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Monday, October 7, 2019

Impeachment process a sham-Gullible Americans being duped-Again!

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Impeachment process a sham-Gullible Americans being duped-Again!

 Conservatives still don’t realize what is about to happen.  The Democrats have already decided that articles of impeachment will be drafted, and they are planning on a vote by the end of this year.  Of course it is entirely possible that the timeline could get pushed back a bit, but this things is actually going to happen.  Many still seem to believe that the Democrats are going to “evaluate the evidence” before deciding what to do, but the truth is that most of them already have their minds made up.  For example, just check out what U.S. Representative Ted Lieu told CNN on Friday

During an appearance on CNN Friday, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said there was “more than enough” evidence to draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Lieu said, “Impeachment is one of the greatest powers of Congress. It should always be our last option, reserved only for those instances until we can’t wait until the next election. We’re at one of those times because the president continues to solicit foreign powers to interfere in our electoral politics.

Once the Democrats in the House vote to impeach Trump, a trial will be held in the Senate.

Theoretically, Trump should win in the Republican-controlled Senate, but the way Mitt Romney is talking is making a lot of people very nervous.

President Trump has posted yet another tweet that is likely to elicit howls of outrage from the left.  In the tweet, he claims that he has “an obligation to end CORRUPTION, even if that means requesting the help of a foreign country or countries.”  And he is exactly correct. 

But the Democrats are trying to twist Trump’s request of help from Ukraine into a campaign finance violation, which as I pointed out yesterday is absolutely absurd

Pelosi’s Rigged Game and Hyde-Rodino Rules for Fairness

If you want proof that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are creating a rigged game that sets up a coup to destroy the President, simply look at the last two legitimate impeachment efforts — in 1973 and 1998.

Both Democratic Judiciary Committee Chairman Peter Rodino in 1973 and Republican Judicial Committee Chairman Henry Hyde in 1998 set a standard for fairness and operated with a judicial temperament of seeking the truth rather than maximizing partisan advantage

In 1973, Rodino set the gold standard for fairness. The rights of the minority were protected. The American people’s right to know what was going on was protected. Chairman Rodino himself set a standard for fairness and seriousness as a congressman exercising constitutional oversight.

In fact, the Rodino Rules for bipartisanship were widely considered so fair and legitimate that when we were faced with a Special Counsel Report charging that President Clinton had committed 11 potentially impeachable offenses, our initial response was bipartisan. Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt and I held a joint press conference announcing that we had agreed the entire report should be published so the American people could make up their own minds.

Compare their behavior with the wild lies Chairman Adam Schiff has been telling for two years – first about the Russian collusion hoax and now about the Ukrainian absurdity. If you read the opening statements of Rodino and Hyde, and then look at the profoundly dishonest, totally made up, and entirely false opening statement of Schiff, you can see the difference between people who are trying to uphold the rule of law and people who seek to destroy a president at any cost.

The result of these two very different approaches can be seen in the voting pattern in the House. In November 1973, the House voted to fund the investigation into President Nixon on a bipartisan 367-51 vote. By February 1974, everyone was so convinced that Rodino was being fair and non-partisan that the resolution to conduct a formal investigation passed 410-4.

When we were faced with the Starr Report we were in a more polarized environment. The Clinton team had concluded that they had to run a very partisan defense. Despite the intense efforts of James Carville and others to polarize the Democrats, we continued to push with Henry Hyde in an open way.

The result of our openness was that a substantial number of Democrats continued to vote with us on the procedures despite intense pressure from the White House and outside groups. In September 1998, the House voted to release the Starr Report by 363-63 (9 failed to vote). Among Democrats, 138 voted to proceed in a fair way and only 63 voted against investigating President Clinton.

Think about that. In 1998 we carried House Democrats by better than 2:1 to investigate President Clinton.

In the current atmosphere – with the dishonest, one-sided rigged game, and indeed, an obvious liar as chair of the investigation – can you imagine two-thirds of the House Republicans voting with Pelosi and Schiff for a witch hunt conducted under totally partisan rules?

Everyone who is interested in better understanding how fair people used judicial standards and basic fairness in 1973 and 1998 should read former Congressman and current Judge Jim Rogan’s personal history of the process in an important book: Catching Our Flag: Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Impeachment.

It will make crystal clear that the current partisan actions are a complete sham.

Personally, I find the efforts of the Left date to before he even took office and part of their long-standing goal of reshaping our nation into one of a socialist country.  I strongly suspect Obama, Clinton and that extreme hateful Soros is behind much of this…

Five legal experts and a former AG of the United States [appearing on different Fox News shows] have all said Trump did not violate any laws in his Ukraine conversation…yet, Dem-Socialists rant and hyperventilate trying to inflame citizens against him…terrifying in their non-stop effort to unseat him and defy the will of the voters.

Do you think President Donald Trump should be impeached?

No, he shouldn't



Yes, he should



Did you hear about KFC’s new Pelosi Meal: All left wings and & Chicken S___T!


The Washington Post awarded “Four Pinocchios” to Schiff on Friday, claiming he hadn't told the truth about his knowledge of the whistleblower...Read More

Apparently, launching an impeachment inquiry on phony pretenses does not come without consequences…

Rudy Giuliani, once dubbed “America’s Mayor” and now serving as President Trump’s personal attorney, isn’t taking the hits sitting down. House Democrats may soon regret their choices.



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As you can see America is much more lopsided on National Security Needs than the “Fake News,” media reports.

It’s because they want 100% of the control & power over us.

Control our government.
Control our guns.
Control our views.
Control our finances.

…and then the power is all theirs.

-The Capital Hill Team


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Greg said...

The liberal media gleefully supports this BS beating up Trump relentlessly-gullible is a good choice of words to describe many citizens unable to think for themselves and see through the onslaught bullcrap propaganda.

Kathy said...

Eliminate CONGRESS. It is our worst enemy within government. The media is the worst enemy outside of Congress, not to mention “teachers”

Robin said...

Quite honestly, we're sick n tired of the anti-Trump morons in Congress and the media-Fricking Congress hasn't done a damn thing in the past three years-only Trump has despite the crap from the Left!

Sam said...

Those ignorant few who are protesting in support of impeachment are dumber than a box of rocks-a product of the socialist educational system; unable to think for themselves.