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Monday, December 9, 2019

Surviving a Monetary Meltdown

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Economy Wavering, a Meltdown? Many Mixed Signals

If we are to measure the concept of "economic recovery" in real terms, then we would have to look at the fundamentals (not stock markets) and whether or not they're improving. Unfortunately, not all economic data is presented to the public honestly. Very often it is mired and obscured in a fog of disinformation and false standards.

 The trade war, I believe, is a smokescreen designed by the globalist establishment to do two things specifically:

1) It is being created to hide a crash in the greater economy. Notice that almost no one in the mainstream is talking about a collapse in global demand; instead they constantly talk about the trade war and exports. The trade war is becoming the scapegoat for the implosion of the market bubble engineered by globalists and central banks through a decade of stimulus measures.

The collapse of the economic bubble is being caused by massive debt and a lack of consumer demand due to lack of consumer savings and cash flow. The trade war has little to do with it.

2) The trade war creates a false dichotomy in which many Americans will be lured into blaming China and other nations for their economic ills, and China and the rest of the world will be lured into blaming America. It also reasserts the globalist propaganda argument that when nations and economies "go rogue," they hurt everyone; therefore, more global controls and centralization will have to be established in order to prevent nationalism from harming the rest of the world.

And what does this all have to do with the Christmas shopping season? Like the end of last year, I think we are in for another ugly holiday retail event — perhaps far worse than before. All the manufacturing and export data indicates that this will be the case. If so, then the mainstream narrative of recovery, long perpetuated as fact by the media and the Federal Reserve for the past several years, will finally die.

In the mind of the average American consumer, holiday retail sales are a primary indicator of the health of the economy. A dramatic crash in Christmas retail will end the delusion of a stable U.S. system and cause the public to start asking questions. Economics is 50 percent math and 50 percent psychology.

Contradictory numbers show US consumers are breaking spending records again and the economy added a surprising amount of new jobs – again!

Order out of chaos is their motto for a reason...


UK Retail Sales Collapse
in November!

The global economic contagion that began
in China … spread to continental Europe … is now
slamming Great Britain.

Is America next?
Britain’s retail sales just plunged 4.9% in November – the largest decline in a quarter century since the British Retail Consortium began publishing them.

This is especially disturbing news given the dire reports now coming out of China and the EU.

As we saw earlier this week, both economies – two of the largest in the world – are now on the ropes. Some say they could be fighting for their very survival.

And this comes just after the EU reported that retail sales across the continent fell in October, coming it far below projections.

Critical questions still need to be answered:

 In the United States, online sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday made all-time new records. Can this continue into 2020? If so, for how long?

 Is there something unique about the U.S. economy that protects it from the recessions now beginning overseas?

*     Will the bull market in U.S. stocks keep chugging away throughout 2020? Or will the long-overdue pullback finally occur in the year ahead?



The U.S. added 266,000 jobs in November, the Labor Department reported Friday, blowing past expectations as the American economy continues to push through a global slump.
According to PwC, Black Friday has become less important because of the increase in online shopping, other deals that Amazon runs on Prime Day and the fact that retailers start offering Black Friday deals much earlier in the month.

While the administration is already requiring hospitals to post some of their list prices, the public outcry over surprise medical bills and high out-of-pocket costs led the administration to seek even more detail on rates. Patients have long complained that they are completely in the dark about what a doctor’s visit or surgery will cost until after they receive the bill. Knee surgery, for example, can cost thousands of dollars more at one hospital than at another in the same region.
At the heart of the administration’s efforts is an attempt to tackle rising hospital costs, which have outpaced the increase in physician prices, according to a recent study by health economists in Health Affairs. The economists estimated that hospital inpatient prices increased 42 percent from 2007 to 2014.

Former Obama Official Floats Impeaching Trump Again If He's Acquitted

Rep. Al Greene has made the same statement, revealing this is a hate issue and as I’ve repeatedly stated, Dems will use every dirty trick to screw America.

How can humanity survive the onslaught of global debt, 5G electropollution, Big Pharma intoxication and the destructive terraforming of planet Earth?

In today's hard-hitting analysis article, we reveal part two of the top ten threats to human survival on planet Earth. These are the big threats that could end human civilization if they are not urgently halted.

It has been sad to see the great majority of Americans continue to follow the Wall Street/Fed/ government Pied Pipers over the cliff, like so many lemmings – and that includes many of our own friends and relatives (yours and mine) and even some subscribers who ignored our warnings. A combination of apathy, complacency, ignorance, denial, believing (or being manipulated by) the wrong people, or simply being locked into an immoveable comfort zone (i.e., inertia) has kept most Americans from making any preparations whatsoever for the approaching upheaval…

It would seem that not even a series of 9/11s, Katrinas, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, tsunamis, or other physical disasters will cause most Americans – who believe “it can’t happen to me” – to prepare for hard times. There are four stages of denial that the great majority find themselves in, which keep them from making any meaningful preparations for disaster: 1) it won’t happen; 2) if it does happen, it won’t happen to me; 3) if it does happen to me, it won’t be that bad; and 4) if it happens to me and it’s bad, there’s nothing I can do to stop it anyway. Polls conducted by FEMA and the American Red Cross have found that these stages of denial describe the great majority of Americans.


Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


News of Note

After a major disaster, your survival is going to hinge on your skill set. While having a cache of food, water, and other supplies will certainly be helpful, knowledge is the real necessity. Especially when it comes to first aid. All the medical supplies in the world are useless if you don't know what to do with them. And believe me, during a widespread disaster, those medical supplies and first aid skills will be crucial.

 With all the chaos that comes with disasters--debris, downed power lines, damaged buildings--people are bound to get hurt. And that includes you and your friends and family. Even a small, seemingly innocent injury can become serious if you don't have access to clean water and medical help.

 That's why learning first aid skills should be a top priority when preparing for a disaster. If you're not sure which particular skills to learn first, then I suggest working your way through the following list...


When you can't afford the Christmas that the kids expect...

Overlooks the Democrats support of partial and late term abortions…


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Sean said...

I agree. Many mixed signals. Most of our friends are spending like there is no tomorrow, especially on trips...record numbers of people traveled over Thanksgiving and online sales are breaking records too [though I admit where I live fewer seem to be visiting retailer, perhaps waiting until the last minute as is so common].
And what's this crap w/ the Pope? Is he a moron? I never hear him slam Dems for their endorsement of abortion?! Glad I gave up being a Catholic decades ago.

James said...

I saw the Dershowitz interview on Levin's show on Fox last night-Gee, I wonder why Dems didn't use him as one of their so-called impartial Constitutional experts at their circus this past week-he laid waste to the folly of the jerk Dems & their plan to remove Trump...if for some reason those bastards do succeed w/ an impeachment, VP Pence would take over, pardon Trump & allow him to run again-ha ha, another plan to 'get Trump' will backfire as it should. These pieces of cow tripe are disgusting.

Diane said...

I'm so disgusted w/ the media & Dems I've pretty much stopped watching TV [thank goodness for my DC player]...I've never seen such hatred before from the far wonder nothing in Congress is being done on behalf of citizens; they're too busy hating.

Sam said...

I, like you, do not trust the socialists who trying to expand their evil ways via dumping Trump...they need their collective asses kicked. I'm astonished at how many young idiots have fallen for their tripe somehow believing the outlandish schemes they put forth will be free or they'll be no negative repercussions to the economy if they get into office...pure lunacy.