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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Decline of Real Journalism

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The Decline of Real Journalism

The past few years have shown us that today’s “journalists” aren’t actually presenting the facts…most of today’s so-called ‘journalists’ are obviously biased and they seem proud of that fact…when I owned my chain of newspapers, none of them would have been hired!

But only showing us the world the way they wish it to be.

And, of course, to some extent, this is unavoidable. We are human. We have biases we can’t escape.

But the difference is clear…

While Joe Schmo on Youtube is fully up front about the fact that he is biased…The mainstream media is still operating under the delusion that people believe they are all about “just the facts”...

And, heinously, maybe they too still believe they are just presenting facts.

Rather than calling it what it is -- activism -- the beast presents itself as something transcendent…

As an arbiter of truth.

Humility is sin.Of course, it’s difficult enough just trying to slog through the opinion pieces (from either side)...

They are all designed not to inform, but to make you FEEL something.

And when you FEEL something strongly enough, you often do something irrational.

And when money’s involved? It takes on a whole new dimension.

Avoiding the Mainstream Media Trap

By George Gilder

Ever since a Wired magazine cover story last year — identifying a 14-year-old Mexican girl as the “next Bill Gates” — I have had enormous respect for the extrasensory powers of the mainstream media.

So while planning the launch for this e-letter, I assembled a pile of recent publications from my competitors to tell me what is going on in the world — and what is to come.

Agora, my new publisher, may be larger than the New York Times and Washington Post put together. But I must try not to let that go to my head.

I wanted to learn what the mainstream news was focused on.

Here are a few featured stories I found…

Feature #1: A Boon of Creativity

Fast Company might be a fringe publication, but they immediately caught my attention with a cover presenting the “100 most creative people” in business.

After all, I’ve written scores of books and essays on entrepreneurial creativity, so that seemed right up my alley.

The most creative person, it seems, is Lisa Jackson — the lawyer who ran the EPA under Obama.

If you’re not aware of Lisa’s innovative contributions, she’s the one who banned carbon nanotubes in all consumer products. That move put my favored investment Seldon Labs out of business.

We had a carbon nanotube-based water filter that was deemed good enough to be used by special forces in Afghanistan. Yet it fell short of Lisa’s standards for the US.

From this triumph, Lisa has now moved on to Apple, creatively guiding a campaign to reduce their carbon footprint (their macro carbon emissions, not their 7 nanometer transistors).

In that effort, she is steering them toward investments in mango groves in Latin America. Pretty creative! Apple is apparently returning Silicon Valley to its original role growing fruit products.

Perhaps you should sell Apple, and buy mangoes.

Feature #2: Transfixed by Social Issues

For more solid business coverage, I turned to the eminent Sunday Business Section of the New York Times.

Surely their authoritative coverage of world business would feature Chinese ascendancy, trade conflicts, and the global debt crisis.

Not exactly…

The big story of the week was an in-depth probe of Goldman Sachs. But it wasn’t a deep dive into the investment bank itself. Rather, it was a three-page article about a transgender employee.

The Times is clearly on a mission to become your go-to source for wealth-building ideas!

Feature #3: The “Hard Money Crisis” is Over

I then moved on to a more obvious rival, Dow Jones’ Barron’s, which covers investment news as its prime beat. Its cover story is truly shocking: “Easy Money is Back!”

I pummeled my head, trying to recall some moment of “hard money” madness.

My mind blanked. There’s been nothing but easy money in our recent history of zero real interest rates around the world, with some $13 trillion of actual negative rates.

You’re essentially paying banks to hold your money.

I must not have been paying attention when Steve Moore ascended to the Fed and used his famous debating chops to push his peers to adopt a new gold standard. Or the electrifying moment when Lewis Powell publically contemplated a bitcoin standard.

Anyway, the “hard money crisis” apparently passed. I was reassured that nothing would be done to limit the colossal pileup of some $250 trillion in global debt. Sell bonds.

Feature #4: Innovation is Served

Forbes is my old home publication. I have written for them for some 45 years. They will not let me down now.

And they didn’t…

Their cover story was on the ascendant business empire of tennis star Serena Williams.

Yes, at the same time China is implementing the Belt and Road Initiative and new space breakthroughs and 100 new cities — and boasts three times more IPOs than the United States… we have Serena’s fashions and forehand.

I could continue through the rest of my pile. But you may be getting my point.

Bottom line: The mainstream media is virtually worthless as a guide to investment.

It is preoccupied with a bankrupt Keynesian economic theory, an ingenious campaign to blame conservatives for bad weather, and endless rotation of the kaleidoscopes of social issues.

George Gilder
Editor, Gilder's Daily Prophecy

More on the decline of journalism…

Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’



I never got a job from a poor person.

Leftists, the party of hate, demonize our culture-everything from religion to capitalism.

How many jobs have Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, AOC et al ever created?

Thanks to our failing public education system, liberals are so far off the mark on most issues they wouldn’t recognize the truth if it slapped them in the face.

There are two ways to conquer a country.

One is direct, the other indirect.

The first method is to attack with an armyIf the aggressors have a superior force or the advantage of surprise, then they can conquer the country by force.

With this direct approach, many bullets must be fired, many bombs dropped, and many lives wasted.

The second method of conquering a country is through immigrationThis method is slow and subtle, but dangerously effective.

This is why the Democrats’ #1 strategy is to encourage immigration at all costsget those immigrants to vote Democrat

This is easy to do.

After all, by helping immigrants pour into the U.S. and then giving them massive welfare benefits, those immigrants are then indebted to Democrats. And when Democrats call in their favors, guess who all those immigrants are going to vote for?

This isn’t just some partisan issue that both sides get worked up about. Rather, it is nothing less than an attempt to overthrow conservative America

So dumbed down are the American people, and so successful has been the political left in America over the past 60 years, that Americans TWICE elected an openly Marxist, pro-Muslim, pro-homosexual politician from Chicago, and still don’t understand that they have lost 80-90% of their Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, and as a country are headed into a very deep and dark financial, economic, and political abyss.

So, given this reality, which only a small number of Americans really understand, how should that remnant of thinking, discerning, principled, patriotic Americans live – now that the foundations are crumbling all around them as they plunge toward a socialist police state?


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Larry said...

Dumbed down readers, poorly educated writers, the Leftist bent of college profs have all undermined journalism. As the pool of media shrank [from over 200 in the 70s to about six today] bean counters now run media empires vs. real editors & journalists and since fewer Americans read anymore, it has taken a toll. Glad I got out of the business when I did.

Bob said...

I rank most journalists on the same level as lawyers.

Stephanie said...

Timely piece given how the leftist media cherry picked the hearings on the FISA court abuses & failed to sufficiently point out the wrongdoing of Comey in particular...the next report [due out in the spring] will prove even more damaging to these traitors.
From what I recall, you were the first blogger to report how the Steele Dossier, etc. was BS from the get-go AND that Hillary paid for it...again, no one ate CNN or MSNBC reported it; simply continued use the same false narrative over & over again to deceive the public.