist media has launched a non-stop barrage of misleading anti-Trump propaganda to Kool-Aid guzzling sand-for-brains citizens who have been indoctrinated by socialist schools not to think [just what to think]…


Most of us are tired of vitriol-spewing Leftists who promote ‘victimhood,’ the politics of envy and gender identity politics, and non-stop hate and division and racial divide.

Rude, crude stupid and divisive these lame Lefties can’t simply wait for the coming election, they’re trying to scuttle the election in advance since all of their previous ‘dump Trump’ efforts were a fiasco.  Every day I speak w. folks who are angry as hell with them; assuring Trump’s victory.

Attorney General Bill Barr: "Among the militant secularism are many of the so-called progressives, but where is the progress? We are told we are living in a post-Christian era, but what has replaced the Judeo-Christian moral system?"

Our schools and media have become socialist house organs for the Left; hell bent on undermining our rights, private property rights, eroding the rule of law, etc.  We’ve long championed home schooling as a means of circumventing their agenda.  Here are a few organizations to consider patronizing:

·         The Avalon Project

·         Atlas Economic Research Foundation


·         The CATO Institute


·         Heritage Foundations


·         Hillsdale College*


·         Chapman University



Read my full series here on how socialists plan to take over America or Socialism on the Rise

>Or click on the rest of these links to educate yourself just how bad socialism is for America!



*Because of generous donors like you, Hillsdale remains independent, not accepting even one penny of state or federal taxpayer funding—even indirectly in the form of student grants or loans.

Trump stands in the way of a complete socialist takeover of the United States – this is why they are so relentless in their attempts at unseating Trump…I find too many, especially those under age 30, are guzzling gallons of what I call ‘Communist Kool-Aid.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tapped Congressman Adam Schiff to call the shots on the Democrats' impeachment witch hunt.

Schiff is trying to hold the Democrats together while fooling the American people into supporting impeachment based on a fake scandal.

Overwhelming Numbers of the over 50 crowd DO NOT SUPPORT IMPEACHMENT


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Brad said...

Everything we need to know about how socialism crushes people is here-how many are paying attention? Thanks for this valuable resource.

Rick said...

We should have listened to Gen. Patton at the end of WWII & invaded the USSR right then! Today's pampered pansie generation are idiots who blindly follow whatever those Leftist Dem misfits feed them; a generation which doesn't know how to think for themselves...good little socialist zombies.

Mandy said...

They're gangsters in my opinion. CNNs Democratic 'playoff' last night revealed how unhinged and what liars they are. Given the chance they'll bankrupt America, tax the hell out of citizens, burn the Bill of Rights...