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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Hey Democrats-Thanks for Dividing our Nation!

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Hey Democrats-Thanks for Dividing our Nation!

   An open letter to all you Trump hating, red tape spewing, job strangling unelected bureaucrats, the socialists in Congress and the ‘wannabe’ socialists and communists on campus and in our communities, those lewd alternative lifestyle spewing deranged morons in Hollywood and New York, to the deranged Leftist media, etc.

You’ve divided our country.

The Democrats hate President Trump and taxpayers…Pelosi has a new plan which would tax US pharmaceutical companies [meaning higher drug prices ] and have sat on the new USMCA treaty in order to deprive Trump of a political win…Clinton’s NAFTA plan killed thousands of US jobs you may recall.]

We here in flyover country, the deplorables as we’re called us,  do not like your anti-America, Bill of Rights robbing, disrespectful crap.  The approval rating for Congress is far less than for Donald Trump. It has made a mockery of ethics with its non-stop witch hunts of POTUS and the media is in lock step with your unethical behavior.

You’ve mocked traditional American values, religion, and have undermined our educational system. You denigrate life with your unlimited abortion on demand proposals and over the years, have undermined free speech.

This non-stop hatred for Trump, despite all that he’s accomplished for Americans, has got to stop.  Even RINOs are helping to undermine our nation vs. standing strong for Trump…

The Democrats never should have gone down this road, and even if everything they are alleging is true there is nothing that Trump has done that represents a “high crime or misdemeanor”.

And with Republicans in control of the U.S. Senate, you would think that Trump should be feeling quite safe.

Now that Democrats have launched an impeachment inquiry, they'll need to convince 20 Republicans in the Senate to vote to convict and remove him from power.

That's not happening - so what is their end game?

It's not just to damage Trump politically for 2020. When Republicans impeached Clinton, his approval rating skyrocketed to 70% -- which is a major reason Pelosi didn't want to impeach Trump until now

Unfortunately, so far only seven Republicans have publicly stated that they have ruled out removing Trump from office, and most Republican Senators are purposely refusing to take any sort of a public stand.  Here are a few examples

§ Sen. James Risch (R-Idaho): Sen. James Risch (R-Idaho): “I’m a juror and I’m comfortable not speaking.”

§ Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.): “I’d be a juror, so I have no comment.”

§ Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.): “I don’t need a strategy for impeachment because I may be a juror someday.

§ Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine)“I am very likely to be a juror so to make a predetermined decision on whether or not to convict a president of the United States does not fulfill one’s constitutional responsibilities.”

So much for loyalty.  President Trump recently endorsed Senator Risch, and this is how he is repaying Trump?

If the Republicans in the Senate came together and released a public statement in which they pledged not to remove Trump from office, that would immediately suck all the life out of the impeachment process.

But they are not going to do that.  In fact, there are persistent rumors that quite a few Republican Senators are ready to stab Trump in the back.

Whether you support Donald Trump or not, the truth is that every American should be deeply alarmed by what is happening in Washington right now.  In 1835, Alexis de Tocqueville warned us that this might happen someday: “A decline of public morals in the United States will probably be marked by the abuse of the power of impeachment as a means of crushing political adversaries or ejecting them from office.”

The scenario that he warned about is playing out right in front of us, and if Donald Trump is removed from office it is going to cause irreparable damage to our system of government.

Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’



The Democratic Party doesn’t exist anymore.

They’re now the Democratic-Socialist Party. They’ve moved so far left that they even consider the radical liberal policies of Barack Obama to be too moderate.

The party that wants open borders, gun confiscation, and skyrocketing tax-rates for the middle class will NEVER control the White House.

Right now is too important a time for Patriotic Americans like you to sit on the sidelines while Nancy Pelosi and her MOB tear up the Constitution to try to IMPEACH President Trump.

Democrats have been trying to figure out a way to remove Donald Trump from office since his 1st day.  Trump was under investigation even before he won the election, and it has literally been a miracle that his presidency has been able to survive for as long as it has.

They’ve leveled every insult and accusation at him [supported by a complicit media] which have backfired on them; yet no one seems to suffer any consequences for their actions.

The Democrat-Socialists have been deceitful, derisive and divisive with their smear campaigns, sewing seeds of hatred throughout the country. Further, they’ve been obstructive on our national security [more worried about Syrian borders than our own] and have even held up passage of the new NAFTA treaty which would do great things for America and its workforce.

I think this impeachment circus is just a sideshow meant to distract Americans from full realization that Dems represent a do-nothing Congress who have a lower public approval rating than the President.

This is all a socialist strategy to undermine our Republic.  They’ve become the party of intolerance, about as useful as a condom in a convent.

Democrats really don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot…

For the better part of three years, Democrats in Congress went all in on the probe into President Donald Trump’s non-existent ties with the Russian government. When Republicans objected, Democrats accused them of trying to hide vital information from the American people.

Well, now that it’s the Democrats being investigated, progressives seem to have a change of heart.


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Kate said...

Reports are now surfacing the so-called 'whistleblower' is a Deep State plant from traitorous Brennan & has ties to Biden. These devious Dems are a cancer on our nation.

Sally said...

Dems really are sick-their takeover of America will fail despite all of the BS attempts to unseat our president.