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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Path To True Financial Independence

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The Path To True Financial​ ​Independence Means Financial Education

   Today’s generation is much less self reliant than previous ones; few, it seems, even know what the Boy Scouts are or anything about budgeting.  I blame this on schools and parents who often live paycheck to paycheck-EVEN well paid government employees were whining after going a few weeks without a paycheck.  Seems no one sets aside any cash for emergencies but all have plenty to purchase $1,000 I-Phones [which support Communist China].

Rich Man-Poor Man offers five solid principles:

1[ The poor and the middle-class work for money. The rich have money work for them.

2] It’s not how much money you make that matters. It’s how much money you keep.

3] Rich people acquire assets. The poor and middle class acquire liabilities that they think are assets.

4] Financial aptitude is what you do with money once you make it, how you keep people from taking it from you, how to keep it longer, and how you make money work hard for you.

5] The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind.

These principles work no matter what the economy is doing.


The Path To True Financial​ ​Independence Means Financial Education

In today's economy, it's much riskier to rely on your employer for your well-being than it is to become financially educated and to invest your money wisely. It's also risky to put your money in the bank and collect interest that barely covers inflation. And if inflation really takes off, you'll actually lose money.

As many people learned over the last decade, it's risky to consider yourpersonal home as your primary investment. And it's risky to put all yourhope in a broker and a 401(k) for your retirement investments.

Today, if you want to be financially secure and free, you must learn to invest (click here to learn how you can start).

5 Things that Happen to People When They Don’t Invest

Learning to invest is important because it's the key to financial​ ​independence. Five things happen to those who don't know how to invest, who do not invest, and who invest poorly.

1. They work hard all their lives

2. They worry about money all their lives

3. They depend on others, such as family, a company pension, or the government to take care of them

4. The boundaries of their lives are defined by money

5. They don't know what true freedom is

Growing up, my “rich dad” said, "You will never know true freedom until you achieve financial​ ​independence." By this he meant that learning to invest is more important than learning a profession.

Unfortunately, learning a profession is what most education in our schools is built to do. Our schools are good at training employees but not investors who understand how money works.

The result is an army of people who are afraid of money and investing, and who, for their living, rely on those who understand money and investing, like their employer or their landlord.

Rich dad also said, "When you learn a profession, let's say to be a doctor, you learn how to work for money. Learning to invest is learning how to have money work for you. The moment you have money work for you, you have your ticket to freedom."

Valuable Investing Lessons from My Rich Dad

My rich dad played Monopoly® in real life, and he often took his son and me to see his real-life houses and hotels. Watching my rich dad, I learned many valuable lessons about investing, some of which are:

  • Investing is not risky
  • Investing is fun
  • Investing can make you very, very rich
  • Investing can set you free from the struggle of earning for a living and worrying about money

In other words, if you are financially educated, you can build a pipeline of cash flow for life by investing — a pipeline that produces cash in good times and bad times, in markets that both boom and bust.

Don't risk your future by believing the lie that investing is risky. It's not, and you can be free.

Today, I encourage you to begin your financial education and to move from the risky life of an employee to the financially free life of an investor.

I want you to be rich, and so does Donald Trump.

Before Donald Trump was president, he sat down with me to write a book. It was called Why We Want You to Be Rich.

As the title suggests, it’s designed to help everyday Americans retire wealthy! Click here now to claim your copy for $1.

Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’


A foreign super-government now has the power to regulate what you can and can’t see on the internet.

Following a controversial court ruling that garnered almost no major media coverage in the United States, foreign bureaucrats won the power to censor free speech on social media sites.

And, things are only going to get worse from here…

Socialism appears to be on the rise in our country, especially among the young, and we want to understand the extent of that support.

That’s why you have been selected by Hillsdale College to represent your state in a National Survey on Socialism.

With your response, you will help Hillsdale College more clearly understand the views of mainstream Americans—views that we will make available to policymakers and opinion leaders.

Every month, Hillsdale College is reaching millions of Americans with educational outreach. Your response to this National Survey on Socialism is essential in helping us form the most effective strategy in fighting for the future of our country.

So please give your views on the political, media, and cultural forces that are promoting socialism in our country today, by completing this National Survey on Socialism:

Many, especially under 30, seem incapable of managing their money…

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Using a Soviet strategy called the ‘Popular Front,’ American Communists [during the Depression] tried enhancing their image pretending to be average Americans; ingratiating themselves w/ Hollywood stars, involvement as populists in gov’t at all levels-they’re replicating that strategy now w/ help of Justice Democrats-More at:


The Reliant

After an innocent trip to the store ends in rioting and chaos, father of five, Rick (Kevin Sorbo), rushes home desperate to gather his family and find safety. His plans are dashed when the very same armed men suddenly appear, led by the ruthless Jack (Brian Bosworth). Caught in the deadly crossfire, the children are forced to seek shelter in the surrounding woods.

Alone and vulnerable, the children's faith and family bonds are pushed to the limit, especially those of the eldest daughter, Sophie (Mollee Gray), who questions the morality of gun ownership but soon learns that in God all things are good, including her family's Second Amendment right to defend themselves. It is now up to the children to reclaim their home, find their parents and put an end to Jack's rampage.

At the heart of The Reliant is a love story. It's an anthem of hope in the hardest of times, of forgiveness, and of redemption.

Now, you can imagine that "a pro-Second Amendment, faith-based action film" doesn't just happen — especially in Hollywood.

The truth is, we needed a lot of time — and a lot of help — to get this movie off the ground.

That's why I couldn't be more excited to announce that The Reliant is finally hitting theaters next week. For one day ONLY — Oct. 24 — it will play on the big screen at 700+ locations across the country.


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Great article-I too was in Junior Achievement & groups like this & the BSA should be promoted more.

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Every time I think I'm getting ahead, the cost of living increases!