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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Trump’s Transparency is driving the Left Crazy


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Trump's Transparency is Driving the Left Nuts (and Messing Up Their Impeachment Dreams)

“He wasn't supposed to release the transcripts. Or the whistleblower report. He was expected to do what any president would have done – what President Obama always did. Hide the evidence,” former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) writes in Fox News.

“As House Democrats rolled out their latest meticulously choreographed, perfectly timed, and broadly coordinated attack on President Trump, they weren't counting on the president's unprecedented transparency. Nobody releases a transcript of calls between heads of state. But Donald Trump did.”

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See for yourself: Read the full transcript of President Trump’s call.


Hitler said “tell a big lie often enough and people will believe it.’ This seems to be the strategy of the Democratic-Socialists…their goal seems to be a complete take-over of our nation; voters be damned.


   Given the socialist platform of so-called Dems, I see them practicing the old Stalinist credo against Trump: “show me the man, I’ll find the crime.”

Based on flimsy, nonsensical evidence which runs counter to what a president can legally do, it is apparent Dems are still driving their hysterical witch hunt narrative to unseat Trump and with the socialist goal of depriving Americans of their vote…ironic how they never indicted Clinton for her illegal server and destruction of phones, laptops and emails despite being ordered not to.  Comey & Mueller were in lockstep to nullify any legal proceedings against her but it is all-out war on Trump.  As socialists they’re taking pages from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

I have just filed an ethics complaint with the Chair of the Office of Congressional Ethics outlining Schiff's flagrant violation of the law to obtain opposition research on President Trump.


 Evidence has surfaced to prove that Adam Schiff himself actually DID attempt to collude with a foreign government to obtain compromising pictures of President Trump! > Jon Hollis


Deranged Dems keep failing but still salivate over any prospect of removing Trump. Any excuse will do so they can rule the roost & who knows, perhaps the whispers of a Civil War will erupt?!

Most of us see through the sham Democrat-Socialists are pulling w/ an impeachment hearing. Their effort is transparent & never-ending. Our entire family wrote letters to our elected reps telling them we DO NOT SUPPORT their effort. Further, we want Biden to be investigated and Schiff censured.  Consider doing the same w/ your reps.
Just yesterday, the GOP filed motions of censure against "Shifty" Schiff, the liar on the Left!




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Bill said...

I think it is apparent this is an attempted take-over of our country by socialists-so far, it's an unarmed Civil War, but, I fear what might come as a result of these morons.

Dave said...

They've been planning this since the day Trump took office [or before] & even the dirty FBI [Comey & gang] did their best to frame & dethrone Trump...those traitors belong in prison!

Wayne said...

Frankly, we're amazed at how the Left has hoodwinked as many 'head in the sand' citizens-must be these simians are products of the socialist school system.

Tammy said...

New polls shows support for President Trump growing despite impeachment campaign by Democrats
>>Not one of our friends is swallowing the line of crap Dems are feeding the fake news outlets. It is amazing how many ignorant idiots seem to support this & wonder why they don't support investigations into Biden & Son [probably the same lame group who still believe Hillary did no wrong with her illegal home server & destruction of 30K emails, Blackberry phones & lap tops].

Barb said...

Democrats & their loony media supporters are off the charts w/ hysteria [again] against Trump-and as usual, they're wrong.


"Democrats were salivating on air and off about today's testimony by